Damien was a very successful man. He was a rich politician who strove for real and tangent change in society. He was admired by many and was a shoe in for the presidency.

But all of the success, riches, and fame in the world was nothing compared to moments like these, curled up on the couch with his husband watching cartoons and feeding each other bits of poptart.

Damien smiled and leaned down to kiss Pip, stealing the piece in his mouth and grinning. "I love you, Pippers."

"The why'd you steal my food." He giggled. "I love you too."


Aww! I wanted to end on a sweet noteā€¦I hope I did well!

Ok! First the descriptions of all my OCs XD

Lillith: blonde, red eyes, looks a lot like Pip

Loic: Dark hair, blue eyes, looks a lot like Christophe except slimmer like Gregory

Molly: Blonde, blue eyes, looks more like Kenny

Sarah: Red hair, blue, hippe tree hugger

Lucifer: Black hair, blue eyes, silent and sad until about 8-10 when Aaron gives him a Valentine and he starts to heal

Aaron: Black hair, green eyes, anal retentive and picky

Aurelie: Blonde, blue eyes, nice and sweet

Gus (Gustave): Dark hair, Brown eyes, a lot like Christophe in a lot of ways

Rose: Blonde, brown eyes, hyper and happy little girl

Casey (Only mentioned once, Daughter of Tweek and Craig, ends up with Kevin's older brother Justin): Black hair, brown eyes, slightly paranoid, but nowhere near as bad as her mom.

Kevin: Brown hair, born eyes, rude.

Justin(never mentioned): Black hair, brown eyes, surprisingly nice.

And here's the link to my Bunny drabbles for those of you who feel as sad that these are ending as I do D:

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