Title: In Aeternum

Rating: T

Summary: Semper coniuncti in aeternum, in Latin, translates to "together forever for eternity."

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Jerry Bruckheimer, CBS, Anthony Zuicker and some other important people who are not me own CSI.

A/N: Blame Twilight and Underworld for this one. I have some weird vampire thing going on right now, and somehow my twisted mind decided to translate it into GSR. I shouldn't start another story right now with two others still incomplete, but my best friend made me post this, so hopefully you guys will enjoy it :P I will also be updating the other stories ASAP. In the mean time, I hope you guys enjoy this.


The air reeked of it.

The fresh slaughter, inside the house he was observing from the shadows, was quite tempting. It was almost tempting enough to get caught. But not quite tempting enough.

His bright blue eyes reflected the moonlight like a prism, casting dancing lights off into the distance. The flashing blue and red lights reflected off his skin, and he listened to the shouts of police officers and the distant sirens of approaching ambulances.

He watched as she was led out of the house by social workers, covered from head-to-toe in the stench. Her own blood was dripping down her back, and its cruel sweetness made the other smells absolutely putrid in comparison.

"So the woman finally killed him, did she?"

He didn't even have to turn around to know who was talking to him. He had sensed her presence long before she had made it known. "Is it necessary that you follow me at all times?"

The strawberry blonde smirked at this, her teeth curling over her crimson lips. She had just fed, and was obviously in a very good mood. "Necessary? Of course not, but if I didn't, how would I ever have any fun?"

He curled his lips in distaste at the foul human stench emanating from her. He was used to her random, indiscriminate selection of meals by now, but each new scent caused his stomach to turn. "You're in a good mood."

"Ah, the first fresh kill of the night, Gil. I was starving."

"Who was it this time?" he asked, his eyes never straying from the brunette girl. He couldn't bring himself to look away. "Did you finally get that businessman to let his guard down?"

"It wasn't hard," Catherine replied, following his gaze to the girl, bored. "Human men are so easy to manipulate. It was too easy, if you ask me." Her eyes flickered to his face, and she watched his eyes change from baby blue to almost black. "You haven't fed yet, have you?"

"I'm on a diet," he simply replied. His blood began surging through his veins as the social workers brought her closer to his hiding place. He felt his fangs extending involuntarily, eager for the fresh meal.

"If you want her so badly, why don't you just take her?" Catherine asked, gazing down at her nails. "She's just a kid, it wouldn't be hard."

"I don't want to kill her," Gil replied, forcing his eyes to stray from her face, forcing himself back under control. "You know that as well as I do."

"Well I don't see why not," Catherine mused. "With blood like that, I'd kill her."

A low growl began to emanate from him, vibrating in his chest. At the sound of the warning, she rolled her eyes, backing off.

"Jesus, fine. She's yours. But I still don't understand why you won't just kill her and get it over with. You're torturing yourself with this," Catherine replied.

"I'm not going to kill her," Gil repeated, watching as she was loaded into a police cruiser. "Especially not now. Not after all that she's gone through."

"What, tonight? So her stupid mother killed her asshole father, what's the big deal? It's about time. Hell, with all that blood, you should enjoy the feast."

"That's a little cold, Catherine, even for you. What about Eddie?"

"Eddie was a stupid human and I allowed him to live for far too long, if you ask me. He was also an asshole, and he died for it," Catherine explained.

"That may be, but even though this girl's father was a monster, he was still her father."

"I don't get you," Catherine frowned. "Why do you waste so much time and energy contemplating frivolous human emotions? You're not planning on becoming one of them, are you?"

He simply shrugged, following the police cruiser that was taking her away for miles in his mind. He couldn't comprehend her emotions, or feelings of sadness or loss or pain, but he wanted to reach out and wipe her tears away.

"Gil," Catherine warned. "You know that's not an option. It's too dangerous."

"If I can't turn human, then I'll wait for her," Gil replied. "I'll wait for her to get older, and then I'll give her the choice to be turned or not."

"Why? That's, it's... it's not right."

"We were all human once, Catherine, whether we want to admit it or not," Gil replied, as the image of the police cruiser taking her away finally disappeared from his mind. "And despite how much I want her, I'm not going to force this on her. I'm going to let her decide."

"I just don't get you, Gil. You're absolutely unreal. You're not going to just kill her and get it over with, which-- if you ask me-- is exactly what you should do. You're not going to change her when the other humans leave her alone. Instead you're going to risk exposing all of us just so she can say no anyways?"

"If that's what she wants, yes."

Catherine scowled, getting to her feet. "I still say you're making a huge mistake."

He didn't reply because he knew she was already gone. He knew Catherine would never understand, but that didn't bother him. He only needed to make her understand.

It was going to take time, but he was willing to wait for her. He would give her all the time she needed.

In 10 more years, he would be ready and waiting.