Title: Ghost Story, Part 18: Epilogue (The End!...The Beginning?)
Author: Genuinelie(s)
Pairings: Aya/Yohji; non-graphic OmixAya-chan; KenxOC
Rating: PG-14 (for suggestion)
Status: Complete!
A/N: AU timeline after Kapitel.
Summary: Yohji's housemates decide he needs help with a problem he doesn't want discovered, but that's pretty hard when you're being watched so carefully. But is someone watching the watchers?

A/N: Last chapter! Sorry it's short...but it is really only meant to be a wrap-up.

A/N x2: Thanks for bearing with me! I know I was slow updating this over here at . 3


A herd of fangirls were barreling down the sidewalk outside the shop window toward the door. Since it was a full shift and Omi, Ken and Aya-chan were all in sight tending the shop, Ran retreated quietly to the storeroom.

And threw a left hook as a hand clamped down on his right wrist.

His punch was adeptly blocked by an apparently suicidal blonde assassin. Yohji met his wide-eyed glare with a slightly jittery smile. Ran found himself abruptly tugged into the storeroom, the door pulled shut behind him.

Yohji put both arms to either side of his shoulders, bringing their bodies flush together with Ran's back against the door.

Ran relaxed.

The scent of flowers was almost overwhelming. The sounds of the full shop on the other side of the door were muffled, but the occasional squeal broke through the burble of voices. The cooler air inside the storeroom, though refreshing, made Ran's arms tingle. It was well-lit, but the light occasionally buzzed and flickered, making shadows dance over the rainbow-wall of flowers sitting on the shelves.

"Glad you came back," Yohji murmured against his cheek. "Thought you were gonna take pity on the kiddos,"

"I think I undervalued your lack of work ethic before," Ran said with a smirk, and tilted his head back to let Yohji press his lips to his throat.

"Now that's not fair, I like working hard," Yohji grinned at him in between kisses, "My pride might be wounded that you need reminding after last night."

"Memory sucks," Ran breathed, with a slight grin of his own, "Probably need a lot of reminding." He shot him a sudden, careful look. Yohji paused in his administrations to meet his eyes. "Years of reminding. If we have them."

They were still. Yohji's hands were on his hips, Ran's fingers were threaded through the waves of his hair.

Yohji was looking at him with that intense, soft look he'd finally come to recognize.

He wondered if Yohji could see the same look in his eyes.

"Yanno, I think I can accommodate," Yohji smiled at him, kissed his mouth quickly, and went lower.


Ken mock-wiped his brow and rolled his eyes at Omi as the last of the 'customers' finally left, presumably to go home to eat dinner. They still had another hour of work left, but at least by this time, most of their business was done.

The door to the storeroom opened, and their two conveniently absent and suspiciously disheveled teammates appeared. Yohji was holding Ran firmly by the hand, and before they got entirely into the shop, he planted a big kiss right on the readhead's lips.

And lived. That was the really amazing part.

"Get a room!" Ken roared good-naturedly. Omi and Aya-chan, who had been engaging in their own PDA, jumped in the peripheral of his vision.

Yohji grinned at him. "Already did, Ken-ken, no worries."

"I am never going into that storeroom again. Unless you bleach it." Ken stated flatly.

Ran, at least, had the decency to look mildly mortified. Though Ken really didn't want to break into whatever brainwashing pheromone-driven wizardry Yohji had committed on the swordsman, it was nothing short of a miracle that Ran was acting pretty much human these days.

The bell on the shop door tinkled. All five Koneko residents turned.

A chunk of ice materialized uncomfortably in Ken's throat and slid down his esophagus to his stomach.

Jun was in the doorway. His Jun.

His former Jun.

He didn't look around the room to take in his teammates reactions. He really hoped they'd disappear, in fact, but he knew that wasn't likely.

"Maybe we should-" Aya-chan broke into the silence.

"Here, help me rearrange the shop front," Omi interrupted her quickly, effectively keeping them in the room.

"I'm just here to buy some flowers," Jun stated, and walked across the room to Ken. He gave him a ghost of his usual easy smile.

At least he's nervous too, Ken noted dourly.

"There's lots of flower shops in Tokyo," he couldn't stop himself from pointing out. "Other than this one."

"Wanted to go to the best," Jun replied, and gave the room and his teammates a smile.

"Ah," Ken said unenthusiastically.

Jun clapped his hands together. "Well. You gonna help me?" He watched Ken's face carefully.

"Yeah," Ken choked. What else was he supposed to do? There were lots of things he'd rather do than help his boy-his ex-his former friend pick out flowers for someone else, of course. Like jam his bugnuks down his throat.

"So. A bouquet for someone special," Jun said.

Ken's face warmed as his expression fell, and he wondered just how long and how painful death would be by the poison in one of Omi's darts. Jun was giving him a small, wary smile despite having ripped Ken's heart out through his throat.

"Yeah, right, okay. Whatcha want." Ken replied dully.

"Something for friendship and something that means I care a lot for someone?" Jun said. "And something for an apology."

Ken selected the appropriate flowers and handed the bouquet to Jun, ignoring his teammates bumbling about the shop and doing their worst to pretend they weren't there for the show.

He rang him up. Jun didn't budge though, he looked down at the bouquet and commented, "You did a nice job, man."

Jun thrust the whole thing right under Ken's nose.

Ken choked. "What-?"

He looked from Jun's face to the bouquet and back again. Jun waggled the flowers at him. Dazed, he took them.

Jun smiled again, tentatively this time. He glanced again at the Weiss on all sides of them. "I'd like to...get to know you again." He visibly drew in a breath. "I think I can handle it. If you let me."

Ken was grinning so hard it hurt. "Hell, yes."

Surprisingly, it was Ran's voice that broke the silence first. "Ken, that bouquet is coming out of your salary."

Jun was already taking out his wallet. Ken turned horrified eyes on Ran.

The redhead was grinning at them. He shook his head and tugged Yohji out of the room.

"Your teammates?" Jun looked past Ken musingly. "They're all, you know, too?"

Ken waved at him to put away his wallet. He shot a smile at Omi and Aya-chan, who were trying to remain invisible near the shop front. Omi gave him a thumbs up. Aya-chan pushed Omi's hands into a less conspicuous position and gave him an encouraging smile.

Ken looked back at Jun. "Yeah."

"Seem decent," Jun commented. He looked thoughtful.

Ken relaxed. "Yeah. They're my friends. You'll get to know them."