1Tactile sensation. Her body is pressed against his, her skin smooth and soft beneath the touch of his calloused fingers. Her hands are on his shoulders, her fingernails leaving little crescents imprinted in his skin. Her smooth neck against his lips, the silken strands of her hair laying over the fingers of the hand he's using to hold himself above her. Her soft, full lips against his, their chests rising and falling with their heavy breath. She feels so amazing against him, like he's always dreamed. She shivers as his hand glides along her thigh, and he feels like he's on fire, everywhere she touches burns him, and he wants more. Her leg hooks itself unconsciously around his knee, and she pulls herself closer, if that's even possible. Something starts ringing, and it wakes him up.

She's about to leave, and it makes him nervous. He always worries, despite his calm demeanor. Cons are dangerous, and she could get hurt. He finds himself praying that she'll be safe and come back unharmed. She catches him watching her, and he's half a second too late to hide the worry on his face. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Don't worry about it." He says, trying to play it off like it's no big deal. He wants her to walk away. He can never decide whether he enjoys watching her walk away, or if he hates it. On the one hand, she's walking away from him, into danger, and he can only protect her through a comm without any guarantee that she'll obey him. On the other hand, she's walking away, and it's impossible for him not to enjoy that sight. To watch the sensual curve of her hips, the way her hair falls in graceful curls down her back, the way one perfect ankle moves flawlessly in front of the other.

"No. Tell me."

He shakes his head and she shrugs and walks away, and, as always, it sends a thrill through him. She pauses by the door and turns. The expression she catches on her face puts what she was going to say out of her mind, and she smirks at him and blows a kiss. "In your dreams." She teases, before heading off. He watches until he can't see her anymore.

"In my dreams." He agrees.