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Bella is an aspiring designer and she gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to work for one of the biggest designers in the business as an intern. Edward also gets the exact same opportunity. Bella notices Edward flirting and staring. But why… he's gay isn't he? Who falls in love and who turns to backstabbing tactics? May the Best intern win. OOC! Canon couples. M for language.

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"Alex! Can you get the yellow tunic tops from the back please, the rack is empty!"

Another day at work. I don't mind it at all but I'd rather be working at my own shops and selling my own designs. It will happen someday, I hope.

You see I work at my best friend Alice's boutique, Pixie's, in downtown Los Angeles. It's a pretty popular boutique that sells trendy clothes for young women; we even get a few celebrity customers now and again.

I work here with my other best friend Alex. He's adorable with shaggy surfer blonde hair, amazing hazel eyes and a blinding perfect smile. He's around 6 foot and is lean and on the muscular side. He loves fashion and is an aspiring model. He's done a few shoots for toothpaste and JC Penny ads but he hasn't gotten his big break yet. Oh, and before you ask, yes Alex is gay. And he sure as hell isn't ashamed of it.

"Sure thing girl!" He winked and headed to the back room. His voice was high pitched and feminine, we always joke with him and say that all he needs are boobs and a vagina and he could totally pass for a girl.

I giggled and headed to the cash register to check out a couple of customers. "Hey, did you find everything alright?"

The two teen girls just nodded and smiled. They got a few of the shirts that were on clearance and three pairs of skinny jeans.

I finished ringing them up and wrapped their purchases in hot pink tissue paper and handed them their bag, "Your total is $63.74." The taller, blonde girl handed me a silver credit card. I swiped it. Since when were 13 year olds getting their own credit cards, I just got my first one two years ago for my twentieth birthday.

I smiled and waved as they headed out the door, "Thanks, come again."

"You look like a brainwashed robot when you do that." I jumped about twenty feet in the air.

"Alex! What the hell you scared the shit out of me!" He giggled at me and rolled his eyes. "And what do you mean I look like a brainwashed robot?"

"Well you sit their with this creepy, huge-ass smile on your face, waving and saying the ever cliché line 'Thanks, come again'." I had to admit he was right; he even had my voice down perfectly.

"And would you rather me act like you do," I prepared my gay-boy voice and imitated him, "'Girrlll your ass is gonna look fine in them jeans!' or how about my personal favorite, 'Honey, mmm mmm mmm you look delicious, if you need a date hit me up!'" We both laughed at his extreme flattery that he uses on the customers.

"Okay, okay, but you and I both know that it works so shove it Swan."

We both chatted and restocked the shelves and racks and prepares for closing time.

Alice came running through the door with an envelope in her hand held high in the air.

Alice Brandon had been my best friend since grade school back in forks. She is tiny, only standing at about 5'2. She had pixie-like features and dark gray eyes. Her short black hair stuck up in a million different directions but was flawless. She was absolutely gorgeous, perfect practically.

"Bella oh my gosh holy shitfuck. Holy hell! Open the goddamn envelope before I have a hernia! " She was jumping up and down like the energizer bunny.

I hadn't even noticed that the envelope was in my hand waiting to be opened.

I looked at the return address, it was from Rosalie Hale.

Oh. My. Fucking. Gosh.

My hands started shaking as I held onto my future. A million and one thoughts raced through my head going through every scenario that would depend on the contents on this tiny standard sized, white envelope addressed to Miss Isabella Swan. I gulped and closed my eyes.

Alice tapped her tiny foot impatiently. "Bella if you don't open the goddamn letter now I will do it for you."

I opened my eyes and handed the envelope to Alice. Alex raced over and snatched the envelope out of her hands and ripped it open.

He lowered it down to Al's level and they quickly read over it. They're eyes grew huge, Alice tore her eyes away from the page, "Bella I'm really sorry…"

Before she could even finish her thought the tears came full blast, "I… I… just knew it! I knew I wouldn't get the internship."

Alice giggled and finished her thought, "No Bella, they'd be crazy not to give you the internship, I'm sorry because you're going to have to deal with the Queen Bitch Rosalie Hale on a daily basis."

I wiped away my smeared make-up and tears a looked up and Alice's and Alex's smiling faces, "You mean I got in! They accepted me!"

They both pulled me in for an amazingly tight group hug. Alex blinked away his happy tears and kissed my cheek, "Bellie I'm so fuckin proud of you girl! I knew you could do it. I'm gonna miss you."

"Alex hun, you live with us and I'm still going to work as much as I can."

"Oh yeah haha, I guess I got all caught up in the moment." He dramatically fanned his face and wiped away a few stray tears.

All Alice could do was hug me and jump up and down again and again; her amount of energy is astounding. "I knew this was going to happen! I just knew it!"

I eyed her suspiciously, "Mary Alice Brandon you didn't tell Jasper to put in a good word for me or anything of that sort did you!?"

She looked at me with innocent eyes, "No Bella of course not, but it's not like Rose would listen to Jazz anyways. She's a cold-hearted bitch. I personally think she just needs to get laid." All I could do was laugh.

Alice's boyfriend Jasper was Rosalie (my new boss)'s younger brother. Needless to say Alice and Rosalie DO NOT get along because of their differences in fashion opinions. I was worried that Rosalie would reject me automatically after seeing that I worked at Pixie's but obviously she doesn't care.

Alex broke into my deep thought, "Alright bitches let's go celebrate!"

Alice eagerly agreed, I wasn't much of a party person but this definitely calls for a girls' night! "Let me call Emmett first, he told me too as soon as I got the news!"

I pulled out my Blackberry Storm and dialed my big brother's number.

It rang twice before he picked up, "Hello my darling little sister."

"Em you're such a dork but listen I've got amazing news."


"Yes! Oh my goodness Emmett you have no idea how amazing it feels! I mean Rosalie Hale is the biggest designer in the U.S. and she's huge in Europe!"

"Yeah I know sis, you've only told about a bazillion times, but I'm am beyond proud of you I knew you could do it."

"Thanks Em, but we are heading out for a girls' night so I'll talk to you soon."

"Alright behave sis, I love you."

"Love you too bub." I hung up the phone and made my way to Alice's Porsche where my friends were waiting patiently arguing over the necessity of Bermuda shorts.

"Alright shush you guys, we are never going to make it to Vanity if you two don't stop arguing, we will have a full on debate when you are both thoroughly trashed." I removed my hands from theirs mouths and put on my seat belt.

Alice looked at me confused, "Why do you want us to debate when we are drunk?"

I rolled my eyes and simply stated, "It's more entertaining for me pix."

Alex laughed, "Ali trust me I saw the video of the debate over fishnets or knee highs and that shit should've been on Youtube."

Alice just mouthed 'o' and drove to our loft.

We had a three –story loft mostly thanks to the stores steady and large income and all our parents were fairly loaded. My room was on the top floor, Alice's on the second and Alex got the lowest level. He didn't mind- he was closest to the kitchen.

Alex went straight to his room and Alice and I got in our little industrial elevator that, we had graffitied when we first moved in, and pushed the buttons to take us to our levels. (imagine the elevator on iCarly if any of you guys have seen it.)

The elevator lurched up to the 2nd floor and dropped off Alice and then it took me to my floor.

I went into my spacious room and opened the window, letting the cool May air breathe into my room. My white cotton curtains flapped in the wind.

I posted my acceptance letter onto my bulletin board and flopped down on my bed to wait for realization to strike me.

It did. I squealed and jumped up and down on my bed like a two-year-old girl and threw my hands in the air and did my happy dance. I finally wore myself out and went into my bathroom to get in the shower.

I opened the door to my walk in shower and turned the water on scalding hot- just the way I like it.

I unpinned my long mahogany hair so that it would flow past the middle of my back. I took off my clothes and stepped into the steamy shower.

I let the water fully soak my hair and let it clean off my body. I washed my hair with my favorite strawberry scented shampoo and conditioner. I lathered up my body with my Coconut Lime Verbena body wash and stepped out.

I wiped away all the make-up that had smeared down my face during my shower and quickly washed my face with a cleanser. I dried off my body and threw on my robe and brushed through my tangled hair, practically ripping off my scalp.

I blow-dried my hair as quickly as I could and ran back into my room and straight into my walk-in closet.

I went through all of my nightclub outfits and settled on a black all over ruched number from Bebe. I put it on along with a pair of black pumps and gold bangles. I took a check in the mirror and was satisfied. The dress hugged all of my curves and the panel of lace on my side showed some skin. All in all it was an amazing dress.

I ran to the elevator and pushed the level 2 button to head down to Alice's lair. I heard her making noise in the bathroom so I headed for that door.

Her bathroom was ridiculously large with make-up and hair products scattered everywhere.

She was dressed in one of her more outrageous designs; a hot pink tiered party dress with a keyhole to show some of her cleavage. She paired it with white cage pumps and large diamond earrings. Her hair was impeccably styled and her make-up was, as usual, flawless.

One thing I couldn't do as well as most young girls could do was style my hair and make-up. "Alice make me gorgeous."

She did as I said, my eye make up was dark gray and smokey, my eyelashes were thick and long. My hair was spiral curled and shiny and left down. I looked in the mirror to assess Alice's handiwork. I really did look gorgeous unlike my usual plain self. "Alice you are a miracle worker!"

"Psssht…" she waved her hand to act like it was not a big deal whatsoever.

I hugged her and kissed her cheek, "Isabella Marie! You're going to get lip gloss all over me!" she wiped off her cheek and threw me a glare.

"You know you love me Ali."

"You're a lucky one Swan."

I agreed with her and we made our way down to the bottom level to meet Alex.

He was on the couch watching re-runs of Desperate Housewives when he saw us come out of the elevator. "Ladies! You look fab!" He kissed our cheeks European style and held his arms out for us to places ours in.

"Thanks Lex, you look mighty fine yourself." He was wearing a stylish plaid button up and dark wash destroyed jeans and a pair of black dress shoes. He looked sexy; if he were straight I'd date him.

"Thank you my dear."

He escorted us out to the front of the building and Alice hailed us a cab. We always agreed to take a cap on clubbing nights in case we all got a little tipsy and were unable to drive.

The cabbie pulled up to Vanity, our favorite club, and dropped us off. Alex paid him and ushered us up to the front of the line. This was one of the clubs the Emmett owns so we got in without even saying anything to the bouncer.

We walked in and straight to the VIP soundproof room upstairs. Emmett had specifically built this room for me because the loud music gave me a headache and I sometimes needed peace and quiet.

The bouncer guarding the VIP room nodded at us and opened the door.

We threw our clutches on the table and sat down on the plush lime green couches. I could feel the music pulsing through the entire club and I looked down at all the people pushed together dancing on each other. A couple of girls were table dancing and stripping with bottles of tequila in their hands. Classy. I recognized a few of the regulars up at the bar talking to the bartenders, Aaden and Tommy.

There was a knock at the door and in walked our favorite waitress, Eden. She wore the sleek black dress that was designed by Alice. Every waitress had one in order to promote Alice's designs. Eden had creamy chocolate skin, a product of being biracial. Her mom was white and her dad was black. She had bright blue eyes and thick, curly black hair that was a few inches above her butt. Her legs were endless and her body was killer. She, like most of the waitresses here, is a model that needs extra money in between jobs.

"Hey girls! You look amazing! What are you guys up to tonight?" She flashed us a brilliant white smile and handed us our favorite drinks, mine was a martini.

"Thanks, and we are celebrating." I said as I gave her a sly smile.

She knew exactly what I was talking about, "YOU GOT THE INTERNSHIP! CONGRATS BABE!"

I stood up to accept her hug and to thank her.

She looked out the window and spotted an open table, "I hate to leave you guys but there is a table full of old guys who look loaded and my rent is due tomorrow! Catch you guys later right?" We nodded and she took off before and of the other waitresses got to the geezers.

"Bella and Alex! I need to let go of all my pent up energy let's go!"

We quickly got up and followed her onto the dance floor. 'Top of the World' by the Pussycat Dolls was playing loudly.

Alice went straight to the middle and squeezed me and Alex in beside her.

We grinded against each other and rocked our hips quickly and surprisingly gracefully. I wasn't much of a dancer but I had gotten better ever since I started going clubbing.

After two songs of nonstop dancing I was absolutely dead. I need alcohol, fast.

I told my friends that I was going up to the bar and asked if they wanted anything, they didn't.

I reached the bar finally and went straight to Aaden to order a few shots of tequila.

"Hey sis what can I getcha?" All the bartenders were like my older brothers, they were always making sure no guys were hitting on me or they would cut me off before I got too drunk.

"Shot of vodka. And a Sex in the Beach."

He handed me the shot and mixed my drink as he congratulated me on the internship, "Emmett called all of us as soon as you told him." He explained.

"Thanks." I downed my shot and sipped on the Sex on the Beach. Aaden went to tend to another customer.

A man came up to me and sat down on the neighboring stool. He had short, gelled, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a baby face.

He appraised my body and smiled and finally met my face.

He tried to look suave. He failed. "How do you like your eggs in the morning sweetheart?"

I snorted at his lame pick-up line, "Unfertilized." I smiled sweetly.

"Your feisty, I like them feisty. By the way I'm Mike Newton. Are you into foreplay?" Who the hell asks that kind of question?

"Well Mike I know three little words that will make your day." He leaned closer and I winked at Aaden and he handed me the water hose. "Go to hell."

I squeezed the handle and aimed it at Mike. The expression on his face was beyond priceless. He looked pissed of and shock. "Aww, Mikey you're all wet." I smiled and walked away.

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