New story.

There is officially going to be no sequel to 'The Dead Promise'. I can't seem to come up with a decent story/plot line for it.

Ikuto was sitting lazily in a tree when he heard his cell phone ring. He took it out of his pocket and saw that it was his parents calling him.

"What?" He asked in a slighly annoyed tone.

"It's me," His mom said. Ikuto parents traveled around the world for business reasons, leavng Ikuto alone in Tokyo.

"What do you want?" He asked.

"Your dad and I are coming back to Tokyo to visit you!" The voice on the other end exclaimed cheerfully. Ikuto almost dropped the phone in shock.

"Crap..." He muttered.

"What was that?"

"Nothing," Ikuto told her. "So when are you going to be here?"

"We're boarding the plane right now!" She said excitedly. Ikuto groaned and hung up the phone. He had about 8 hours before his parents' plane would land and he would be stuck in hell. He did the first thing that came to mind: go to his best friend, Kukai's, house, and demand some help.


"Do you know what kind of trouble I'm in right now?" Ikuto complained once he was at Kukai's house and had explained about the phone call from his parents. Kukai looked confused.

"I don't get it," He said. "My parents are just like yours. They're never here because they keep traveling. I usually love it when they are here. Why don't you enjoy it?"

Ikuto sighed.

"It's because they're worried," He explained. "Worried about the fact that I don't have a girlfriend yet. They're so scared that I'm going to grow up single and lonely."

Kukai laughed at this.

"At the rate you're rejecting girls," Kukai warned. "That's actually possible."

"Shut up!" Ikuto growled. "You're not helping, and it's not my fault that all those girls that ask me out are so damn stupid."

"Whatever," Kukai said. "Just forget I said anything. Continue."

Ikuto sighed again.

"The only reason my parents ever come," He continued. "Is to check if I have a girlfriend yet or not. If I don't, then they'll introduce me to some random girl they found in whatever country they were when they decided that they should come check. Last time they came by they introduced me to this weird French girl named Lulu; she was even worse than Utau! So, they're definitely here to introduce me to some random girl again. It's really frustrating. So if there's any way to help me... Just say it."

Kukai thought for a moment.

"Well," He said. "Why don't you just hire someone to be your girlfriend? You're rich, aren't you? You could pay someone to pretend for you."

Ikuto nodded.

"Yeah," He agreed. "I like that idea. But, how am I just going to find a girl out of no where? It's harder than it sounds."

Kukai grinned and patted Ikuto on the back.

"Don't worry," He assured him. "I think I know just the girl. Come on, I'll take you to her!"

Ikuto nodded and followed Kukai out of the house.


Amu slowly walked to her job, totally not in the mood for showing up.

"I hate my job," She muttered to herself. As much as she hated it, she knew she still had to stay working there. It wasn't too hard of a job, and it had decent pay. Amu would've quit a long time ago if it wasn't for the fact that her parents needed the money. Her family was in a lot of debt, more than they could pay off with her parents' jobs. As a result, here was Amu, also stuck working. Though her parents told her that it wasn't necessary for her to do this, that they'd manage on their own, she still wanted to help

Amu sighed as she finally reached her destination: the place she worked... better known as hell. Or you could call it the Guardian Cafe. It wasn't that Amu hated the cafe itself; it was quite nice in there actually. The part she hated was the owner of the store, Hotori Tadase. Amu figured that Tadase could actually be a nice person and a good friend of hers if he just dropped the girly-looks and the 'I'm a king and so much better than anyone else so fear me!' attitude. To be honest, Amu once actually had a crush on him, but that's history. Now it's more like she wants him dead.

"I'm here," Amu announced, since the cafe didn't even open for another couple of minutes. Her friends Rima and Yaya, who also worked there, were sitting at one of the tables, looking completely bored with the lack of work. Amu pulled a chair over and sat next to them.

"Hi, Amu-chan," Rima said. Amu only nodded, not interested enough to show any other type of reaction. She jumped slightly when she heard a sharp tap on the glass door in the front of the cafe. Amu looked up and saw Kukai there, standing with... someone she's never seen before. She ran over to the door.

"Unlock the door!" Kukai shouted through the glass. Amu quickly unlocked the door and let Kukai and his friend in. Kukai turned back to his friend.

"Wait here," He said. "I need to talk to her really quick."

His friend nodded and Kukai took Amu to the other side of the cafe.

"Who is he?" Amu asked.

"He's a friend," Kukai explained. "A friend that needs a big favor from you."

Amu thought for a moment.

"What." She asked carefully. "Is this 'favor'?"

"I need you to pretend to be his girlfriend," Kukai said.

"What?!" Amu yelled in shock. "Where'd this come from? Is he honestly desperate enough to actually have his best friend get someone to pretend?!"

Kukai thought for a moment.

"In a way," Kukai said slowly. "Yes. But it's not what you think."

Kukai quickly explained the whole situation to Amu.

"I get it," Amu finally said. "I'd love to help, but what about my job?" I can quit anytime, but I need the money."

"Don't worry," Kukai assured her. "You're getting paid to do this."

Amu's face lit up.

"I'm getting paid to pretend to be Tsukiyomi-san's girlfriend?!" She whispered loudly. "How much?"

Kukai shrugged.

"Not sure," He answered. "But I think it's based on how well of a job you do pretending. And don't call him Tsukiyomi-san. You won't look like his girlfriend if you keep calling him that in front of his parents."

Amu nodded.

"Let's go tell him that I'll do it!" She said, already imagining how much money her acting skills could get her.

"Hey Ikuto!" Kukai called out as he walked with Amu back to where Ikuto was waiting. "She says she'll do it!"

Ikuto smirked.

"Perfect," He said happily, putting an arm around Amu's waist.

"H-hey," Amu stammered, blushing. "Wh-what do you think you're doing? You're parents aren't even around!"

"I know," Ikuto said. "But I still want to. You're intersting."

Amu blushed even harder and looked away. As soon as Ikuto was sure that Amu was looking away, he dropped the smirk and changed it into a slight smile.

She really is interesting... maybe our relationship will turn out to be more than a lie..

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