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Five years later...

Amu smiled as she woke up and saw Ikuto, still asleep, next to her. She carefully tried to remove his arms from around her and get out without waking him up. It was always like this. Ikuto would be exhausted every day from working at Easter, and Amu would always try her best to let him sleep in on the days he wasn't busy.

Unfortunately, this time she was unsuccessful. As soon as she was about to slip out of his hold, Ikuto immediately tightened his grasp and pulled Amu back agains this bare chest.

"I barely get any time with you anymore," He murmured, kissing her passionately. Amu smiled him.

"Well," She pointed out. "Between your work, Ai, and this next kid, we barely have time to even breathe."

Amu pointed at her stomach as she said 'this next kid'. Ikuto smiled fondly at it before sliding Amu's shirt up slightly so that her torso was revealed, and he gently stroked the small bump. It was barely a month old, not as big as it would be in the end, but it was still noticeable.

"Married for five years and the second kid's coming," Ikuto whispered to himself. "First Ai, and now this one..."

Amu smiled proudly before giving him a quick kiss.

"You're going to be a wonderful dad," She assured him. 'It's Ai we should be worrying about. She's already five, had five years to get used to being spoiled as the only child..."

Ikuto smiled.

"I don't want to worry about any of this right now," He said. Ikuto put Amu down on the bed so she was lying on her back, and he sat up next to her, one hand on the bed on either side of her head. He leaned down and kissed her again. After a few minutes, Amu turned her face away, breaking the kiss.

"Ikuto..." She panted, out of breath from the kiss. "Not here... not now. Ai'll be up any minute.. and... I'm already... pregnant..."

"Well don't think about any of that then," Ikuto said. "Forget about Ai, this next kid, everything. Right now, just focus on what you want."

Amu tried, blushing at her thoughts of what she wanted. Suddenly, she grabbed Ikuto and pressed his face against hers, their mouths locked together again.

She shut her eyes and moaned softly as Ikuto's kisses slowly trailed down her neck. Amu opened her eyes, and gasped. Ikuto looked up abruptly and looked in the direction that Amu was staring at.

Standing in the doorway was a small five year old, her golden eyes wide with shock at what she was seeing (Well what'd you expect? What type of five year old wouldn't be shocked if she saw her shirtless dad ontop of her half-shirtless mom making out?). Her long midnight blue hair was tied into two loose ponytails that bounced slightly when she yawned sleepily.

"Damn it," Ikuto muttered, throwing the blanket over Amu and himself so that anything a five-year-old shouldn't be seeing wasn't visible. Amu pulled her shirt back down and slapped Ikuto playfully.

"Don't say that," She said quietly. "That's your daughter you're talking about."

Ikuto smirked.

"True," He admitted. Ai wander over slowly and sat on the edge of the bed next to Amu.

"Good morning, Mama," She said cheerfully. "Good morning, Papa."

Amu sat up and gave Ai a hug, smiling. Ikuto also sat up and wrapped his arms protectively around both of them.

"Morning, Ai," He said casually. Ai smiled brightly at her parents.

"Can we go to the park today?" She asked hopefully. Ikuto grinned.

"I can take the day off today," He suggested. "So we can all go."

"Okay!" Ai said happily, squirming out of her father's hold and skipping back to her room to get ready. Amu looked at Ikuto in wonder.

"You'd really do that?" She asked. Ikuto nodded and tightened his arms around Amu.

"Stupid Easter," He complained. "Keeping me so freaking busy. I don't have time to be the pervert you know and love anymore. Plus, I'm surprised that Ai still remembers my name! I'm always gone by the time she wakes up and I don't come back until she's been asleep for a while."

Amu returned her husband's hug.

"No comment about the pervertedness," She told him. "But as for Ai, there's no way she could've forgotten you. Every night when I tell her to go to sleep, she always says 'I'm going to wait in bed for Papa to come home!' Of course, we still have yet to see when she actually succeeds in staying up."

Ikuto bit Amu's ear and sighed deeply, obviously satisfied with the information he was hearing.

"I miss being perverted," He muttered, making Amu laugh as her cheeks grew red. In response, he leaned his head upwards and nibbled on her other ear, earning a squeak from the pinkette before he pressed his nose into the crook of her neck.

All of a sudden, Ai burst through the door, a happy smile still clear on her face. She ran over to her parent's bed.

"So can we go to the park now?" She asked excitedly.

"Maybe later," Ikuto mumbled, nuzzling Amu's neck some more. "Papa's busy right now..."

Ai stomped her foot in frustration.

"Now!" She pouted. Amu looked at Ai.

"Hand me that pillow," She mouthed quietly, using one hand to gesture toward a small couch in the corner of the room. Ai nodded and silently walked to the couch, picking up a cushion and handing it to her mother.

Amu waited a few moments before wacking Ikuto in the back of the head as hard as she could with the pillow. Ikuto yelped in alarm before jumping back from Amu. Ai glared at him.

"I want to go now!" She demanded.

"Yes, Ikuto," Amu said sweetly. "She wants to go now. So why don't you stop being a big pervert and take us now."

Ikuto sighed in defeat.

"Fine," He muttered, glaring at Amu."But don't think you're getting out of anything. Just wait until tonight."

Amu shrugged. Actually, she didn't really mind Ikuto's perverted side much anymore. She secretly enjoyed it, on the other hand. It was the only reminder of the days when they first met, when Amu would slap Ikuto just for trying to pick her up. Everything's changed so much since then, Amu wanted a bit of the past to stay with her forever. Letting go of her supposed hate for the pervert inside of Ikuto would let go of all that happened before, before that bitch entered their life together and took Amu away.

Amu's thoughts were interupting by a sharp tugging on her hand. She looked down and saw Ai pull on her.

"Come on!" The small five year old whined. "Let's go!"

Ikuto chuckled.

"Okay Ai," He said patiently while pulling a shirt over his head. Amu quickly ran into the closet and quickly changed into something also.

Meanwhile, Ai got bored and sat on her parent's bed, turning on the TV. Amu emerged from the closet, wearing a pink V-necked shirt that showed a tiny bit of cleavage, and a black skirt that stopped right above her knees. On her feet were black heels.

Ikuto couldn't stop staring at her. After looking over his shoulder to check if Ai was still engrossed in the TV, eyes still glued to the screen, he made his way over to Amu. Ikuto backed Amu to the wall and pressed her against it, one hand on either of her shoulders.

"Ikuto..." Amu began, but was stopped by another kiss. Ikuto pressed closer to her, deepening the kiss.

"Ikuto," Amu whispered again, her lips moving against his. "I thought you said tonight!"

Ikuto ignored her and broke the connection, his lips moving downwards to kiss every part of her upper body that wasn't covered by her clothing. Amu's breath hitched as she felt one of his hands sliding under her skirt. She wrapped her arms around her neck, tangling her fingers in his hair.

"Ew," A voice interupted them. Ikuto looked up and saw Ai standing there, a half horrified, half annoyed, expression on her small face. Ikuto pulled away and Amu reluctantly removed her arms from around him. Ai ran over to them and grabbed both their hands.

"Come on!" She whined. "Stop doing gross things and take me to the park!"

Ikuto smirked and used on hand to pick up Ai, the other still tight around Amu's waist.

"Fine," He said defeatedly. "Let's go."

Ai grinned and ran happily to the car. Amu turned to smile at Ikuto.

"Come to think of it," She said. "The Suzuki's never came back for me. Did they honestly think that I'll be at that place they thought they sent me to for five years?"

Ikuto shrugged.

"I could care less," He commented. "They're dead to me."

"COME ON!" Ai screamed from the car. Amu tugged on Ikuto.

"We should go," She said. "Before Ai decides to blow up on us."

Ikuto laughed and followed Amu and a screaming Ai into the car.

And they stayed a happy family for the rest of their lives. The Suzuki's never came back for Amu, and two years later it was on the news that their company was closed down for legal reasons. That news kept Ikuto smiling for months. The second baby was born, a boy named Aruto. And they all lived happily after that.

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