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Birds Of A Feather

With plumage like the sunset on a hot summer night, shining crimson, copper and gold, the phoenix before him shuddered in her sleep. Behind the rapidly moving lids, he knew, lay a pair of emerald eyes, tempting and treacherous as the sea. Not that he had been around the sea since he made his way across oceans to land in Fell's Church. No… The tiny town had rivers, streams, and a miniscule lake, if you could even call it that, but no titanic body masses. Not the type he yearned for. Gazing into her eyes served as a pleasant memory for him of his home back in Italy where waterways were plentiful and clear, and sparkling, and pure. Just the thought of home, in a different time, away from his overbearing father, made his feathers ruffle with pleasure.

Blinking his beady little eyes back into concentration, his gaze traveled downwards towards her nearly covered feet. Her short, neatly manicured talons were colored a bright lilac, on display for all to see; proving that she, and no other, was the best in show. They could've been wiped clean and torn roughly at the edges for all he cared. Just the fact that they were her's…

Her wingspan was tiny and gentle; her body lithe and delicate. Her bones may be petite and her curves miniature, but that only added to her allure. A pygmy being for him to watch over and protect.

Each bird had a separate song. His brother's was an awful screeching to his sensitive ears, while his own was loud, suave, and filled with power. But his- not quite his yet – babe's was soft and soothing, like a siren song in the night. With cherub cheeks and a sweet serpent's tongue, her beak weaved an enticing melody straight into his longing heart. It fit her perfectly, like a child's lullaby.

Shifting his weight from one tiny foot to the next, his wings fluttered in apprehension as she shifted slightly in her sleep, her slightly supple body turning to face him, giving her pliable spine a rest. He let out a little coo at the sight of her sleeping face. How radiant! Just wishing to be ravished.

However redeeming all of her features were, nothing intrigued him more than the shape of her beak, finally coming into view. Petite and slightly curved. Light in color and soft looking; the complete opposite of his. What it would feel like to just once more press his beak to hers, to fall under the spell weaved by her tongue against his… It would be heaven. Or his hell.

In a rustle of black sheen and silent cawing, Damon unfurled back into his denim-and-leather-clad human form, and lounged backwards against the tree he had been occupying for the past few hours. His black eyes shone with mirth as he bore his eyes through the window before him, never taking them off of the young femme fatale that was curled up tightly under her covers.

One kiss? Who was he kidding? He would need more than that to sate his need for her. But it could wait until morning. Leaping gracefully forward, Damon landed on the open sill, a pair of red silk curtains flying up to meet him. Straddling the make-shift bench between her world and his, he watched in silence as Bonnie slept on. Just as the countless nights before, he would stay there until dawn, making sure that no harm came to her. After all, she was his baby bird, and if anything were to happen to her, he would make someone pay. Dearly.