Chapter 1

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Bella's POV

They say everything happens for a reason. Little did I know that something that seemed to be so small would change the course of my entire life.

Jacob and I had just opened up our own little auto – body shop in Forks. Of course things were not off to a good start. Business wasn't coming in as fast as we'd hoped, and with that it seemed that the bills were just starting to pile up even more.

We had just hired Rosalie, but if things did not change soon, we would not be able to keep her on the payroll. This would mean Jacob would be at the shop even more then he already was. This just can't happen. I knew something needed to be done and fast.

On my way home from the shop, I tried thinking of ways to cut back and bring in some extra money. Boy was I getting a headache from all of this. There was no way I would be able to figure this out on my own, so I decided to wait and discuss it with Jacob when he go home for dinner.

As I pulled up to our house, I got this awful feeling that tonight was not going to be a good night. I checked the mail as I was heading into the house, and it seemed like my world was coming to an end. All there was in the mailbox was bills, bills, and more bills. How were we going to pay all of these bills as well as the ones from the shop?

I decided to make one of Jacob's favorite meals, hoping this would make our conversation go smoother. As I heard the truck pull in to the driveway I knew Jacob was home. As the door started to open, I stood up to greet him. "Hey Babe," he said as he came across the room and grabbed my butt as he kissed me. "What's for dinner?"

I told him we were having his favorite, but that I thought we needed to talk for a few minutes. Of course he was not thrilled about this. I told him about some of my concerns with money and all the bills that needed to get paid. As we talked about them, it seemed that Jacob started to get more irritated and louder as our conversation went on. Of course we talked about the cell phone bill. For some reason, this was one of the bills that seemed to be getting out of control and I was not sure why. It to make things more confusing, Jacob was all defensive about it. It almost seemed like he was hiding something from me. He snapped at me and then threw the hospital bill in my face.

"Look at this bill Bella", he said. "This is not in the budget." As I was setting the table, I looked at him and said "you know that wasn't my fault." " You know Bella that just the thing! It's never your fault is it?" " If you weren't so clumsy then maybe we would not have to pay the hospital every other month now would we?"

I could not believe he was putting all of this on me. I could feel the anger coming along with the tears starting to form. Of course I was not going to let him see me cry. I was so mad that I looked at him and said "fine, I guess we will just have to push the wedding back even longer. " Jacob and I have been engaged for the last year and were suppose to be married by now, but something always seemed to cause it to be pushed further back.

The next thing I knew Jacob was heading out the door and all he said was "I am going back to the shop." And with that, I heard the door slam as I watched him walk out.

Chapter 2

Jacob's POV

I told Bella I was going to the shop, but deep down inside I just wanted to see Jessica. She is the one that always knew how to calm me down ager a fight with Bella.

I pulled out my cell and started o text Jessica just to make sure she was home.

"Hey Babe. I was hoping to come over for a while ." Jake

"Is Everything ok? Jess

"It's a long story and I just need to see you." Jake

"Sure sweetie. I'll be waiting." Jess

"Okay be there in a few… love ya" Jake

The next thing that happened was something I didn't see coming. All of a sudden, I saw the brakes from the car in front of me and before I knew it I rear ended the silver Volvo that obviously stopped without any notice.

Boy was Bella going to flip out. This was definitely going to cause more issues.

As the gentleman stepped out of his car, I started thinking of a way to make this work out for both of us. I decided that I would see if he would let our shop fix his car, free of charge of course. This would prevent any further bills for us and maybe Bella wouldn't have to find out.

After talking with the driver of the other vehicle I hit, we came to an agreement that he would drop the car off to the shop first thing in the morning. We exchanged names and phone numbers and Edward told me he would see me in the morning and the drove off.

I got to Jessica's house and just wanted to forget the whole night. She didn't ask any questions and for the next few hours we didn't do much talking.

At 11:00 p.m., I decided I probably should go home so Bella would not get suspicious. I pulled up to the house and of course all lights were off. At least I would not have to fight anymore tonight with Bella. As soon as I got inside I saw the note on the counter.

"I'm sleeping in the guest room. Hope you got a lot of work done at the shop." Bella

Ugh. If I knew she was not going to even sleep with me tonight I would have just stayed with Jessica. I went to bed and fell asleep right away.

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