Hiya, there! I just got an idea tonight, and this will be my version of The Fourth Apprentice! Doesn't it sound lovely? :3 3

Well, okay; maybe not. I'm PRETTY SURE I didn't reveal anything about who the chosen cat was in the prologue....

I figured that, hey, while we're all waiting for the REAL Fourth Apprentice to come out, I might as well make my own! ^-^ I hope you like it!

(Although it will probably not be ANYTHING like the book!!! :o)

Omen of the Stars: Book One: The Fourth Apprentice

Dovekit and Ivykit are both descendants of the great leader, Firestar. However, when one sister has an ominous dream, she realizes that she is one of the famed "Three," one of the three cats who possess the great powers of StarClan. When that particular sister goes on a quest to find out exactly why she is this way, her path leads her up into the mountains, where she will find dangerous secrets and uncover many answers. And most of all, she will realize that nothing will ever be the same again.


"You do realize that this is risky, Bluestar?" Yellowfang asked. "One of the kits is about to discover a great destiny ahead of her. How do you know she won't just run away and tell everyone? If that happens, the Clans are as good as destroyed."

Bluestar stood up, looking high and mighty. Her eyes blazed blue fire. "She won't," she declared. "That kit has enough power and restraint that she can hold a secret like that!"

"Well, I'm worried—" Yellowfang began.

"Worried?! How can you be worried at a time like this?! It was you, who, just a few moons ago, blamed me for not making this clear sooner! It was you who urged me to not keep secrets from the Clan cats anymore! And it's your words of wisdom that I am following! I will not keep secrets again! I will let this kit know that she has powers far greater than any cat before her!" Bluestar yowled. "Are you telling me now that you were wrong? Do you not want me to tell the kit?! She needs to know! She—"

"Bluestar," Yellowfang began gently, calmly. "I was not expecting you to react like this. Because that is the wrong reaction. You do not go just blurting out kits' destinies as if they were gossip! This kit should not find out right away! It's the wrong thing to do!"

"But you know what?!" Bluestar challenged Yellowfang. "I don't care! She should know! And it might be easier for her to find out this way, instead of later!"

"Easier, my tail!" Yellowfang roared. "There is no easier way to break it to her. Her reaction will either be good or bad. Even a good reaction does not tell us everything. Because, in time, she will realize what this is all about and start to doubt it!"

Bluestar leapt on Yellowfang. "You…. You….!"

"Bluestar, Yellowfang!" Raggedstar's sharp voice made them look up. "This is no time for fighting! This kit has to know her destiny eventually! And, besides: you can't not tell her the truth about herself. She will find out eventually, whether some other StarClan cat tells her or whether Jayfeather and Lionblaze tell her. She will take it however she takes it, but you have to tell her someday. Do you understand?!" Raggedstar just looked plain menacing now. He seemed to be towering over the two she-cats, being the only thing in their line of vision….

"Yes, Raggedstar." Yellowfang dipped her head dutifully. "I understand."

"As do I." Bluestar bristled, shooting a look at Yellowfang.

"She will find out some day," Raggedstar said. "We just have to figure out how to break the news to her. Good night, you two. I have to meet up with Blackstar and warn him about possibly dangerous rogues coming to invade his territory."

The two she-cats glared at each other. They were agreeing, for now. But they didn't like it.