It was raining in Konoha and inside the Uchiha compound there was Sakura who was standing and looking outside the window of a dark room rubbing her stomach gently. She looked outside the window showing agony and regret. Sakura was pregnant with Sasuke's children after a one night-stand. At the beginning, Sakura was happy about this because she thought Sasuke was going to take care of her like most men would treat their pregnant lovers and eventually fall in love with her. She didn't know how wrong she was. Sasuke still treated Sakura like dirt, calling her weak and annoying and with her constant mood swings; it surely didn't help with all the drama that comes with the pregnancy. Sasuke always watched her like a hawk, never leaving her out of his sight. Plus he looked at her like she was the most useless thing in the world. After all that and much more, Sakura got tired and sick of it. She didn't care anymore if Sasuke would ever show affection towards her, even though inside her heart she still loved him and still wanted him to. All she wanted at this point was to give birth to the Uchiha brats and get on with her melancholic life. It was all of these causes and more that made Sakura dull now. She just decided that Sasuke was an inconsiderate and egoistical bastard and that's all he was ever going to be.

Sure Sasuke's goal in life was to rebuild his clan, but that didn't mean he had to show any kind of emotion yet alone affection to anyone that was carrying any future Uchiha. He didn't give a crap about the subject of the one night-stand he had with Sakura, he was just shocked she had gotten pregnant and angry that he now had to take care of her. There was only one good thing to all of this. He finally started rebuilding his clan. That was all that mattered right? Nope. He was wrong at this point. That was just at the beginning but as four months passed he found himself romantically attracted to her and after another month and two weeks he finally concluded that he was in love with Sakura. Outrageous!! He couldn't believe that after so many years he locked his emotions away, one of them sneaked out and decided that now, out of all the time in the world, to show up ad to Sakura no least. The girl he always called weak and annoying, now pregnant with his children, yeah children, because Sakura was confirmed to have twins, a boy and a girl, now has practically his heart. He was just a simple bastard that decided to keep all of that emotion bottled up and keep acting the same to make sure that all was "normal". He knew it was a lie but he kept on going trying to convince himself it was all the same.

Sasuke silently entered the room and fixed his gaze upon Sakura to check whether she was ok or not. Completely looking at her, he analyzed her state, physically was good, socially could be better and emotionally was terrible. Seeing as she wasn't facing him, he frowned because he knew the reason for why she was like this. Him. He could keep her in the best physical state of her mind, let her talk to her friends and such, but he couldn't help her emotional being. His pride won't let him and he was afraid to do so.

Sakura noticed he was there so she turned around to face him holding her stomach and then she sat down on a nearby chair. Standing up while pregnant with seven month old twins was exhausting considering her belly was huge and since it had a lot of weight, it hurted her back. Sakura once again began her masquerade. If Sasuke was near, she would show fake happiness, joy and between others. Sasuke always caught her masquerade. Sakura was good at hiding emotions but he was the master. Sure enough he would be able to identify anyone trying to be fake.

"I want strawberries." Sakura simply stated. Sasuke sighed seeing as she had another craving. As always, it ended him having to look for the food of her desire. He was lucky enough Sakura didn't crave for exotic delicacies because that would be the end of him.

"Fine." he grumbled. He left the room muttering incomprehensible things.

Sakura was glad he left. Her so called craving was fake; she just wanted him as far away as he could. To keep him from hurting her of course, but it was a shame she couldn't keep herself away to avoid hurting herself. She turned herself to look back at the window. She watched as each raindrop that hit the glass slided down quickly. "Get a grip, Sakura. Just two more months and its over." She thought sighing.

~~~~~~Another month later~~~~~~

Ino walked over to the Uchiha compound with her daughter Shinju in her hands. She was really worried and concerned for Sakura because of her sudden change in behavior so she had planned to visit her along with Hinata, Tenten and her son Takeshi. Shinju was a very adorable eleven month old baby with silvery blonde hair and brown eyes. Shinju kept moving her head sideways looking at everything with glee. She giggled and clapped her hands with joy at anything so simple her brown eyes fixed themselves upon like butterflies, leaves travelling along the wind, the clouds and among other things. Ino smiled at her daughter and before she even realized, she had arrived at her destination. Holding Shinju with one arm, she knocked on the door. The door opened revealing Tenten and in the background she could see Sakura sitting on the couch holing her large stomach and to her side was Hinata with Takeshi on her lap. Tenten motioned for Ino to come inside and sat on a nearby chair. Ino went over and sat next to Sakura's other side on the couch. She set Shinju on the ground and the little baby stood up taking small steps towards anywhere. Takeshi lifted himself off Hinata's lap and let himself fall on the ground. Takeshi is a one year old and three month old baby with coffee brown hair and pearly white eyes. Takeshi walked over to his mom and tugged on her pants.

"And to think I carried Takeshi for nine months just to have him look completely like his father." Tenten commented picking Takeshi up and placing him on her lap.

"Yeah but at least Neji, loved you, took well care for you and I'm sure that all of this isn't a regret." said Sakura with a tint of sadness in her voice.

"Come on, everything will get better and if it doesn't, I'll make sure to beat up Sasuke up, ok? Now smile Sakura. Please?" Tenten said, a small grin forming on her lips. It was depressing seeing Sakura like this.

"Yeah! I second that! Beating up Sasuke sounds like a good idea!" said Ino bursting of energy while punching the air.

"H-hai" said Hinata quietly, but not quiet enough because she was heard.

"Happy!" said Takeshi innocently while Shinju clapped her hands in joy.

"Look! Even they agree and they are babies." pointed out Tenten with hope in her voice.

The three of them just looked at Sakura waiting for a reaction from her. Even the small silence was devastating. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Still nothing. More minutes passed by. Tick Tock. Sakura removed her hands from her stomach and tilted her head upwards. She looked at them, her eyes cornered with tears. Her tears made the sadness and depression in her eyes look much clearer and brighter. Her whole pain was reflected in her eyes. Tenten, Ino and Hinata sighed seeing she won't smile, not even to them. Sasuke Uchiha was so going to pay.

"Y-you k-know that being unhappy affects the health of the twins." Hinata stated.

"I just want this to be over." Sakura said gloomily.

The rest of them frowned. Maybe it was best if all this would be over.

~~~~~~Two weeks later~~~~~~

Sakura kept rubbing her stomach. It was so big. Same you would expect if you were pregnant with twins and they were currently almost 9 months old. Hinta looked over at her fidgeting paranoid husband. Naruto and Hinata were visiting her while Sasuke was on a mission. Even when he was gone, she had to be watched over. As to the reason why Naruto was paranoid is because if your sister-like figure is pregnant with twins and they were almost nine months old, well it gave him the impression she could have contractions at any moment. Hinata watched him pace back and forth across the room uneasily muttering understandable words. Hinata probably guessed he was rehearsing the plan in case Sakura got contractions.

"Okay Naruto, ok. Calm down. Geez, she isn't even in pain and I'm being paranoid. Ummm…" he kept muttering to himself..

Sakura rubbed her stomach gently. She felt a kick. "Ow.. that hurted." She thought. Another kick. She felt a bit more pain at this one. Then another kick. This time it was more painful to her. Sakura's face turned pale white and realization hit her. She screamed out in pain, which started both Naruto and Hinata. Their faces became pale, but Naruto's was paler because his predictions had come true. Naruto took a hold of Sakura and did some hand signs. Hinata also did some hand signs as well. The three of them appeared at the Konoha Hospital.

~~~~~~At the hospital~~~~~~

The nurses sat Sakura on a gurney and took her to the delivery room. Naruto was outside nervous. He had sent another ninja to search for Sasuke and tell him about Sakura. Meanwhile Hinata had went to tell the others.

~~~~~~Somewhere near Konoha~~~~~~

Sasuke was jumping from branch to branch going back to Konoha. Suddenly another ninja catched up to him and motioned him to stop. Sasuke just stopped. He didn't need to attack him because he saw the Leaf headband on his forehead. He just looked at him waiting for him to speak.

"She's in labor." The ninja stated. At this, his eyes widened and he rushed back to Konoha at full speed.

~~~~~~Back at the hospital~~~~~~

Sakura was resting on a bed sweating. She was in complete pain. The nurses had told her the correct position to give birth. Just as Tsunade was about to speak, Sasuke came barging in( I know he's fast!!!). He walked over and stood next to the bed. Sakura looked at him with hope in her eyes, maybe just maybe, he would show emotion now. She met his gaze and saw nothing.

"Okay, Sakura. On the count of 3, push." Tsunade said to her apprentice.

Sakura nodded.


Sakura looked at him once again. She was hoping he would offer his hand so she could hold it while pushing.


He stood there emotionless. Her hope was fading.


He leaved the room quickly. Her heart shattered at that moment. She was completely heartbroken.

"PUSH!" Tsunade commanded.

Sakura did as told and pushed. She let out a scream of pain.

Minutes passed by.

"I can see the head. Keep pushing!" Tsunade said excitingly.

Sakura kept pushing and the first baby was pulled out. "It's a boy! Get me some towels. Rest Sakura." Said Tsunade as a nurse handed her a towel and she began cleaning up the baby. Sakura rested for a while and felt relieved as only one more to go. Tsunade handed the baby to a nurse and prepared herself to deliver the other one.

"Ok, Sakura. PUSH!" commanded Tsunade once again.

Sakura began to push again and as minutes passed by Tsunade had commented that she had to push a little bit more.

"One more time. PUSH!" Tsunade said to her. Just as Sakura was pushing, Tsunade grabbed the second baby and pulled it out.

"This one is a girl.. It'over."she said sighing in relief. She handed the baby over to a nurse who would clean her and set her and her brother in the nursery.

"I knew you didn't want to hold them." Tsunade whispered in Sakura's ear sadly.

Tsunade left the room and went to tell everyone about it. Sasuke went to the nursery to see his children and the rest just went to see how Sakura was doing and then to see the newborn twins.

Nightfall came and while everyone was asleep, other busy at the moment, Sakura took the chance. She removed all the wires attached to her body, bleeding for a while. She opened the window and leaped outside. She ran across the village and unnoticed went pass the gate and ran into the forest. She was finally free of the pain. She had to bear it no longer.

~~~~~~The next morning~~~~~~

The nurse stepped inside Sakura's room and immediately dropped her clipboard. She ran to Lady Tsunade to tell her the terrible news. Tsunade just lowered her head in shame and sadness and called the rest of the ninja. Once they got there she told them the news. She saw their reactions were the same. Sadness, Tears, Remorse, Agony. She looked over at Sasuke and realized he was completely torned inside and out. She pitited him of the difficult task that laid ahead of him. Having to take care of twins. Alone.

~~~~~~ Somewhere far away~~~~~~

Sakura looked over at the new village she stumbled upon. She smiled becase she new what this meant. New hope. No more pain. She walked towards the village happily for the first time in a long time. This beautiful misery was over.

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