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Chapter 3: Miracle Not Asked For

As Sakura walked through the forest back to the village, she held on an expression on her face that anyone would understand as doubt. The dust would wrap around her legs and then leave leaving soft brown spots that she figured she would clean later, the wind would blow leave causing them to slap her face and even a branch brushed against her right shoulder roughly enough to leave a cut behind. Even though she felt a bit of pain by that cut, she decided to ignore it and heal it later. But still her face won't change its doubtful expression.

'My mind keeps playing over and over possibilities of what could happen if I were to arrive and face them all. Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi, Tsunade, Ino and my children. I wonder what Sasuke might have named them. What if it was all a mistake leaving and coming back now? What if they won't accept me. They must think that I'm terrible. Maybe I should return back--- No! I made a promise to myself that I was and still am determined to go and find out for myself. Damnit, I feel like such a hypocrite right now thinking positively and negatively at the same time. It's been four years, far too many. I can't wait any longer, I'll just have to face it on my own. If they don't accept me, then I deserve it. Because I let myself to be played, I decided to go on with the suffering in fear that I might be harmed and because I did one of the most terrible things a mother, person and a friend could do. I abandoned them all because of my own selfishness. It's about time to face it all.' She thought. Her thoughts had just finished, but she hadn't noticed the road ahead of her and tripped on a rock and fell to the ground immediately.

"Owww. This stinks. Oh well, I might as well take the chance to heal that wound I so carelessly decided to ignore." She said groaning. She stood up and her left hand moved over to her right shoulder. Her left hand suddenly glowed green indicating that a medical jutsu was in use. After some seconds the gash had healed completely and her right shoulder looked as if nothing happened to it. She then proceeded to walk and then mentally sighed to as why she had to choose a not-so-known village far away from Konoha. After some 10 minutes of steps, she saw the gates of the Leaf village. She stopped and stared at the gate for some moment. Deciding to get on with it, she drew a confident smile on her face and ran to the gates.

Once she got there, the guards were all just too shocked to see her back. Sakura looked at them both, smiled at them and ran into the village. Most villagers that lived long enough to know who Sakura Haruno was stared at her until some point Sakura got tired of all of the attention and decided to hide disguise herself. It seemed impossible to disguise herself with so many people staring at her. She thought that it was best that if she jumped onto the roofs of the building but there were ninjas patrolling. Even if they didn't know who she was, she would still be taken suspicious and she knew she should be classified as a missing nin by now. She sighed to herself thinking how stupid she was. She should have disguised herself outside the village. Well there was no point to that now.

She peeked from the alley she was in and surprisingly she saw people still looking at her. Sakura got annoyed very easily and had the nerve to yell at them all. She gave them the most terrifying glare she could. All of the villagers looked scared and directed their attention somewhere else. Well Sakura at this time felt proud of herself. Those many months with the Uchiha taught her something good and useful. She looked at the street where she was and realized she was near the Ino's old house. She moved in with her husband Shikamaru. Out of curiousity, she went over to pay a visit.

~~~~~~~~~In The Yamanaka Household~~~~~~~~~

Shikamaru yawned as he lifted one of the chess pieces, placed it into a specific location and called out checkmate. Choji groaned because he knew he lost, obviously. He didn't even know why was he playing Shogi. Plus it was with Shikamaru, out of all the people in the entire world. Choji looked over at where 2 little girls were playing. Shinju, Shikamaru's nearly 5-year old daughter and Akane, Choji's 3 and a half year old daughter.

"Cookie." Shinju said with a demanding tone. Choji wanted to burst out laughing right about now but he tried to control himself by thinking on other things. He found that rather amusing. And why did he? Simple. He couldn't believe that Shikamaru's and Ino's child could be such a combination of them both. She was lazy and bossy at the same time. She was too lazy to speak but too bossy to be ignored. It was really amazing.

Ino's mom heard her granddaughter's one simple word and and she went to the kitchen while holding soft giggles at Shinju's occurrences. A few moments later she came back from the kitchen and gave Shinju her cookie. Shinju grabbed the cookie and splitted it in two and gave the other half to Akane. Akane extended out her hand and grabbed the other half. She smiled to Shinju in a silent thanks. Shinju smiled back in a silent your welcome. Ino smiled softly and suddenly heard a knock on her door. She stood up and went to the answer it. When she got to the door, she turned the knob and opened it. Her eyes widened as she saw who it was. She turned sideways nervously motioning for the person to come in. When everyone saw the person, their eyes widened in realization who it was. Sakura.

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