Takes place before Naruto learns of who his father is in the manga, but Naruto does know who his father is. And he has been trained by him.

They moved silently through the night, casting shadows as they ran. The moonlight outlined their Iwa headbands and their dark eyes glowed. Their mission was special: Find and destroy the Yondaime's legacy. The Tsuchikage had finally found out that Konoha's Yellow Flash had had a child and that child was a threat. He –the child- must be destroyed.

The group consisted of no more than two dozen shinobi, all silent and deadly. Their leader, a female of about six feet in height, smiled sickly as she spotted the gates. "We wait until the final exam. Then we attack. The child will be in the exam. We will wait on top of the Hokage Mountain," she said.

Then they scattered and waited…


Tsunade, Godaime Hokage of Konoha smiled as she watched the contestants of the Chunin Final Exam stand in a row on the middle of the arena. "Citizens of Konohagakure and esteemed guests," she yelled, silencing the crowd. "Welcome to the Special Advance Chunin Final Exam!" Cheers echoed throughout the arena. "Well, I don't want to hold up the excitement, and we do have some really great battles coming! I shall do some quick introductions. From Sand, we have Akira; from Sound, we have Kindra; from Snow, we have Hoshi; from Mist, we have Kano; from Iwa, we have Ishi; and from Konoha, we have Uzumaki Naruto! Let the exam begin!"


A few hours later…

"The final match consists of Ishi and Uzumaki Naruto! BEG-" Before Gemna could finish, Ishi made a series of quick hand seals and a wall of the arena exploded. Gemna rounded on him. "I didn't say sta-" He broke off as two dozen Iwa shinobi invaded the arena.

Immediately the crowds panicked and shinobi jumped from their seats down to the arena to confront the enemy. The Konoha 11 jumped down to join Naruto as Tsunade and Gaara turned to face the other Kage. But all froze as a voice echoed throughout the arena.


"WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHO DO YOU WANT?!" Shikamaru shouted.

"Please tell me that Konoha isn't that stupid. Oh, wait, you all are. Tell him to come and we will leave in peace!"

"WHO, DAMMIT?!" Tsunade shouted.

"WE WANT THE YONDAIME HOKAGE'S SON!" the female shouted. All of Konoha was in shock as whispers broke out.

"The Yondaime never had a child, baka!" Kiba shouted. Akamaru barked in agreement.

"You're the baka, baka! His son is amongst you! Why don't you come out, Namekaze!"

Tsunade froze. 'Kuso! They know! But how?'

"Why don't you keep us from guessing? The Yondaime never had a son!" Ino shouted.

"Why don't you tell them the truth, Hokage! I believe they are all dying to know the truth that you kept hidden from the shinobi world and from the Yondaime's son himself! TELL THEM THE TRUTH!"

All eyes turned to Tsunade. Tsunade sighed. "She's right. The Yondaime did have a son, and he is amongst you."

The female Iwa leader smirked. She turned to Naruto. "You! Yellow-haired brat!"

Naruto turned to her. "What do you want, teme?"

Eyes turned to Naruto in amazement. "What do you mean? Godaime? What's going on?" Ibiki asked.

Tsunade sighed. "The person they want, the lost son of the Yondaime Hokage, is none other than Uzumaki Naruto."

Suddenly, before anyone could react, the Iwa shinobi attacked. All Iwa nins aimed their weapons at one person. Uzumaki Naruto.

Before the weapons pierced Naruto's skin, he disappeared in a yellow flash.

As the dust cleared, everyone saw the Naruto wasn't the pincushion of twenty-four weapons, instead, he was standing on the arena wall, completely unharmed. And standing next to him was someone no one expected because he was believed to be dead.

Tsunade and the rest of Konoha's shinobi's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. Tsunade managed only one word.