Chapter 5

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"Kyubi Speaking"

'Kyubi thoughts'


"Regular speaking"

All laughter ceased as Hinata suddenly planted a large kiss on Naruto's lips. Ino's eyes widened in amazement before she squealed that girly squeal that guys hate. Well, that squeal definitely ruined the moment. Hinata pulled away from Naruto, shocked about what she had just done.

She wasn't the only one. Naruto's eyes were huge. He had a distant look in his eyes before they rolled back and his eyes closed. He began to fall backwards and would've hit his head on the headboard if Minato hadn't suddenly appeared and stopped his son from falling.

Hinata couldn't understand what had happened. Her face had become a beet-red kinda color and she rushed from the room, leaving behind a group of very stunned shinobi.

"Hinata!" Sakura cried as she followed her friend, pulling Ino along behind her, who then grabbed Choji, pulling him along, who in turn grabbed Kiba's arm, thus pulling him along…ect. Until they tried to grab Shikamaru, who managed to evade TenTen's grasp.


He felt weak. So weak. "Damn you, brat. Damn you to Hell!" an angry and pissed off Kyubi shouted. He continued shouting until he heard a…rip? Kyubi's widened in realization as his entire cage suddenly began to spin and swirl.

He knew what was going on. "DAMN YOU TO HELL, YONDAIME! DAMN YOU!" There was only one way he would be able to stay and exact his revenge on Konoha. That was to merge with his container. 'This is going to be painful, but when it's finished, I will have exacted my revenge on Konoha!' "ALL OF KONOHA WILL FEAR MY NAME FOREVER!"


Tsunade was pulled out of her amusement of watching them pull each other through the door like a chain when Minato cried out in shock and pain. She quickly turned and stared at her friend in shock. Minato had burns on his hands and lower arms, which, of course, was visible cause his sleeves had been severely burned by something. Tsunade soon saw what.

Reddish-orange chakra bubbled out of Naruto, quickly surrounding his entire body. Minato swore, removed Naruto's shirt, and stared at the seal in shock, all the while getting his hands burned even more by the Kyuubi's chakra. "What the hell? Shit! This is happening too soon! Damn you, Kyubi!" Minato shouted before the room was engulfed by a bright white light.

Minato, Tsunade, and Shikamaru –the only one of the Konoha 11 to escape the "chain"- all screamed as the white light blinded them.


Outside the hospital, a beet-red Hinata froze as she felt such immense and sinister chakra. Immediately, she activated her Byakugan. She turned and looked up just as the upper floors of the hospital were engulfed in a bright light. She howled in pain as her Byakugan was overrun with the immense light, thus blinding her.


Neji froze when he felt the immense chakra that came from the floor above them. 'Activating Byakugan could possibly be a bad idea. Better not risk it. But, I have to know what's going on!' he thought. But before he could come to a decision, he heard Hinata's loud howl of pain. 'Shit! She must've activated her Byakugan.' Without so much as a glance at the others, Neji broke through the glass window and raced down the side of the building.

"Neji-kun!" TenTen screamed as both she and Lee followed their friend and teammate. The others were confused about this and were about to follow when they heard Tsunade, Minato, and Shikamaru's cries of pain.

"What the f-?" Kiba shouted as they, too, were engulfed by the bright light.


All across Konoha the bright light shined like a beacon, attracting the eyes of ninja and civilian alike. ANBU, Jonin, and Chunin all ran to the source of the bright light and immense chakra, knowing that it was Naruto, while the Hyuga's held back, not wanting to be blinded by the brightness.

Just as the upper shinobi reached the source, the light disappeared, leaving Konoha in complete darkness. Every streetlight, flashlight, laser light, lamp light, ect, went out all at once. Screams echoed throughout the city as a reddish-orange glow appeared above the hospital.

Two words echoed through each of their minds as a loud roar filled the air.

'Oh, shit.'

The Kyubi had escaped. That was the only expli-

A blood curdling scream cut out the magnificent roar as the left corner of the top floor exploded, sending three bodies flying.


"No… Dammit! This wasn't supposed to happen!" the Kyubi screamed before he completely faded from the seal.


Several ANBU launched themselves up the building after the flying bodies and quickly caught them. The reddish-orange glow grew brighter and the air was thick with evil chakra.

One of the "bodies" groaned. An ANBU with a cat mask looked down and nearly dropped her "bundle". "Minato?" she asked in surprise. "What the hell?"

Namikaze Minato was in bad shape. Chakra burns covered the entire upper portion of his body. His clothing was almost none existent; only a few large patches here and there.

The cat masked ANBU [let's call her Neko, shall we?] landed on the ground near a screaming girl, which she instantly recognized as a Hyuga. Three figures landed next to her, one of them another Hyuga. Without looking at her, the Hyuga boy raced over to the screaming Hyuga girl.

Neko didn't pay them any mind, though she was wary, and she gently laid down Minato. She didn't know what to think. She had been away during the Chunin exams, and only heard the story from her brother, another ANBU. She, of course, wasn't sure what to believe.

Two other ANBU landed next to her and laid down their bundles. Neko was slightly surprised to see the Godaime Hokage and a Chunin. The Chunin she recognized as Nara, Shikamaru, considering he was almost always in the Hokage's office.

"What's going on?" Neko asked her fellow ANBU. They shrugged and went to work at trying to wake up the Godaime. Neko followed suit and began shaking Minato's shoulder. "Minato-sama, can you hear me?" she asked.

"Ow…" came the answering groan a few seconds later. "What the hell happened?"

"You tell me, Minato. He's your kid!"

Minato's eyes shot open as he took in the cat mask. "I'd recognized that voice anywhere. How have you been, imouto?"

"Just peachy, nii-san. Just peachy."

Well, that's a surprising twist. Imouto means 'Little Sister' and Nii-san means "big brother"

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