Knight Rider doesn't belong to me. It belongs to Glen Larson. Carlee, Michaela and the other OC belong to me, though.


Chapter 1

Pieces of aluminum garage door flew into the warehouse in all directions. Tires squealed on concrete as the black T-top sports car fish tailed to a stop in the space.

Two men stood on a catwalk, holding a large compressed liquid sprayer between them. Aiming at the car below them, one of the men released a fine mist from the nozzle of the sprayer.

Carlee had been about to throw the car door open and go after the men, but K.I.T.T. wouldn't open the door. Instead, he switched to auto drive and peeled out of the warehouse.

"K.I.T.T., what are you doing?" Carlee asked in confusion.

"My sensors are picking up something most unusual about that liquid!" K.I.T.T. stated uncertainly. "Oh, dear!" he said a moment later.

"What?" Carlee demanded.

"That mist was full of the stolen nanites. They appear to have been reprogrammed to attack my molecular bonded shell. I calculate that in less than a minute, I will be vulnerable!"

The vehicle shuddered as something impacted it, and they were suddenly spinning wildly into a vacant lot near the warehouse.

"What..." Carlee started.

"My right rear tire has been punctured!" K.I.T.T. exclaimed, incredulously.

When they finally skidded to a stop, Carlee's eyes widened at what she saw out the windshield.

An SUV had screeched to a stop several yards away. A man jumped out, pulling a rocket propelled grenade launcher with him.

"K.I.T.T.!" Carlee exclaimed.

"My MBS is down to fifty percent! My shell will sustain heavy damage, but you should be safe," K.I.T.T. assured her.

The man had raised the RPG launcher to firing position. Carlee watched in horrified fascination as the grenade flew toward them and impacted on the ground near K.I.T.T.'s front tire. They had not been sitting idle after spinning out. Even with the punctured tire, they had been making slow progress forward. K.I.T.T.'s flat tire limped uselessly in the dirt of the vacant lot, throwing clods of dirt in all directions.

The grenade exploded, hurling K.I.T.T. into the air.

"K.I.T.T.!" Carlee screamed, trying to brace herself. Her head connected solidly with the driver side window and she passed out. K.I.T.T.'s wheels made hard contact with the ground again, throwing dirt and dust up all around.

"Carlee!" K.I.T.T.'s voice was filled with static. Several key systems were damaged beyond his capability to reroute.

Another grenade landed under K.I.T.T.'s prow.

The explosion flipped K.I.T.T. over, tossing Carlee around like a rag doll in the cabin. Passive Laser Restraint had been one of the first systems to go down.

The engine was a smoking ruin. The nanites had fully broken down the MBS on the front end, and were making quick work of the rest.

K.I.T.T. managed to override his emergency shutdown sequence long enough to see, with his one functional camera, when the man got back into the SUV and it drove away. Then he initiated his emergency locator beacon and succumbed to blackness.