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Chapter Three: Making Sure Dare Are Completed

"We're following you home" Allison said, "To make sure that you make sure that Jasper does his dare." Alice glared at her.

"Fine" Rosalie smiled "Keep up." We all get into our cars and sped away toward our house.

"You are so dead, Rosalie" Alice growled quietly as she got into the Volvo, refusing to drive with Rosalie.

"He is NOTgoing in my car" Rosalie snarled pointing at Jacob

"It's that or Alice crashes your car" Edward said.

"Fine" Rosalie growled she loved her car too much to let Alice make her crash it.

It took us 20 minutes to get home because we had to drive the speed limit because we had people following us.

"Carlisle Esme" Rosalie yelled unnecessarily "We're going up to Alice's room"

"Another dare" Esme said coming into the room

"Yeah" Alice said "There making Jasper burn half of my clothes, and I can't buy anything new for a week"

"I'm sorry dear" Esme said "I can't do anything to stop them"

"We brought 'friends' home" Emmett smiled "They wanted to make sure that we follow through with the dare."

"Let's go" Nessie said taking the steps two at a time, going to the third floor and Alice and Jasper's room

"Edward, Emmett" Rose said looking at them "You'll have to hold Alice back. Ness, Bella, help me pick out clothes."

Alice glared and growled at the boys as they took hold of her arms pined her to her bed.

I lifted my shield "What are her favorites" I asked Edward

"She not thinking about anyone in particular" He said at vampire speed, Alice smirked at us.

"I'm not going to let you destroy my favorites" She growled at us. We started to pick out clothes

Alice POV

I sat there with Edward and Emmett pinning me to the bed as Jasper stood in the doorway. And Nessie, Bella, and Rosalie took out my clothes.

I had to watch as they destroyed half of my closet.

'No not that one' I thought as I saw them pick out my favorite blue halter top.

"Good choose" Edward smiled at Bella "She really upset about that one." I started to struggle against Edward and Emmett.

"Let me go" I growled

"No" Rosalie said

It took 2 hours to take out half of my closet.

"Take it outside" Esme yelled "I will not have you burn my house down again."

"Again" Mike asked

"Well last time" Nessie said "We got a little carried away, and just did it her closet without thinking."

Everybody picked up my clothes and brought it outside, Emmett and Edward picked me up and carried me out.

"Go to the meadow" Esme yelled after us.

"Yes" We all yelled back

"We're taking the Jeep" Emmett said heading toward the garage, as Rosalie threw my clothes into a garbage bag.

"Rosalie" I shrieked "No"

She just smiled as she threw the bag into Emmett's Jeep

"Get in everybody" Emmett as everyone climbed in.

"Why do you have this thing" Allison asked

"For off-road driving" Emmett smiled "The only way to get to the meadow."

"Off-road" Melissa said

"It's the only way to get to the meadow before we have to walk" Alice smiled.

"But I'm not wearing the right shoes to walk long distances" Allison whined

"Well you can stay at the car" Rosalie said. As Emmett started out of the driveway

With the speed that Emmett was driving at; we got to the clearing right before the baseball meadow quick.

"We walk from here" Rosalie said

Emmett picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.

"PUT ME DOWN" I shrieked.

"Nope" He said "Sorry but you'll try to save your clothes if I put you down."

"Well at least let Jazz carry me" I pouted

"Nope" He said again "You'll convince him to let you walk" I growled when he refused to put me down

"Yo will regret this Emmett" I growled as we started to walk to ore baseball meadow. "Emmett, I promise I will not try to save my clothes just put me down."

Emmett looked at Edward who nodded, and Emmett put me down.

"Thank you" I said, but then I ran up to Rosalie who had my clothes, and tried to take them from her.

"No you don't" Edward said as he stepped in front of me "Emmett. She can't be trusted"

Emmett smiled and threw me over his shoulder again. "Jasper" I yelled "Get me down"

"Sorry Hun" He said

"Make him but me down" He knew what I meant.

"Already tried" he said, I growled

"This is so not fair" I said as we got to the baseball meadow

"Hasn't anyone told you life isn't fair" Bella said, I growled at her

Emmett set me down, but he and Edward grabbed a hold on my arms, as Rosalie, Nessie and Bella gathered wood to build the fire, I whimpered as Jacob lit the fire.

"Jasper' Rosalie said "Go ahead"

"Please Jasper" I cried "Don't"

"Sorry Hun" He said "But a Dare is a dare"

"One at a time" Rosalie said as Jasper tried to throw everything in at once

"Rose" He said "Do you want Alice to kill me?"

"She won't" Rosalie smiled "She loves you too much."

"Fine" He said "Do you want her to kill you"

"Em, will protect me" she smiled

"No" I screamed and shut my eyes as Jasper started to put my clothes into the fire.

20 Minutes later all of my clothes were gone.

Bella POV

"How are we going to make sure that Emmett does his dare" Mike said "We can't stay here for three days."

"Don't worry" Rose smiled "He will not get within five feet of me."

"Girls night" Alice said, recovering from her sudden lost of her clothes

"Can we join" Sally asked

"Sure" I smiled "We just have to make sure that it is ok with Esme and Carlisle, and you should make sure that it is ok with your parents."

"And only the girls can stay" Alice said.

We all headed back to Emmett's Jeep, and made it back to our house in an hour.

"Carlisle, Esme" Alice yelled, unnecessarily "We're having a girl's night"

"They want to make sure that Emmett goes through with his dare" Rose said, staying away from me for three days"

"So they'll probably stay all weekend." I added. (I decided to make their first day at school a Friday)

"If it's ok with their parents" Esme replied coming into the room. "And Emmett good luck with your dare"

Melissa, Allison, Sally, and Zoey all took out their phones and called home.

"It's ok with my parents" they all said, "Boys go home"

"Edward, Emmett, Jasper Jacob, Carlisle," Alice said "Do NOT come into the basement."

"Oh and Emmett" I smiled sweetly "Stay away from Rose."

He grumbled something, and then said "Love you Rose."

Rosalie smiled at him and walked down to the basement swinging her hips, Emmett groaned

"Rose Baby" he said "Why do you want to torture me."

She looked over her shoulder and said "Because I can and you can't do anything about it until Monday."

"Let's go" Alice squealed "I came up with a brilliant idea." Edward chuckled and Alice growled at him. "Stupid mind-reading Vampire" She hissed at Vampire speed "Don't you dare tell Emmett; because I'll know if you do."

"Edward" I went over to him "Be good" I kissed him passionately on the lips, as Alice and Renesmee did the same.

"Come on guys" Emmett groaned "Please"

"Sorry Em" I smiled when I pulled away "I forgot." I followed Rose down the stairs

"Bye boys" Alice and Nessie said and followed.

Emmett POV

"The girls are going to try to make the next three days hell aren't they" I said "Trying to get me kiss Rose."

"And we'll do everything within our power to keep her from you." Jasper said.

"And I know what they have planned" Edward added

"Oh no, you don't" Alice said coming up the stairs "play fair."

"Fine" Edward mumbled "I'll play fair"

"Good" Alice smiled and went back down to the basement.

"We need to come up with a plan" I said "So that we can get back at the girls whenever they decide to perform Alice's plan."

"And Edward knows" Jasper said "But Alice will kill him if he tells us."

"Alice is singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star backwards in German, Rose is thinking about what to do with you on Monday. And Nessie is thinking about Jacob, and the others are thinking about ways to make the dare harder." Edward said. "So no help their"

Alice POV

"So we are going to go to a club" I said "So we have to get ready."

"But we aren't old enough to get in" Sally said

"Don't worry we know the people who own it" Rose said.

"To your room than" Bella said "To play Barbie."

"Yes" I smiled "So come on and don't fight me on this you won't win"

"I know" She sighed and went up to my room.

"Alice" Jasper said when we go to our room "What's going on."

"Out" I said as I pushed him toward the door "Make-over time."

"What do you have for Emmett's downfall" He asked.

"Getting ready to go out to dinner and then clubbing." I said "You, Jake, Edward, and Emmett should get ready too" I added at Vampire speed "I laid out clothes for you all in Edward's room."

"You guys should call your brothers" Rose said, "And invite them to come."

"Tell them to meet us at Club Oasis" Bella said

"You know the people who own it" Melissa said

"It's like the hottest club in Port Angles" Allison said

"Maybe we shouldn't tell them that we own it" I said at Vampire speed. 'Let's get ready…Rose you do hair, Bella, you do make-up, and Nessie help me with picking out clothes."

"What can we do" Sally asked

"Just sit back and watch us work" Rose smiled.

I started to throw clothes (surprisingly she still had a lot) to Nessie who gave them to the respective people with the command of "change"

"Allison" Bella said seeing as she was the first one dress "You're first" she walked over to the chair in front of the mirror. Rosalie got behind her and Bella got in front of her in ten minutes they were done and on to the next girl. Soon everyone was finished.

"Let's go get the boys" Rose said, I made sure that I made her especially sexy to drive Emmett insane.

"Jazz, Em, Edward, Jake" Bella yelled "We're ready"

"Alice" Emmett groaned coming out of his and Rosalie's room "Why"

I laughed "Let's go" I lead everyone out to the garage "The Porsche and the Ferrari"

Rosalie POV

Alice always comes up with the best plans. Going to our club and picking out the sexist outfit

Edward walked over to the driver side of the Ferrari as Alice walked to her Porsche

"Hey" Bella yelled "My car. I drive"

"I was going to let you" Edward opened to door for her

She smiled and pecked him on the lips as she slid in. "Whose coming with us" Bella yelled back to everyone.

Jake, Nessie, Bella, Edward Allison, and Sally got in my Ferrari, and Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Melissa, Zoey and I got in Alice's Porsche.

With the way that Edward and Alice drive we got there in a half an hour.

"I can't believe we are going to The Club Oasis" Melissa squealed "I wonder what band is playing tonight"

"Paramore (I do not own Paramore) I think" Alice said

We walked up to the front of the line.

"Miss Bella" The bouncer said "Please come in" He unhooked the gate

"Thank you Ricky" Bella smiled, as we all walked in.

"WOW" Melissa, Allison, Zoey, and Sally gasped.

"Who wants drinks" Alice said dancing to behind the bar. "Who wants a Bloody Mary?" (I thought that it would be weird if they went to a club and didn't drink anything)

"We do" I smiled as Alice got the Cullen special ingredients

"I'll have a Jolly Rancher" Melissa said.

"I'll have that too" Allison and Zoey said

"I'll have a Sheryl Temple" Sally said

"Hey" Nessie said "Where are your brothers?"

Just then Melissa's phone rang. "Mike where are you?" she asked she waited as he said something "They won't let you in"

"I'll go get them" I smiled she danced over to the door "Ricky there with us"

"Are you sure Miss Rosalie" Ricky asked

"Yes" I smiled "Come on guys" I gestured to the boys to follow me.

"So Bloody Mary's all around" Alice asked as she started to make the drinks

She made ours considering ours were made with real blood

"Who wants to dance with me" I asked once everyone was finished their drinks

"I will" Mike Matthew, Max, and Joey said getting up

"Let's dance" I smiled and led the boys to the dance floor, as Paramore took the stage.

"Rose" Emmett groaned

Alice grabbed Jaspers hand and pulled him toward the stage, I heard her ask Hayley to play four fast songs and than a slow song. Bella and Nessie pull Jacob and Edward to the dance floor, and Zoey, Sally, Allison, and Melissa found guys to dance with. We danced through all of the fast songs as Emmett glared at every single guy that danced with me, and when 'My Heart' came on we all got with our partners and I picked some guy to dance with.

I am finding out that maybe I was wrong
That I've fallen down and I can't do this alone
"Look at Emmett" Bella said when her and Edward passed by.

Stay with me, this is what I need, please?

Sing us a song and we'll sing it back to you I turned and saw that Emmett was glaring and growling at the guy I was dancing with, I flashed him a smile.
We could sing our own but what would it be without you? "Who's that" The guy I was dancing with asked when he saw me smile at Emmett
This time I will be listening.
"My boyfriend" I smiled "Don't worry he's not allowed to come within five feet of me.""Why?" He asked
This heart, it beats, beats for only you
"Because my sister dared him to not touch me for three days" I smiled "You want to help me tease him."
My heart is yours
"Yeah" he said"kiss me" I smiled He leaned down and kissed me…and I heard Emmett growled. I pulled away and saw Emmett walking toward us.
(Please don't go now, please don't fade away) My heart is yours
(Please don't go now, please don't fade away) My heart is yours
"Emmett. No" Edward, Jasper, and Jacob appeared in front of him, and started to push him back "remember your goal."
(Please don't go, please don't fade away)
(Please don't go now, please don't fade away) My heart is...

I am nothing now and it's been so long
Since I've heard the sound, the sound of my only hope

Sing us a song and we'll sing it back to you
We could sing our own but what would it be without you?

This heart, it beats, beats for only you

This heart, it beats, beats for only you

This heart, it beats, beats for only you
My heart is yours
(My heart, it beats for you)

This heart, it beats, beats for only you (It beats, beats for only you)
My heart is yours (My heart is yours)

This heart, it beats, beats for only you (Please don't go now, please don't fade away)
My heart, my heart is yours (Please don't go now, please don't fade away)

The song came to an end "thank you for the dance" I said and walked over to the bar where Emmett was sitting. "Having fun Em" I asked.

"No, you're dancing with every guy here" he growled

"Are you jealous" I asked innocently "Because you are the only man for me, and if you're good we'll have some fun when three days is up…I may even be willing to skip school." I walked away.

Melissa POV

"I can't believe that we are like here" I said to Allison

"I like never thought we would like get into this club" Allison said "Like being underage."

"And they like actually served us like alcoholic drinks" Zoey added

"There are so many like hot guys here" I said "We could like totally get some tonight…if we weren't like staying over like The Cullen's house"

"Yeah I don't think that Mr. and Mrs. Cullen would appreciate you having sex in their house." Sally said.

"I bet their kids like do it all the time." I said "Just look at like the way they like look at like each other."

"I'm going to like ask if like Emmett like wants to like dance" Allison said "He like looks like bored." We walked over to Emmett.

"Would you like want to like dance with like me" She said

Emmett glared and growled at us "No" he said "Leave me alone"

Allison looked pissed "What does she have that I don't?"

Emmett growled "Everything, Rose is hot, looks good in anything, and doesn't like say like, like every like other like word, and I would never break up with her…for you."

"That's right"Rosalie growled from behind us "Hands off he's mine."

Alice came over "We're going" she said "Before a fight breaks out." We all piled into the three cars (Alice's, Bella's and Mike's)

"Now where are we going" I asked.

"La Bella Italia" she said "For dinner"

Bella POV

"Where are we going" I asked Edward since I let him drive this time

"La Bella Italia" he said "So we can eat"

I lifted my shield 'we don't have to eat do we' I asked mentally. He shook his head quickly

'Good' I smiled "I can't believe that Emmett made it through the night" I said out loud "I was sure he would have caved." We got there in twenty minutes.

"Reservations for Brandon" Alice said once we all got in.

"Right this way Miss Brandon." The waiter smiled.

I have to hand it to Alice when she plans something she goes all out.

"I'm Cody I'll be your waiter tonight" Cody smiled as he handed us our menus "What can I get you drink."

"Water" Everybody said apparently they wanted to drink off the alcohol that they thought that they had in their drinks.

"Ok, I'll be right back with your drinks." He said and walked away

"So when did you call to make reservations for this place" Mike asked

"Right after we left the club" Alice said

Cody came back with sixteen waters "What can I get you to eat"

"I'll have the Mushroom Ravioli" Nessie and Zoey said

"Alfredo" Sally, Joey, Jake, and Mike said

"Spaghetti" Allison, Melissa, Max, and Matthew said

"We're fine" The rest of us said

"You're not going to eat" Zoey asked

"We ate at the Club" Edward said

"We knew that you didn't so we came here." Rosalie said

"How thoughtful of you" Sally said

Twenty minutes later Cody and another waiter came out with our food

"So Cody" Rosalie said once he was doing giving out the food "How are you on this fine evening" she smiled and batted her eyelashes. She started to flirt with him and Emmett glared and growled at him

"Don't mind him" Rosalie said "He's just mad" she took out a pen and wrote Melissa's cell phone (which Alice had given her earlier) number on a napkin "Call me sometime" she handed him the napkin "Call me between 7:00am and 3:00pm" She winked at him, and Emmett growled at him.

"Dude" Cody whispered to the other waiter unaware that half of the table could hear what he was saying "That chick just gave me her number"

"Did you seriously just give that guy your number" Melissa asked

"Yes I did" Rosalie smiled

"Why" Allison asked "You're dating Emmett or are you two done"

"Because it will drive Emmett crazy knowing that some guy can call me anytime he wants" Rosalie said

Edward laughed reading Rose's thoughts

"Cheater" she hissed at Vampire speed

"Block your thoughts better" Edward replied

"Bella please" Rosalie said

I sighed and expanded my shield to cover all of the girls

"Bella" Edward whined

"Sorry Hun" I said and kissed him on the check "But duty calls; and right know our mission is more important than us" I said "Alice made me say that" I added; she growled at me

Soon everyone was done and Alice paid for the food

Edward POV

We got home quickly and we decide to let everyone stay so we can all help each other…The boys keeping Emmett away from Rosalie…and the girls trying to make Emmett cave. It was made all the more worse because Bella was shielding all of the girls from me.

"Bella. Love. Please" I pleaded when we were alone in the car.

"Sorry" She smiled "but I can't. She's watching"

"Block her" I said

"She'll hold me hostage for a week if we try" Bella said "So just suffer through it please."

I sighed and kissed her "Ok Love"

"BELLA" Alice yelled

"Go Love before she kill's me" I smiled

"I love you" she smiled

"I love you more" I smiled as she got out of the car

"I'm coming" she yelled to Alice

She went down to the basement the girl's head-quarters, and I went to my room, which apparently was going to be the boy's head-quarters.

"Edward" Emmett yelled "Get up here now before I throw your radio and CD's out the window"

"Do that" I said appearing in the doorway "Your X-Box and Wii go with them"

'Chill man' he thought 'I was just kidding'

"Did Bella tell you anything" Joey asked

"No" I growled "Alice's threatened to hold her hostage for the week if she told me anything" I said 'or if she lifted her shield' I added at Vampire volume.

"We need to come up with a plan to Emmett and Rose apart" Jasper said "We need to know what the girls are planning so we can counter act them"

"We need a spy" Emmett said

"That won't work" I said "Alice won't let any male near them, not even Jasper"

Alice POV

"Rose" I said "we need to get you the sexiest clothes that we can find; let's go shopping"

"You're not allowed to shop" I reminded me

"I know" I said "Rose will pick out the clothes she wants and Bella will pay; therefore I have done no shopping"

"You really thought this out" Melissa said

"Of course she did" Rose said "She loves to make people's lives hell"

"Let's go" I said "To Seattle" I got up and went to the garage "We're going shopping; Esme do you want to come with us"

Edward came running down the stairs "You're not allowed to shop"

"I'm not going to" I smiled "I'm going for moral support"

"I swear Edward" Bella smiled "I will not let her pick anything out" she ran over to him and kissed him.

"I'll make sure that she doesn't do any shopping" Esme said coming into the room

"See you later" Bella smiled as she pulled away

"Let's go" I smiled, heading toward my Porsche, we split into two groups four in my car and four in Bella's Ferrari( Can four people fit in the car…I have no clue). "Bella, to the mall"

I had a vision as I started the car

We were in our living room and the boys were on the couch watching us girls put on a fashion show in lingerie.

"Esme" I said as I came out of the vision "Call Rose, I just came up with a brilliant idea"

"What" Esme Asked?

"We're going to go to have a fashion show" I smiled "It will get Emmett so crazy that he won't be able to take his hands off of Rose."

Esme smiled, as she dialed Rosalie's number

"Tell her to tell the others that we all are getting new clothes" I squealed as Esme filled Rose in.

"Bella says that she and Edward will happily kill you if you make her do another fashion show" Esme told me "Rosalie's all into doing it."

"I'll deal with Edward and Bella later" I smiled "Right now we need to shop" We arrived at the mall. "To Victoria's Secret" I smiled as everyone got out of the two cars

"Alice No" Bella yelled as she got out of the car

"But it is the perfect plan to torture Emmett" I said "And I know the perfect outfit that will drive Edward crazy"

"Fine" she said "But don't go overboard on me or Nessie" I added at Vampire speed

"Yay" I smiled "Let's go girls" I linked arms with Bella and Rose and led the way to Victoria's Secret

"Alice. No. I. Hate. That. Store." Bella said

"Bella you won't have to pick anything out" I smiled "I already know what will look perfect on everyone"

"But, you'll make me try everything on" She whined as we got to the store

"Besides, Bella, Edward will LOVE what I put you in" I said "So much that he will want to rip it off of you tonight" I added at Vampire speed

Her eyes lit "Fine" She smiled

"Thank you" I smiled "Hello Holly"

"Good Evening Miss Alice" she said "Have you come to pick up the clothes you order."

"Yes" I smiled

"Alice" Bella said "Remember your dare"

"I know these are already paid for" I smiled

"When" Allison asked

"This morning before school" I smiled as Holly put everything into bags

"You ordered that much before school" Sally exclaimed "Is it all for yourself?"

"No, there's stuff in here for everyone" I smiled

"She goes overboard when she shops on online" Rose said "Buying everything in different sizes so that she can play 'Barbie' with Bella and Nessie, and now you guys"

"So I think I have everything that we need for tomorrow" I smiled "Let's go home"

"But we didn't even get to shop" Melissa whined

"I'm not allowed to shop" I said "So if I can't shop, neither can any of you"

"We need to get home and prepare for tomorrow" Rose said "We need to set up the stage and pick out our outfits"

We got back to our cars and went home Edward was waiting at the top of the steps for us.

"How much did you buy Alice" He asked

"And who paid for it" Carlisle asked

"I did" I smiled "Before school, so I didn't break my dare"

"So that was what you were doing this morning" Jasper said coming down the stairs with the others

"Would you expect anything less from Alice" Bella smiled

"Let's go we need to prepare for tomorrow" I said

"What are you going to do" Emmett asked, looking at everything but Rose.

"I'll never tell" I said like Brittany Murphy in the movie Don't Say a Word

Bella POV

"Bella" Edward said "Can I talk with you"

"Don't tell him anything" Alice said

"I won't" we went up to our room

"So Love" Edward purred pulling me closer to him

"Yes" I smiled as I went in to kiss him

He smiled and pulled away "Not until tell me what Alice has planned"

"Cheater" I pouted "Alice will kill me if I tell you"

He bent in and slowly kissed my neck "Are you sure"

"Uh" I said, he trailed kisses up my jaw "A…."

In a second I was half way across the room "Bella" Alice said "How could you give in so easily" She started to pull me toward the door "You are not allowed back up here tonight"

"But Alice" I pouted

"No" She yelled

I pouted but let her pull me from the room

"Why did you have to do that" I whined

"Because if you tell him, he'll tell the other" she said "I have her" Alice said when we got back to the basement "and she didn't tell him anything"

"Why do you always assume that I would be the one to tell" I asked

"Because Edward knows how to get you to tell him anything"

I glared at her "At least I can Kiss Edward, and have him touch me"

"So let's do this" Alice said heading over to one of the many closets in the basement "Grab a board and bring it to the center of the room"

"Why do we have to do this" Allison complained "Why can't we get the boys to do this?"

"No" Alice said "We don't want them to know what we have planned for tomorrow"

"And that will ruin

know her fun" I smiled

"Yeah we can't have Emmett what we have in store for him" Nessie smiled "It needs to be a complete surprise"

In about a half an hour we had the stage set up and our outfits put together.

"Now what can we do" Melissa asked

Edward POV

"This is so frustrating" Emmett yelled "I want…no I need Rose"

Images of him and Rose in different positions flooded my mind "Emmett" I hissed, "there are something's that I don't need to see"

"Sorry" he muttered

"Let's go hiking" Jasper said "Get your mind off of Rose"

"Hiking at 11:00 in the night" Mike asked 'I can't do that what if some kind of animal or something attacks us'

"Why not" Jasper said 'What is he afraid of'

"Being attacked by some kind of animal or something" I said at Vampire volume and speed.

"Well I'm going" Emmett said 'and I'm gonna have myself a grizzly bear'

I chuckled "good luck with that" I said at Vampire volume, as he left the room.

"You're serious" Mike said

"Carlisle, Esme, I'm going 'hiking'" Emmett yelled "You wanna come"

"Emmett, go later" Carlisle yelled, being the responsible parent considering we had humans in the house and we had to act like a normal family "It's dark out"

"But" Emmett said

"Later" Esme yelled

"Fine" He grumbled and came back upstairs "What can we do to keep me distracted from Rose."

Rosalie POV

"Wonder how Emmett is doing" I said "I gotta say he is doing a good job staying away from me"

"You mean Edward and Jasper are doing a good job restraining him." Bella smiled "He would have been down here hours ago if Edward and Jasper didn't stop time"

"They want him to succeed this time" Alice smiled

"I want him to succeed too" I said "But you have to make is as hard as possible for him"

"Where's the fun if it's too easy" Allison said

"What time is it" Sally asked

Bella looked at her watch "Midnight" she said

"Maybe we should start to get ready for bed" Nessie yawned

We started to get ready for bed.

"I'm gonna say goodnight to Jake" Nessie smiled, heading up the stairs

Five minutes later the dog came down carrying Nessie in his arms. "She didn't want to walk all the back here" He smiled "and she fell asleep" he set her on one of the small beds in the room

"Night Jake" Bella said giving him a hug "thanks for bringing my daughter down" she whispered quietly in his ear

"Goodnight" he said "Alice, Jasper wants to talk to you"

"Night" Alice smiled "and she doesn't know that one"

"Excellent" he said "Hey Blondie did you hear about the blonde who put under her Education on her job application, 'Hooked on Phonics'

I growled at him

"Run Jake" Bella smiled "Before she kills you"

"I'd like to see her try" he said turning around

"I'm going to go see Edward" Bella smiled

"Wait" Alice said "I'll come with you and see what Jasper wants"

"Rose" Bella said "Stand guard. Make sure no guys come down" They went up to see their husbands

Bella POV

"Edward" I smiled as I got to our room "Why is everyone in 'your' room"

'Because Emmett made it our headquarters" he said "and it's the farthest away from the basement"

"Out please" I asked "Go to Emmett's room" They didn't move "Get Out Now" I growled pointing toward the door "Jasper Alice is waiting for you"

Jasper smiled and excitement filled the room, he walked out of our room at the fastest human pace as possible. Emmett and the other guys followed

I smiled and shut the door.

"So, Love, what did you want" Edward asked

I smiled and walked over to him crushing my lips against his "You" I whispered and pushed him onto the bed.

A Few Hours Later

"Bella you need to come back to the basement" Alice said through the door "They will wake up in 3 minutes"

I groaned "Sorry Edward" I mumbled against his lips as I kissed him

"Bella now" Alice yelled

I went into the closet and grabbed clothes "I'm coming" I gave Edward a quick kiss and ran out of the room at a human pace. Edward chuckled

"So Alice what are you planning to do" I asked her

"Get ready for the fashion show" She smiled

I groaned "How long is this going to take"

"Until everyone is ready" she smiled as we got to the basement

"How was your night Rose" I asked her

"Boring" she said "there was nothing to do without Emmett"

"Eww Aunt Rose" Nessie said waking up "I don't need to know that"

Rose laughed "Sorry Ness" Everyone else started to wake up.

"Yeah" Alice squealed "Let's get ready" she clapped her hand bouncing up and down

Allison yawned "How can you like be so like hyper so early"

"Lots of coffee" Alice smiled "I made some for you guys" she pointed to the help on the side of the room where there was coffee and breakfast foods.

The girls got up and when over to the food that Esme most likely made for everybody

Alice POV

"Hurry up" I said "We need to get ready for the show"

"Alice don't rush them" Bella said

"How long is it going to take for us to get ready" Melissa asked

"Well there are nine of us" I said "So around 13 ½ hours, a hour and a half (If I did my math right) for everyone, possibly longer"

"What are you going to do that will take that long" Sally asked

"Hair, make-up, finding the perfect outfits" I said "it will be fun"

Bella groaned "Alice do we really need to start this early"

"Yes "I said "We need to look perfect to drive the guys crazy" I started to throw clothes at everyone "Get changed; everyday wear first, then evening, then pajamas, than swimsuit, then lingerie"

"Alice" Bella said "We're having a full scale fashion show"

"Yep" I said popping to 'p' "It's the only way to have a good fashion show"

"Let's get this show on the road" Rose said handing out the clothes that I gave her to their respective wearers.

13 ½ hours later

Everyone was ready "Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Mike, Joey, Max, and Matthew get down here now"

Emmett POV

"They're planning a fashion show" Edward said "And Alice picked out some really showy clothes for Rose" He added at Vampire speed and volume

"A fashion show" I groaned "This is going to be too much, I won't be able to take it"

"You have to" Jasper said "You only have one day left"

"B…But Rose half-naked" I said "I can't do that"

"You have to man" Edward said "Get a grip"

"Just imagine her as someone else" Mike said "Someone who you aren't attracted to"

"Like whom" I said

"How about your mom" He said

I imagined Esme in something that Rose would wear "Bad mental imagine" I said "Won't work" I pictured Rose in that same exact outfit

"Emmett" Edward hissed at Vampire volume "Keep your thought to yourself" he shuddered

"Sorry" I chuckled, the picture of Rose still in my mind

"Just picture that" Edward growled at vampire speed "When you want to attack Rosalie"

"Then I will attack her" I said


"Let's go" I said "Before she does something truly evil" I ran down to the basement with the others behind me

"Like what?" I heard Mike asked

"You don't want to know" Jasper said, knowing his wife and what she had done to him countless time.

We got down to the basement

Edward POV

In the basement the girls had a runway set up, and Alice was standing in the center, thinking of how Bella looked in the lingerie that she picked out

"Alice" I groaned, she then thought of Rose in her lingerie "Oh God" I said to Jasper "We're going to have to hold Emmett back so he doesn't attack Rose" Then she showed me the vision she had of my plan not working, "He's going to lose" she tautened at vampire speed "Alice saw it already" she stuck out her tongue.

"Edward" I heard Bella yell running towards me "I missed you" and then she kissed me

"BELLA" Alice yelled "Get Away From Him"

Bella pulled away, pouting she turned toward Alice "Go away you stupid Pixie"

"You can do that later" Alice said "now go get ready"

"Fine" Bella snarled at Alice "We'll continue this later" she looked at me

Allison POV

"OMG" I said "I can't like believe that like we are going to like do a fashion show"

"I know with like a runway and like everything" Melissa added "This is like going to be like so awesome"

"Ok" Alice said "Everybody line up, the guys are waiting for us"

The order was Nessie, me, Melissa, Bella, Alice, Sally, Zoey, and then Rosalie will end it

Emmett POV

'I can't do this I can't do this' I thought 'I need Rose'

"Emmett get a hold of yourself" Edward said "You can do this Jacob, Jasper, and I will hold you back."

The fashion show started.

Rosalie POV

The fashion was about to start and I was going last because according to Alice that would get Emmett really riled up. 'Edward, tell Emmett he better stay in his seat' I thought at my brother 'because I want him to win this' Then I heard him relay my message to Emmett.

Edward POV (Because he can hear everyone's thoughts)

(Can't think of any good outfits so come up with your own)

First to come out was my daughter

'She looks sexy' Jacob thought

'She looks hot' Mike, Mathew, Max, and Joey

I growled quietly. Next came Allison

'Man, she looks fine' thought Joey

Then came Melissa

'Wow, she's hot' Mathew thought

Then came my Bella

'Look at her she is smokin' Mike thought along with a picture was what they would be doing

I growled that is my wife

Bella looked at me a winked

Then came Alice

'Look at her' Jasper thought 'she's beautiful'

'She's hot' the other boys thought beside Emmett

Then came Sally

'She looks good' Max thought

Then came Zoey

'She looks fine' Mike thought

Then came Rosalie, Jasper and I grabbed onto one of Emmett's arms and Jacob put a hand on his shoulder

'Stay seated, stay seated, stay seated' He chanted 'Don't do anything…what I wouldn't give to ripe that off of Rose' I kicked him

It continued like that, everyone commenting on the girls in their heads, and Jasper, Jacob, and I holding Emmett down as Rosalie's clothes started to become less.

Emmett kept chanting in his head, telling himself that he wanted to win. With me occasionally kicking him.

Finally it was over and Emmett made in through without jumping up and taking Rose away

"Emmett you did it" Rose said walking back to the changing room "I'll reward you later" She winked at him

Emmett had a huge grin plastered on his face

"Not until tonight" Rosalie yelled "You still have a few hours left of your dare"

He pouted "No Fair"

"Let's go for a 'hike' Emmett" Jasper said

"Yeah let's go" Mike said,

Emmett groaned…now he couldn't go hunting since we would have four human with us

"Pretend to get lost" Bella said quickly "Then go hunting"

"Let's go hiking with the boys" Rosalie said 'It will be so much fun' she thought at me

'We could scare them' Emmett thought

'Please Daddy' Nessie thought "Can we come with you guys"

"Yeah….Please Please Please" Alice added

Bella POV

I lifted my shield 'It would be fun, Edward' I thought 'We could have so much fun' I snapped my shield back into place and Edward pouted. "Let's go hiking boys" I said walking to my room to change "I'm going to change into more hiking friendly clothes…coming girls" I winked at Alice; Alice smiled seeing what I had in mind. I shield all of the girls so that Edward wouldn't hear or see anything.

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