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Chapter 1

Return to the Leaf, Leaving the Sound

The sound of screams could be heard outside of the Hidden sound compound with none other than Sasuke Uchiha killing the sound ninja that stood in his way. Get out of my way, flashing through hand signs Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu, Sasuke runs through the now burned corpses, Almost there I need to hurry I'm getting low on Chakra Sasuke pants out as he makes a mad dash for the exit.

Once he makes it outside he runs smack dab into 25 sound jounin, where are you off to Sasuke-sama. Sasuke yells, out I'm going back to my home I'm tried of Orochimaru and Kabuto's sick ways I should have never left Konoha. The leader of the group chuckles, sorry Sauske-sama we just can't allow that, as one by one they start drawing kunai and other assorted blades.

Sasuke draws his Kusonagi as a voice echos throughout the clearing, don't move Sasuke just rest up. Within seconds the clearing starts to fill with cherry blossoms blinding Sasukes vision, then all that can be heard his blood filled screams. When the flower storm ends there across the clearing are the shredded remains of the sound ninjas. Sasuke looks in awe then whispers to himself, what an amazing justu, before a figure drops down before Sasuke, come on before they send more, Sasuke asks before following who are, the figure just says a friend.

*inside the Hidden Sound 2 hours later*

WHAT DO YOU MEAN 25 OF MY BEST MEN WERE SLAUTERED BY ONE JUTSU the serpent Sannin screams, the terrified chunnin replies, I only saw these cherry blossoms cut the men to pieces before Sasuke-sama took off with an unknown person, Orochimaru smirks cherry blossoms you say there is only one person I know of that can use that jutsu you have done well now go before I kill you. After the piss scared chunnin leaves Kabuto asks Orochimaru-sama who is this man, Orochimaru begins to chuckle he is the one who invented the curse mark jutsu before I got a hold of it, get our elite jounin we have planning to do.

*just outside of the Fire Country*

Sasuke begins to tire after running for 5 hours and being low on Chakra, can we slow down or rest, the unknown figure says sorry we need to go for another 5 hours but if your tiring I can help he bites his thumb and goes through the hand signs Boar, Dog, Monkey, Bird, Sheep, Summoning Justu. A puff of smoke appears and out for the smoke comes a white and black 5 tailed-fox Yan, Ying we need a lift can you help, they both nod the heads and kneel. Hop on Sasuke their 2 of the fastest I have, they both mount their foxes and take off like bullets.

*Meanwhile in Konoha*

SAKURA-CHAN a certain loudmouth blond gennin yells out in the middle of the street, the pink-headed medical chunnin just sighs hello Naruto, Sakura-chan do you want to go to dinner with me tonight and maybe catch a movie after words. Sakura just sighs, Naruto please stop asking me out I can't return your feelings for me, your like a brother to me and that's all it can't be anything else I'm sorry. Naruto just gives a sincere smile, I'm sorry Sakura-chan but it's alright I know you have feelings for Sasuke and I will stand by my promise and bring him home to you, Sakura just hugs him I know Naruto I know.

After leaving Sakura at the hospital Naruto heads to Team 7s old training grounds to practice unknown to him a certain Hyuuga heiress has been following him after seeing what happened between him and Sakura she wants to add some comfort to him, she has loved him since the academy and longed to tell. She calls out to him N..Naruto-kun, he turns around from the stump he is assaulting, oh hey Hinata-chan I didn't see you there. Hinata was trying to build up her courage and tell him her feelings I heard you talking to Sakura earlier, as soon as she mentioned that his expression fell as he spoke tears started to form in his eyes, why can't I find someone to love and care for me, but Naruto-kun you do have someone who loves and cares for you. The tears start to fall but I want someone to feel that way other than a brother or a son, but a lover. Hinata throws herself into his arms and kiss his lips why a burning passion, he is shocked at first and then starts to return the kiss with equal passion.

After a few moments the separate, Hinata does this mean she just smiles yes Naruto-kun I did mean it when I said you have someone who loves and cares for you. He looks at her with love and longing how long have you felt this way, Hinata blushes since the academy. Naruto looks with shame I'm so sorry Hinata-chan, Hinata looks up at him with tears hoping he will not reject him why Naruto-kun, he looks down at her with tears back into his eyes for not seeing your love sooner and brushing you off for Sakura, I'm so happy you told me. They kiss again with more love and passion then the last unbeknownst to them Neji and TenTen are heading their way to tell Naruto of a get together of all their friends that night.

Neji and TenTen had run into Sakura on her lunch break and told her of the party that was going to be held that very night and asked her where they could find Naruto, after being told they could probably find him at the training grounds knowing he had been going there a lot more since Sai was killed by two Akatsuki member 2 months ago. They both knew of the rivalry between the two they really hadn't become friends up until the very end, so the both headed to Team 7's training grounds the expected to see Naruto but what they had not expected to see was Naruto sitting next to a tree with Hinata in his lap engaging in a very passionate make-out session. Ten-Ten smiled at her friend happy that she was finally able to tell Naruto that she loved him and to have his love back, Neji just stood there stunned, happy for his cousin and her new found love and shocked that the once shy girl is sitting out in the open playing tonsil hockey with the renowned Demon of the Hidden Leaf village, he of course knew of the Kyuubi no Yoko spirit inside his friend but the only time he was like a demon was when he was protecting his friends and home.

Neji clears his throat announcing to the two lover that they were there. Both Hinata and Naruto separated both blushing a deep crimson, Neji started to speak with a blush on his own cheeks well Naruto we just came to tell you that there is a party at that new restaurant on the eastern side of the village it is at 8:30, and Hinata-sama you better hurry or you'll be late for you training session with Hiashi-sama. Hinata gasps and bolts up, I forgot all about that she give Naruto a quick kiss before taking off at full speed.

Neji turns to Naruto it's nice to see you finally see her and her love for you, Naruto smiles yeah I can't believe I missed all the signs I'm a damn fool for not seeing it before. TenTen gives him a quick hug, your not a fool you just didn't know the feeling since you know you were alone most of your life you just did you know the feeling at least you know now that she loves you and you love her, then her expression turn serious and down right scary just remember if you hurt her you'll have me, Neji, Kiba, Shino, and Akamaru to deal with, Naruto Just gulps and nods. TenTen turns and leave, man Neji how do you deal with that temper, Neji chuckles you just do when you love someone the way I love her, Naruto laughs, man god help men in love Neji laughs as well.

*Hyuuga Mansion*

Hinata arrives 2 minutes before her train with her father starts, Hiashi is sitting on the porch over looking the courtyard where he trains with his children and nephew. You were almost late Hinata I'm sorry father I lost track of time. Lets begin Hinata, Hiashi takes up the Juken fighting stance. Yes father Hinata takes up the stance as well, she makes the first move charging straight at her father faster than he as ever seen her move in his life. They go at it for about 2 and ½ hours with finally Hiashi on the ground and his daugther as the victor, Hiashi sits up Hinata you are much stronger since the last time we sparred I think you could give Neji a run for his money, Hinata just smiled and tears started to form in her eyes. Hiashi looks at this Hinata what's wrong, it's nothing father that's the first time you have ever complimented on me when it comes to my fighting.

Hiashi looks on at his first born with the faints of smiles on his lips, that is all for today, I understand from Neji that you have a party to go to this evening you should start getting ready it's almost dusk. Thank you father Hinata moves into the house and heads to her room to pick out an outfit and shower.

*Outside the Hokages office*

Naruto sighs and thinks to himself I guess there is no one else, Kakashi is out on a mission, Iruka-sensei is teaching class and this is to important to trust the Pervy sages help. He knows on the door and he hears a loud and angry Tsunade speak enter, he gulps and opens the door and walks in. Tsunade looks up from her mountain of paper work at Naruto, what do you need Naruto I'm very busy. Naruto gulps and nervously fidgets, I was wondering if you could help me clothes shopping for tonight Tsusade-sama. The hokage lifts an eyebrow and thinks to herself there must be something big for him not to call me granny-Tsunade well I'll help to find out what it is, she then speaks to Naruto ok Naruto I'll give you hand I'm guess you need a womans opinion, yes Tsunade-sama.

People look at the pair as the walk through the streets toward one of Konohas most famous clothing store. When the door opens and the store owner comes and greets them, greetings Hokage-sama, Naruto-san, the store owner had always liked the blond ninja he was one of the few who saw the boy as a person and not the demon trapped within him, what can I help you with this fine evening. Naruto just smiled at the old man and said I need some dress clothes for a small party at that new restaurant that has opened up. The old man just chuckled and let me guess you have a young lady that you are trying to impress am I right, Naruto just blushed and nodded, Tsunade smiled and said it wouldn't happen to be a certain pink-haired chunnin. Naruto shook his head no, Tsunade looked shock and smiled well lets get started Naruto.

They finally picked out a white shirt with a flame like design on the bottom and a red swirl on the black and a nice black pair of dress slacks. Well Naruto you should head back home and get ready, Naruto looks at her with shock but I still need to pay for these, Tsunade just chuckles before saying it's on me Naruto get going, thank you Tsunade-sama. After Naruto exit's the shop the shop owner turns to her that will be $105.97 Hokage-sama she pays the man and goes back to shopping to find some thing for herself.

Running across the roof tops Kyuubi finally starts to speak, so kit I must say you picked a winner in a mate with that Hyuuga girl, Naruto blushes shut it you stupid fox she's not my mate. Kyuubi's dark laughter could be heard in the back of his mind could have fooled me the way you were trying to suck each other teeth out. Just keep out of my relationship Kyuubi I refuse to let you hurt her, now that hurts kit I would never hurt her actually I'm quite happy for you. Wow Kyuubi that must have hurt to say

You have no idea kit, Kyuubi chuckles before retreating back into Naruto's mind to sleep.

*in the middle of the Fire Country about 150 miles from the Hidden Leaf Village*

Sasuke and the stranger had been riding the foxes for several hours before stopping for the night. The man looks over at Sasuke and says we should reach Konoha by the day after tomorrow at the earliest, but for now Summoning Jutsu he summons a medium size black fox and tells it to find some food for the night. Sasuke couldn't place it but there was something slightly familiar about this man but he knew he had never seen him before.

So who are you and why did you help me, also why where you at the Hidden Sound compound. The man started to laugh deeply well, they reason I helped you is because you are a fellow Leaf ninja, Sasuke looks shocked you are from Konoha. Yeah I'm an ex-Anbu Jounin from Konoha and as for the reason I was there is because I was on a mission to watch the movements of Orochimaru and the sound. So you were sent by Tsunade-sama to spy on me. No Sasuke I was sent to the third Hokage to find Orochimaru and find out what he was up to.

As to who I am well my name is Takamichi Namikaze. Sasuke was sure he had heard that last name somewhere before. Takamichi noticed this don't worry it will come to you. Sasuke looks shocked and Takamichi just smiled you can't be.