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Chapter 30: The Firestorm

Naruto rushed Kisame and with great speed and strength beating Samahada repeatedly trying to push Kisame back. The onlookers could see Kisame's feet making trails from where Naruto pushed him back about a foot.

'This kid is good I'd better not have Samahada eat his chakra I want to see what he can do' Kisame thought to himself as he defended against Naruto's assault.

Naruto ignited Agni and took a long arching swipe at his opponent missing by mere inches, searing his clothes.

"That's a point for me Kisame" Naruto said with a smirk.

"It seems so gaki but I still have a trick or three" the shark man said with a chuckle as he swung the large blade shaving off Naruto's Jounin vest.

"Well enough of this warm-up lets kick it up a notch" Naruto said to the man as fire and wind engulfed his blades turning them into a pair of wicked looking red and blue scimitars. (A/N yes the take the form of Agni and Rudra from DMC3 but without the faces, instead have round jewels in the swords colors).

Everyone that was watching minus Sasuke and Hinata were looking dumbfounded, hearing that the intense beating they had just witness was just a warm-up. Kisame knew he had to be careful those blade were sporting some nasty edges, he was quickly brought out of his thought as he heard from above "AERIAL CROSS."

He looked above him Naruto had his swords in an X fashion before releasing a powerful blast at him. Kisame had to be quick if he was hit he would be in a world of hurt. He dodged only to have the blonde on him again he brought his sword up to block just in time Naruto's came at him his arms moving in a blur, his swords the same in a colored perspective. Underneath Kisame the ground started to feel the abuse forming a growing crater under the former mist Jounin.

Kisame waited for an opening, it was small but a opening just the same to kick Naruto away from him, to which the young man flipped to right himself and called out "CRAWLER" as he plunged his blades into the ground as large pillar of flame barreled towards the man.

"AW COME ON MAN" Kisame said flashing through some hand signs "WATER STYLE: Bursting Water Collision Waves."

Kisame expelled a large amount of water to douse Naruto's flame.

"I had forgotten you could use water affinity, well that sucks I don't know any earth style jutsu I guess I'll just have to use some of my stronger techniques" Naruto said.

Naruto moved his swords to the right of him and quickly put himself into a spin creating a large vortex of heat "Twister time" he said as he launched it.

'Crap my water style is useless again wind style attacks I guess I'll just have to overpower him' he thought as he barely dodged the whirlwind.

His thoughts were cut short as Naruto flung himself towards the shark man at break neck speed. He went to block but the momentum and shear force of the collision of Naruto's blades upon his caused him to lose his footing and fly into a nearby tree.

'Man I'm gonna be feeling that in the morning' Kisame thought.

The exchanged went on for several minutes both jounin doing heavy damage to the other. Everyone stared dumfounded at the two it was an even tie.

"It's a tie but for how long" Sasuke asked himself.

Kiba looked at the last Uchiha "what are you talking about."

"You know that Naruto's father was called the Yellow Flash because of the fact that he left a yellow flash when he used his trademark Flying Thunder God Technique" Kiba nodded "well I nicknamed him the Firestorm because of the sword technique he can use it's not perfected yet but if I were to classify it I would say it to be a high S-ranked technique on just it's shear destructive powers."

Everyone looked at the young heir like he was crazy but then again Naruto had a way of surprising everyone. Hell they all knew that his Rasen-shuriken is an S-ranked technique as well. Hinata looked at her husband with awe so did his squad, they knew he was powerful but not this powerful.

The fight continued for almost an hour and Tsunade could only think 'man I'm gonna need a bunch of earth affinity users to fix this mess.'

Naruto was getting beyond frustrated with the fact that, yes he had landed several good hits on Kisame but he was not making any headway against the man.

Kisame was thinking along the same lines as Naruto he knew that both he and the teen were on there last legs and low on chakra.

"Hey Kisame you might want to avoid this next attack, your strong but I don't think I could survive a direct hit from it" Naruto said connecting his swords before leaping high into the air spinning the furiously.

Sasuke stared wide eyed "KISAME GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE."

Kisame didn't have to be told twice he could sense the amount of chakra being pulled into the blades, he knew right then a there if he had more chakra for a high level water technique he could survive but at this moment he knew. He gets hit, he dies it was that simple.

Naruto let loose his attack right after Kisame bolted to a safe distance. He launched a huge tornado of fire and wind (think Inuyasha's backlash with fire instead of just wind) "FIRESTORM."

As the leviathan of flame connected to the earth it let loose a shockwave rocketed though the area creating a large dust cloud. It took about 10 minutes for the dust to settle what was revealed shocked everyone; there was a 35-foot scorched crater where the attack hit. Naruto was on the ground groaning, but Kisame was up against a tree and he did something people expected Hinata to do and to which he promptly fainted from not only shock but exhaustion.

The rookie 12, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Itachi and the sensei's as well as the clan heads could on just stare at the amount of shear destruction the two had left in their wake. Lee was looking that he wanted to spar with Naruto in a taijutsu match. Naruto's squad thought that they needed to ask for more training for the chunin exams in a few months they could be facing some powerful genin and they needed to be ready, because people die in this exam. Hinata was fuming about how reckless her husband had been and when he was able to move again she was gonna give him an earful.

Takamichi was sitting with Anko in a large tree he turn to her "pay up."

She growled at him slap a roll of ryo into his hands "lucky bastard."

The clan heads were looking like fish gasping for breath.

"Take these two to the hospital for some treatment and rest" Tsunade said before turning her gaze to the Namikaze head "and make sure to tell your brother we have a council meeting in the morning."

Takamichi and the clan heads all groaned but he reluctantly agreed to pass on her message.

*Konoha hospital 2 hours later*

*Naruto's room*

Naruto had been listening to his wife chew his head off for the past fifteen minutes and he knew better than anyone to interrupt her. His father-in-law, brother and cousin-in-law were all sitting their laughing at his plight, while his sister-in-law was playing with his daughter in a chair.

"So what do you have to say for yourself" Hinata asked her husband her byakugan flaring with her anger.

"Well I finally mastered the firestorm though" Naruto said with a cheesy grin only to be rewarded with a brain buster punch to the head courtesy of his wife.

The others in the room laughed though Hanabi just shook her head, apparently pregnancy had left Hinata with a slight temper when it came to her husbands well being.

"Adults" Hanabi sighed but quickly shut up when Naruto and Hinata flashed her a look and then she remembered what Naruto caught her and Konohamaru doing several months ago.

Hiashi looked in confusion as the others in the room laughed.

*Kisame's room*

Kisame had regained consciousness.

"Ugh I felt like I got hit by a tsunami" He groaned out loudly.

"That's what you get for picking a fight with Uzumaki-sama he has grown strong since our last encounter. His squad will grow strong under his tutelage" Itachi told his partner.

"That last attack it seems beyond S-class, he's surpassed his mother in power. I heard the stories about her from the other 6 swordsmen but from what I have seen he's going to put her to shame." The fish man replied.

"So it seems he'll be Hokage before he knows it, I know he'll surpass the Hokage before him and hopefully lead this world into a new age of piece" the Uchiha head spoke.

"I hope that day comes soon Itachi I really do"

*Two day's later*

Naruto had been released from the hospital and wanted to get in some heavy training but he knew his squad would be looking for more training for the up coming chunin exams, so he decided to up the ninjutsu training.

*Team fox's training grounds (that's what I'm naming them) an hour later*

Naruto was sitting on a large stone waiting for his team to arrive, he had sent summons to tell them to arrive for advanced training those who were late would be punished. He used his advanced hearing to pinpoint their feet as they flew down the path.

"Did we make it on time" Natsu asked breathing heavily.

The blond jounin smirked looking at his watch "yes you did with a second to spare."

They gulped at his sadistic smirk that spread upon his lips "today you will be learning your elemental affinities and how to use them in jutsu and if you get them right before the chunin exams I will, with they help of some others be teaching you elemental jutsu."

Their eyes got wide elemental training usually came when you became a chunin; they all were excited to see what new techniques they could use.

Naruto hands them each a slip of paper and they look confused.

"Push your chakra into it and depending on what happens we will know what element your chakra is attuned to" he told them.

Daichi went first his paper crinkled in on its self "Looks like you're a lightning type Daichi, that's understandable with your genjutsu usage."

Natsu went next hers burned on the edges but then crumbled into dust "Wow looks like you can use earth and fire types on equal ground, which means you may be able to combine them into a new element."

Hiro went last his paper spilt in to before getting slightly damp on the ends "And it looks like Hiro is a major wind type with a slight water affinity. Looks like me and you are going to be spending a lot of time together working on you Wind style jutsu."

Hiro could only gulp he knew what kind of task master his sensei could be.

"Go eat and be back here in two hour's and we will begin on your training you know what happens if your late" He told them before disappearing in a flash of flame.


"I wonder what kind of training sensei will be teaching us" Natsu asked her team in between slurping her noodles.

"Could you at least swallow before speaking, from what Neji-sama has told me elemental training is difficult to do so whatever it is it will be challenging" Hiro told her.

"I hope I can do it all I really good at is genjutsu" Daichi said kind of weakly.

"That's not true Daichi while you excel at genjutsu your taijutsu is getting better and your ninjutsu is getting more powerful" Natsu told him.

They heard a voice come from the kitchen "everyone has something their good at and something their bad at, but you have the choice to improve or let yourself stay where you are."

Daichi looked up at the old ramen cook "I used to tell Naruto the when he came in here after failing at something and look at him now he went from dead last at the academy to being one of the most powerful ninja in the fire country. The only stopping you from getting stronger and achieving your dream is you."

Team fox was looking at their sensei in a new light they all knew he had a rough time growing up and hearing how he worked through his problems they all wanted to grow strong and become great shinobi.

After eating they return to their training grounds to see their sensei chatting with two other jounin, one was Naruto's old sensei Hatake Kakashi and a brown haired man they recognized as they had seen him speaking to their sensei before but none of them knew his name.

"Team the three of us will be training you in your elements. Daichi, Natsu you will be training with Kakashi and Yamato here since they both know earth, fire and lightning jutsu. Hiro I will start you on your wind manipulation so lets get started" Naruto told his team.

They separated into two groups Naruto and Hiro in one and the others in the second.

*with Hiro and Naruto*

"Ok Hiro wind manipulation is one of the hard elements to harness do to the sheer power it has wind is an all around attack type though many use it for mid range. There are techniques like Hien which is a close range taijutsu in which you push wind chakra in a weapon to extend the length and sharpness of the blade" Naruto told the boy who looked and nodded.

"Then there is the Great Breakthrough jutsu which is most mid to close range and finally we have the Pressure damage Jutsu which encompasses all three" he continued.

"So by the sound of it wind style is the most versatile" Hiro said.

"It is" he told the boy a he hands him a leaf and to which Hiro looks at him confused.

"I want you to cut the leaf with your chakra that is the first step in your training, and for right now your not allowed to use your Byakugan to him your training this must be done by you" he said showing the boy how to do it.

Hiro looked at him with surprise he knew that the Byakugan would help him see just how to do it, but then he wouldn't learn on his own how to do it, to which he got straight to work.

*with group two*

{A/N I'm pulling these training types out of my ass I don't know if this is how they train it's my variant}

Kakashi was standing with Daichi he had just started to explain lightning chakra to the boy.

"You need to fill the air with you chakra and try to flare up little lightning arcs around you, but be careful Lightning style jutsu are some of the most dangerous to use do to its unpredictable nature" the silver haired Jounin to the boy.

'Damn you Naruto threatened my beloveds to get me to train his students, if anything happens to my books there will be hell to pay' Kakashi thought.

*with Natsu and Yamato*

"Ok Natsu I want you to push your chakra into this boulder and shatter it then we will get to your second stage of train. Earth justu is mostly for defense and attacking your enemies with surprise, you need to be able to change the composition of the earth to suit your needs" Yamato told the girl.

Natsu went over to the large piece of stone and began to push her chakra into it and to Yamato's surprise thin cracks began to appear but not much else.

'She is strong with her earth side, and she has equally strong fire, I can see why Naruto called me I can help her use them both to create and new element this should be fun' he thought.

*Back with Hiro*

For the last twenty minutes Hiro had been trying to cut the leaf but he hadn't even gotten even so much as a small tear. He felt his Byakugan flare with his frustration, but he quick made it go silent.

"Sensei what am I doing wrong" He asked.

Naruto smiled "well when I was doing this exercise a good friend Sarutobi Asuma told me to make it thinner and sharper and that's all I'm going to tell you now get back to work."

*back Daichi and Kakashi*

Daichi had been working just as long as Hiro had but he was making a little better progress, while he had not made any arcs but his hair was standing a little from the static flowing through the electrified atmosphere around him.

Kakashi was surprised about this he could feel the electricity flowing around the boy 'he's getting the hang of this exercise really quickly, well he is a genjutsu type so his chakra control should be top notch maybe I should talk to Sakura to give him some medical ninjutsu.'

*back Natsu and Yamato*

Natsu was making more headway that her teammates the cracks were getting bigger and deeper until the damn boulder blew apart causing her teammates to halt the exercises to look at her in surprise.

She heard her sensei call out to her "Hey good work Natsu head on home and be back here bright and early for your next stage of training."

She nodded she felt exhausted breaking that boulder took a lot out of her she could us a good night's sleep.

'That girl sure is something, even though breaking the boulder nearly wiped her out she was able complete the exercise on the first day. Training her will be fun' Yamato though to himself.


It was almost dark when Naruto called training to a halt "Ok you two that's enough for today why don't you guys head home and get a good night's sleep be back here bright and early tomorrow.

After the boys left he turned to his old senseis "So what do you think?"

"Daichi is progressing very well faster than Sasuke did, but I think we should ask the Hokage or Sakura to give him some Med-nin training" Kakashi told his former pupil.

"Natsu has progressed faster that I thought possible she will be a heavy hitter I can tell" Yamato told him.

"Ok be ready to go early in the morning, oh and Kakashi if you're late this gets it" Naruto said holding his autographed limited edition volume 1 of Icha Icha paradise before disappearing in a flash of lightning.

All Kakashi could do was cry and walk home defeated.

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