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Sometimes I wish I could save you
And there's so many things that I want you to know
I wont give up till it's over
If it takes you forever I want you to know

That if you fall, stumble down
I'll pick you up off the ground
If you lose faith in you
I'll give you strength to pull through
Tell me you won't give up cause I'll be waiting if you fall
You know I'll be there for you

Peyton Sawyer should have been great. Over the years, she had heard that sentiment more times then she could count. However it seemed the harder she tried the harder she fell… and this always happened. Years ago, she had someone to catch her though... but now she was no longer his to save.

Four years it had taken her to realise that she was failing... and only a few weeks to start succeeding. Of course she knew the reason. After all he may not love her anymore but he did still believe in her. By giving her the office space, he had given her the inspiration she had needed to begin her destiny.

The problem was she could not be great... not truly... without him. She yearned for him to be hers but she was, as always too late. He may have given her half of her dream but he had also taken away the second part. She would never be Mrs Lucas Scott.

No... The woman before her now fulfilled that dream. The one who had taken her place and filled his heart.

Breathe in... Breathe out... Breathe in... Breathe out... Breathe in.

It was a ridiculous mantra she knew, but sitting here even the simplest of motions was beginning to become impossible. This was all wrong... he was wrong. The anger rose up inside her and she glared at the back of the man who owned her heart. She should not be here... hell she should never have been invited. He was cruel suggesting that she watch from the sidelines as her heart broke.

She could not deny him, so she did what she had managed to perfect over the years. She buried her feelings and told him she would let go. Once again, her happiness was pushed to the side for Lucas.

The anger subsided and a lump formed in her throat. It was not fair... why was it her life, which always seemed to fall apart? Obviously, she was destined to be alone. Glancing down she watched a hand enter her line of vision and grab hold of her restless fingers.

"It's okay", Brooke whispered clutching Peyton's hand tightly in her own.

Fearing the possibility of her voice breaking Peyton simply nodded. She was lying to her friends. She was not okay... it was not okay. That man on the alter had promised her forever and had lied. He could not wait for her when she had waited for him for years. He had dated her best friend and she had pretended to be alright.

Her thoughts were beginning too tire her... she needed to rest. Maybe after this day was over she might join Mia on tour. That could help her heal. She just needed time away from him. Although if three years apart had not healed her heart it was likely that a few months would not work.

Putting her head down she closed her eyes and began the mantra again. It was something to take her thoughts away. Hopefully, if everything went to plan and Brooke had kept her promise... this would all be over soon. The minuets slowly passed by as she waited for the moment that would signal the end. The final chapter in the everlasting saga of Peyton and Lucas.

Suddenly the priest began to speak and she sighed quietly. Maybe this entire ceremony would give her, her moment of clarity. The point when her heart realised that it was just a guy. That it really would be okay.

As the words echoed loudly around the church, she kept her head lowered. Just because she had attended did not mean she had to watch. With her eyes still tightly closed, she began to wish for a miracle. It might not be too late.

"Lucas Eugene Scott do you take Lindsey Evelyn Strauss to be your lawfully wedded wife. Do you..."


As the vowels sounded out her head snapped up. Who needed to wait for miracles? She had once said it was not what you say, it was what you do. Well now was her time to act. It was not over yet.

Jumping up from her seat, she shook of Brooke's hand that tried to pull her back down.

"Lucas you can't", she said as everyone began to turn their attention towards her.

"That's what I'm talking about", Skills said uncaring of how it may have sounded as he nodded at her actions.

Taking a deep breath Peyton looked at the man who held her life and heart in his hands. There was so much to say and her mind was whirring. Focusing on him, she stuttered her words,

I'm sorry... I'm sorry but you... but you just can't because I love you and... because you fixed my car".

"Oh boy", Brooke sighed turning to look at Mouth. This was not good.

Ignoring her friend's words, she kept her gaze on Lucas.

"... Do you remember that day, because that day changed everything and I just... I didn't know it at the time, but you fixed my car, you fixed my heart... and when you proposed to me two years ago I just wasn't ready... and I was lost and scared and I said someday. But someday's now Luke, it is. Someday is now and I love you... please don't leave me again... people always leave."


As she uttered the final words, the priest spoke again and she was brought back. Looking up sharply she took in her surroundings. She was still seated... it had been her imagination. That's what she should have said though. She should have made one last effort... had one last fight. Instead she did nothing... she simply watched as her dream moved further away and the man she would love forever choose another woman.

Then he spoke... the infamous words that showed his love left his lips.

"I do".

And that was that... it was over. Yet still there was no moment of clarity. As her hope faded and her heart broke, her breathing began to become more erratic. Everyone around her seemed to be moving on and finding their dream while she was stuck.

Her chest tightened and an ache spread from her abdomen. Something was wrong. In her life, she had felt more then enough grief but this was different. Panic began to set in and she closed her eyes, squeezing Brooke's hand. The action failed and she started to feel light-headed.

Leaning forward she dropped her friends hand and began to massage her aching temples. Her entire body hurt as the pain in her abdomen and head intensified. She had awoken this morning with a headache but it had started to go... now it returned in full force.

"Peyton", Brooke said worriedly leaning forward to touch her arm.

Slowly Peyton stood as her breathing still came in ragged breaths. She needed to get out of here and go home. The pain caused her to stumble and she failed to notice the ceremony stop.

"What wrong", Skills said standing and holding onto her arm to steady her. She had not even realised she was swaying.

Looking up at him, she clutched her stomach as her still ragged breathing made her feel faint.

"I... can't... breath", she managed to get out between gasps. She was frightened now, as her body seemed to be failing her.

"Peyton", someone shouted. The words barely registered in her mind as her head pounded loudly.

Running down the steps that led from the alter Lucas began to push through the crowd as Haley and Nathan followed. Finally reaching her, he watched helplessly as she fell to the floor.

"Call an ambulance", Brooke cried as she moved towards Peyton. Kneeling down she gently lifted the woman's head and placed it in her lap. With one hand, she stroked her friend's cheek whispering to her softly.

"Peyton... you need to stay awake okay."

Peyton's breathing was beginning to slow down but the pain was just as intense. Her eyelids began to flutter shut as she started to lose consciousness.

Dropping to his knees beside the fallen woman Lucas lifted her hand and held it tightly.

"Peyton", he said sadly.

With her last remaining strength, she turned to the man beside her.

"Luke..." she whispered tiredly. Trailing off she lost her battle to stay awake and her eyes closed.

The look of fright on her face panicked Lucas and reminded him of the only other time he had seen it. The library.

With that memory playing in his mind he turned to his brother noticing the orders Nathan was barking down the phone. Hearing a sob from Brooke his gaze flickered back to the two women. With his free hand he pushed the hair from Peyton's face and leant forward,

"Come on Blondie... you need to open your eyes."

Not receiving a response he realised he was not particularly expecting one. Frustrated he looked back at Nathan,

"Where's the ambulance?"

"They said 10 minuets" he sighed.

"Luke she's burning up?" Brooke cried taking his attention from his brother.

Spinning quickly he glanced back at Peyton and made a decision.

"Right..." he muttered.

Letting go of his hold on her hand, Lucas slipped his arm underneath her legs and placed the other beneath her shoulder blades. With a nod of his head, he signalled to Brooke to release her hold on her friend. Slowly he stood making sure to be careful not to drop her. As he straightened, he was surprised at how little she actually weighed. The woman had always been light but this was ridiculous. Shifting her slightly in his arms, he began to walk to the doors.

"Luke where are you going... the ambulance is coming", Haley, said walking slowly behind him.

Stopping he turned and answered his oldest friend.

"I'm taking her to the hospital the ambulance will take to long".

"Lucas", Lindsey cried stepping through the crowd of friends to look at her fiancé.

"Look I was almost too late last time".

"For what?" she asked frustrated.

"To save her... in the library. Not this time though."

Shaking his head he turned back to the door as Brooke held it open. Nathan was already outside with the keys to the car in his hand. As they made their way down the steps, Haley turned to Skills, Mouth and Millicent.

"Could you bring Jamie in the other car"?

Nodding Skills picked Jamie up and went to the van the group had arrived in.

Reaching the car Lucas slid into the backseat with Brooke next to him. In front, Haley sat in the passenger seat while Nathan chose to drive. His mind was racing. This woman he held in his arms held more of his heart then he cared to realise. Ignoring the fact that he had left his own wedding to help her, he clasped her hand tightly.

He could not lose her. He knew for a fact that if he did he would lose himself as well.


Sometimes I wish I could save you
And there're so many things that I want you to know
I wont give up till it's over
If it takes you forever I want you to know


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