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Derek and Chloe

Chloe walks down the stairs from the room she stayed in last night. After searching what she was sure was half the house, she found the kitchen and Derek.

"Morning," she says, "Where's the cereal hidden?"

"Over there in that cabinet," Derek answers pointing to his right. Chloe walks over and gets the Cheerios and Derek hands her a bowl.

"Thanks." She smiles at him. They eat in Campion able silence after awhile till Derek hears Tori coming.

"Unless you feel like putting up hell, I suggest we leave." Derek warns an Chloe jumps up without further pushing. "Do you know the way back to your room?"

"uh….I think so. But I was actually thinking about going for a walk, clear my head a little you know." She answers.

"Do you want me or Simon to come?"

"You can if you want, Simon's a bit to talkative for me right now." She gives him a small smile. He nods and leads her to the front door. They walk around for a while till Derek asks, "How'd you sleep last night? You look more rested."

"I slept like the dead, no pun intended." she laughs a little after and he gives her a small smile. "What about you? Any fever or muscle spasms?" Chloe says looking at him slightly worried.

"No. I slept fine. It was nice to be in a bed again." Derek answers back

"Good, but I want you to tell me when it starts up again ok?"

"You sure?"

"Yes! I don't want you going through that alone."

They continue to walk, Derek slightly shocked she evens cares, but it was nice to have her their for his partial changes.

As they walk they get into woodsier areas with many trees. After 30 minutes of walking around they head back to the house, when Chloe trips on a tree root sticking out. Just as she prepares herself for the fall, Derek's arms go around her waist and pull her into his front.

"Be careful! A re you ok?" Derek says with concern barely lacing his tone.

Chloe nods, and he loosens his grip. She turns to face him and smiles.

"Thanks. Not just for this but every time you've saved me. I just realized I never said anything before." She blushes and looks up at him.

With his hands still on her waist he says "Your welcome, but be more careful."

Chloe nods, then realizes how close she is to his face. She could feel her blush deepen and noticed him start to. His face was looking so much better, less acne, his eyes brighter with more life then she'd seen in them ever.

Derek looks at her searching his face, but unlike with other people, there was no fear. Just a slight curiosity and something he couldn't name. He blushes harder when she inches up closer, her breathe brushing his nose and lips. Then her lips touched his briefly before she backed up.

"Sorry, I-I-I j-just wanted to.." She stops has his lips touch hers. Chloe gasps and smiles into his lips, scooting closer to him and wrapping her arms around his neck. Derek lets his arms wrap around her small waist again, pulling her up a little higher.

Then they hear a cough from Simon and "Oh gross!!!!! She's kissing Frankenstein!" Tori yells.

Derek and Chloe jump apart, but Keep one arm wrapped around each other. Simon smiles looking at their red faces, "Well who'd have guessed."

"Seriously, geez Chloe I thought you had better taste!" Tori laughs.

"Shut up Tori. Derek's a-a g-g-great guy." Chloe stutters back at Tori with a nasty look. Tori just laughs and walks away.

Simon shakes his head and says, "Come on, Andrew wants to talk to us all."

Derek grabs his arm and says, "Are you really ok with this? I know you liked Chloe."

Simon grabs his brother's hand, "You deserve her more then I do Derek. Take care of him Chloe, he needs it. I'll meet you both back at the house."

" Sorry I didn't mean to start a-anything." Chloe whispers up at him.

"No, don't apologize." He smiles, a real smile, "I didn't mind." He shrugs.

Chloe stands on her tiptoes and kisses him again.