A/N: Inspired by a song. Not a songfic. There's a difference.

"I'll be your crying shoulder. I'll be your love suicide. I'll be better when I'm older. I'll be the greatest fan of your life."
Edwin McCain, "I'll Be".

Coming up is one of the few OCs you'll ever see in my fics. Possibly the first I've posted on. Don't hate him because he's original; hate him because he's a jerk. Or hate him because he's original, I suppose, but at least he's not a Gary-Stu.

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"Takeru, be reasonable," Mai sighed. He looked at her, disgusted.

"What?" he spat. "Why should I stay? No!" She made a move towards him, and he pulled back. "Mai, you can't keep doing this! I'm not going to just be the replacement for the the guy you really love--"

"What are you talking about?" Mai demanded, shaking her head. "There's no one--" He held up a hand and kept talking.

"Yes there is, and you know it," Takeru said sternly. "Just because you haven't seen him in... what is now... 3 years? 4?"

"Who?" she shouted, annoyed.

"What's the first thing you told me about when I asked about dueling?" he shot backangrily. "Who's the only person you said anything about when we talked about Battle City? Who was the reason you didn't go to the Kaiba Corp Grand Prix?"

Mai blinked, starting to realize what he was getting at. "T-takeru, you don't really think that I..."

"And thing that really gets me," he kept talking over her, his voice rising. "Is that he doesn't even like you! I mean, 3 YEARS, Mai! What are you waiting for? He's not going to come riding in on a horse, wearing a suit of armor. He doesn't care anymore. You told me yourself, you tried to kill him!"

"You're leaving... over him?" she whispered increduously. "Because... I talk about him too much?"

"It's not the talking," Takeru said in a low voice. "The way you look when you think of him--you're in love with him, Mai. That's all there is to it." He shrugged her hand off of his shoulder. "Goodbye."

"N-no," she said disbelievingly. "You're not doing this. You wouldn't just leave me alone."

"I'm not sticking around if you're in love with another man!" Takeru shouted back.

"You know what I'm going through!" Mai cried, grabbing onto his arm. "You... you can't just LEAVE!"

"It's all in your head, Mai, just move on!" he spat, wrenching his arm free. Mai couldn't say anything at all now. Takeru stood up and looked at her pathetically.

"Have a good life dreaming about Jounouchi Katsuya," he said quietly, the anger in his voice suddenly vanishing. Mai looked up at him desperately, tears in her eyes. He met her gaze, and looked back not with anger this time, but pity. Mai reached out her hand to him, but he turned away and walked out of the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

A/N: Short chapter, I know, but I didn't have the heart to stick the second chapter in with it. It's too much its own chapter. I'll update fast, don't worry. As always, guesses as to what will happen are very fun to read! :D