A little girl not dead enough,

With short covered legs and big white eyes,

Blond clean hairs and a long black dress,

In her arms are alway a kitty quite dead.

By her side a vampire stuffed into a toy,

Agressive and proud, but cute and bold,

Rugamuffin is called and is quite short,

A friend in your play that you use like a doll.

Both run together in and old gothic house,

Eating, playing and living with a quite dead life,

Friends come from everywhere to cheer and laugh,

An unded is not alone althought it's not alive.

Taxidermy the deer with conditions,

The Muffin Monster that you invite to play,

Pooty, Wicket, Boo-Boo, tons of undeads,

And the accidented mr. Gosh that lovesyou in a creepy way.

Play, be happy, laugh and share,

Because Lenore you are not hunted by death,

So you have all the time of the world my friend,

Because you are little, cute and speciall UNDEAD.