AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, before you read this fic you really need to have read the first installment in the series "Patience is a Virtue…" So head back over and check it out if you haven't okay and then you can come back here. LOL

This story picks up more or less where PIAV ends off and again blends romance, humour, drama and angst. There are still quite a few things to resolve hence the need for this fic and the one that I will be posting after this "Wild Horses…" I really enjoyed writing this fic, particularly as Uncle John continued to steal the show on more than one occasion. LOL I love that guy, he's just so much fun to write for and he and EJ end up getting a lot closer in this installment – closer than EJ probably ever wanted to be but for all of John's quirky ways he does still manage to come through when the chips are down.

So I hope you enjoy this one, from memory it's about 28 chapters long so nudge me and I'll try and post updates as regularly as I can. And as always, have fun with it and feedback is always welcome. 

Chapter ONE

"What am I doing wrong?" Sami asked EJ unhappily, looking at the little white ball only a couple of feet from where she was standing, golf club in hand and then back at him.

They were down at the bottom of the expansive DiMera mansion gardens, a clump of trees between them and the big house and a clear unrestricted view of some sloping green hills - perfect for a little driving practice.

EJ blew out a breath of air and pursed his lips, uncrossing one of his arms from in front of his chest and tapping a finger to his chin, his expression one of contemplative thought.

"Well!" she pushed him when he didn't speak for a long minute.

"Wait," he told her, his face serious, "I'm making a list in my head."

"EJ!" she groaned, annoyed at how amusing he was finding her attempts to learn golf.

"Don't rush me," he said, holding up a hand, "It's a long list; I may have to get pen and paper."

"You and your lists - you're going to have to get bandages and painkillers if you don't stop enjoying this so much!" she threatened him, "Just tell me what I'm doing wrong so I can do this already!"

"Well lack of any measurable upper body strength is a given of course," he began what was clearly going to be an extensive list.

"You leave my upper body out of this!" she warned him, "Your stupid clubs are just too long and heavy – do you have any smaller ones, like for beginners or something?"

"Well it's not that late, I could rush over to Toys 'R Us and see if they have anything," he deadpanned which earned him a withering look.

"You are so lucky that I can't get this thing to hit balls where I want right now," Sami told him, "Otherwise you'd be a dead man!"

"Yup," he agreed very seriously, "With the force you've got going behind those babies there is a very real chance that it might break skin… and by that I mean of course if I tripped over one of them on the ground and hit a rock or something when I land."

"If you're not part of the solution then you're part of the problem EJ," Sami reminded him sweetly, more annoyed at herself than him for not being better at this but he was an easier target for her ire, "Seriously, we've been at it for ages, why can't I do this? Maybe there is something wrong with your equipment."

EJ arched an offended eyebrow at even the suggestion which made Sami finally smile - boys and their toys, didn't matter how old they were - nothing ever changed.

"Well I don't know Mrs DiMera," he said coolly, still feigning indignation at her dig, "Let's see shall we?"

EJ held out his hand and she passed him the club he'd chosen for her to use. He immediately place a little white ball on the tee in the ground and with perfect form, lined up his shot and in one sweeping action hit the ball far off into the distance. The whole thing had been one fluid motion and Sami hated how easy he made it look, now that she knew better. It was why she'd ask him to teach her actually, sure that it wouldn't be that hard but as it turns out, it was a lot more technical than he made it look.

"Nope," he said straight faced, "Not the equipment - guess again."

"I can't believe how hard this is!" she groaned, "What is wrong with me, why can't I get it?"

"It's all technique sweetheart," he reassured her, "Let's start at the beginning again - you'll get it."

"I just want to be able to do this already!" she said in annoyance, "So I can rub Nicole's face in it when I whoop her bony butt tomorrow."

"I didn't realise that when you accepted her invitation for us to play a round of golf with her and Phillip that you didn't actually know how to play," said EJ mildly, "You might have said."

"And have her thinking that she's better than me at something?!" said Sami snippily, "Over my dead body!"

"Well my darling there is a rather good chance that tomorrow is going to remove all doubt about whom is the better golfer," said EJ dryly, "I've seen her play - she's quite good."

"You didn't tell me that!" yelped Sami.

"You didn't ask sweetheart," said EJ reasonably, "You just went along and took the bait she was dangling."

"I wasn't going to have you and her out on that course alone for two hours," said Sami defiantly.

"Samantha," EJ sighed about the familiar conversation, "I don't know why you insist on being so sensitive about Nicole and I - you can't possibly believe that I have even the slightest interest in that woman after the last three months of our marriage."

"You better not have," growled Sami possessively.

She knew that Nicole's divorce proceedings with Victor were almost final but it couldn't come soon enough for Sami!

"Samantha you are all the woman I need," he said with a teasing smirk, "You're all the woman I can handle. Seriously sweetheart, there are times I don't think I'm even going to be able to get down the stairs to breakfast after a night with you."

"Just remember that when Barbarella is batting those cheap fake eyelashes of her at you," sniffed Sami.

"Oh I remember everything we do together my darling," he said with a wicked smile, "And sometimes at the most inappropriate times I have to say."

"Focus EJ!" she said, giving him her best glare which was only slightly ruined by the upward curve of her lips, "Let's do this already."

"Alright," he sighed regretfully, "Back to it then."

He went and stood facing her as she attempted to line up another shot, giving her instructions as she did. EJ looked to his right to make sure that the area she was hitting towards was still clear. He wasn't exactly sure why he was bothering seeing as the furthest she'd managed to get the ball so far was about twenty feet, habit more than anything else probably.

"Okay," he told her, "Now just lean a little more over the club, you're too far back."

Sami did as he said, concentrating hard.

"A little more."

She complied, redistributing her weight.

"A little more."

"EJ," complained Sami, looking up at him in frustration, "If I lean forward anymore I'll fall over…"

Her words trailed off when she caught sight of him shamelessly looking down the front of her blouse that he'd given himself a very clear view of by getting her to lean so far forward.

"EJ!" she snapped, straightening up, "Stop that! Concentrate will you?!"

"Oh I am," he said happily, a lecherous smirk on his face as he managed to tear his eyes away from her cleavage and look at her, "Very hard."

"You're not helping," she groaned at him, trying not to laugh at the mischievous look on his face, "This is serious!"

"Alright, alright," he laughed, holding up a placating hand, "Let's try again shall we?"

Sami blew out an annoyed breath, frustrated with herself for not picking this up quicker before drawing herself up and focusing her mind on what he was telling her.

"Legs shoulder width apart, distribute you weight evenly."

He walked around to come up behind her, standing close as he gave her instructions.

"Knees slightly bent."

He placed his hands on her hips and moved them a little so they were better aligned, his face next to hers as he pressed his lean length up against her from where he was standing behind her and gave his next direction.

"Take a breath, line up the club with the ball a couple of times; take your time, no rush."

She tried to do as he said but just couldn't seem to get the easy motion that he had going on

"This club is too heavy for me," Sami complained through clenched teeth.

"No it's not," he corrected her, "You're just fighting it, you have to go with it more. She has to be coerced gently into what you want her to do so it's one fluid motion, not forced."

Sami turned her head and looked back over her shoulder at where he was just above her, an unimpressed look on her face.

"Would you and the club like a minute alone?" she asked sardonically at how he'd referred to the piece of equipment so lovingly, "I wouldn't want to come between true love."

"Save your energy to swing back the club with those little arms of yours," he told her mockingly, "Don't waste it on the back talk, trust me, you need all the help you can get."

"You need to work on your encouragement skills," she muttered, "They blow."

"The truth hurts," and she felt him shrug behind her.

"So does a knee to the groin," she reminded him sarcastically.

"Just as well I'm behind you then," he said smugly, "And I'm twice your size so I'm pretty confident I can fend off any of your attacks, groin orientated or otherwise."

"You've got to sleep sometime," she said flatly, "Remember that."

"You're kind of scary when you can't do something aren't you?" he said with a chuckle, not at all put off by her threats.

"You have no idea," she agreed with him dryly, "Now help me do this, what comes next?"

"Relax your grip on the club," he told her, pressing himself more fully against her.

Sami felt the hard length of his hot body fitting itself against all of her curves and tried to stop the shudder that ran through her body at the sensation with limited success. As he settled more fully against her she felt something pressed against her that wasn't strictly meant to be there.

"EJ," said Sami, looking back at him suspiciously, "Just what exactly is that I can feel back there? I hope you're not thinking of taking advantage of your position as my teacher to try and do anything inappropriate with me now."

"It's my cell phone Samantha," he said, feigning hurt indignation, "You've got a pretty high opinion of your powers over me if you think me teaching you to play golf is a turn on."

Just then his cell phone rang… in his jacket… which was on the ground… a few feet away from them. Sami looked back at him with a challenging look and he gave her a rueful grin at being found out.

"An opinion well deserved," he growled teasingly, pressing a hot kiss to her neck, his hands sliding around to her stomach and pulling her more tightly back against him.

"EJ!" Sami half groaned, half laughed the complaint but tilting her head to one side to grant him better access anyway, "We have to do this!"

"Oh I completely agree," he said, nipping and licking his way down her neck as his hand pushed up under her blouse and immediately cupped her lace covered breasts, "Couldn't agree more in fact."

"The golf EJ," said Sami breathlessly, feeling her knees go to jelly, "I meant the golf."

"This is just my patented method for getting people to relax so they can play better golf Samantha," he purred against her neck, his hands squeezing her breasts now, "I do it for all the people I teach golf to. Nicole didn't seem to mind."

Sami gave an outraged gasp and wriggled out of his grasp and elbowed him hard in the stomach, whirling around and glaring at him angrily.

"Ouch," grunted EJ laughingly, grabbing his stomach where she'd hit him and looking at her teasingly, "What's the matter sweetheart?"

"You are such a dead man!" she threatened him through narrowed eyes, "Don't you even joke about you and that troll Nicole!"

"Or what will you do hmm?" he baited her, arching an eyebrow at her teasingly.

"What will I do?" asked Sami, raising to the challenge and walking towards him, "I guess I'm just going to have to lift my game a little."

"Lift your game eh sweetheart?" he repeated, intrigued.

"Well clearly if you've got enough strength to be teasing me about Nicole I must not be fulfilling all my… 'wifely' duties… to your satisfaction," she said straight faced, "And I suppose like a good little wife that I am I should really do something about that."

"Well," said EJ, watching her advance on him slowly, through hooded eyes, "I've always admired the perfectionist in you darling."

"Mm," she murmured sexily, "Take that shirt for example, there's a dirty mark on the sleeve, you'd better take it off so I can make sure it gets washed properly for you."

EJ smirked and ripped the garment off over his head and handed it to her.

"And you know, those jeans," she said with a regretful tut, "Grass stains on the back there - guess they're going to have to go too."

EJ's grinned widened, happily acquiescing and undoing his jeans, dropping them to the ground before handing them to her as well.

"And I guess, while we're at it we may as well do the boxers," she sighed, "May as well do this right. I don't want you to think your wife cuts corners when it comes to how she looks after you know do I?"

EJ happily obliged, handing them to her and then standing there, naked as a jay bird in front of her. Sami's eyes drifted up and down his long, lean length, taking in every beautiful naked inch of him. He stared back and quirked an inviting eyebrow, a sexy smile on his lips.

"Well I'm just going to put a wash on," said Sami blithely, taking a step back, "Why don't you wait here, I'll be back in about an hour or so."

She shot him a triumphant look and turned on her heel, intent on leaving him stranded there but EJ was too quick for her. Sami had fully intended to make a run for the house then but had only managed to take a couple of steps before she felt an arm circling her waist. Damn, she always forgot just how long his arms were!

"EJ!" she protested with a laugh as she tried to break free, "I'm just trying to be a good wife for you."

"Evil little minx!" he growled teasingly in her ear, not letting her go, "Where do you think you're going!"

"I'm just trying to make sure my husband is satisfied with me," she laughed out loud now, still squirming against him trying to break free.

"Oh I plan on being very satisfied in a few more minutes," he told her as he spun her around and trapped her against his body.

"A few minutes huh?" she laughed up at him, "Hardly seems worth it really."

"Oh don't you worry Mrs DiMera," said EJ, looking smugly down at her, "I'll make it worth it."

"Big talk from the naked guy," she mocked him with a glint in her eye.

"Speaking of which," said EJ smoothly, hands going to her blouse and starting to undo buttons, "One of us seems a little overdressed for the occasion."

It seemed to Sami that it took him only a couple of seconds and she was as naked as he was, her head spinning at his efficiency.

"You're getting pretty good at that," she told him with a sly smile, looking down at him as he knelt before her, removing the last of her underwear.

"I should be," he smirked, straightening it up, "I practice it in my sleep."

"Well that certainly might explain why it is you wake up in the mornings the way you do," she said cheekily.

"I haven't heard you complaining yet," he told her with an answering smirk.

"EJ," said Sami calmly.

"Yes Samantha," he returned just as evenly.

"You talk too much," she told him straight faced, "You might want to do something about that."

EJ grabbed her then, sweeping her off her feet and Sami gasped as he laid her down on their clothes that were strewn about. He instantly covered her body with his and captured her mouth in a heated kiss.

"Like that?" he asked her huskily when he had to stop to let them both breathe.

"Something like that," she agreed unevenly, "But I was thinking more along the lines of this…"

Sami pushed against his shoulders, turning them over so she was on top.

"That works," muttered EJ, enjoying the sight of her above him.

Sami straddled him but kept herself just above him, she leant down and kissed him, a hand reaching between their bodies and encircling his already rigid member.

"You are so easy," she purred against his lips, her hand starting to move up and down his length.

EJ gave a little groan at the sensation, wondering if he'd ever be able to get enough of this woman. She released him, putting her hands on either side of his shoulders, rubbing her breasts against him whilst positioning his swollen hardness at her opening. She rubbed herself against him, letting him feel how hot and wet she was for him.

"Samantha!" he moaned, grabbing her hips and trying to drag her down on him but she resisted.

Instead she moved her hips back and forth, letting his tip move along her folds but not where he really needed to be. EJ began to squirm under her, feeling the need to be inside her reaching a desperate level.

"Now," said Sami huskily, seeing his growing frustration, "Tell me EJ, who do you want touching you?"

"You," he gasped, "I only want you, please god Samantha, I can't take this!"

He pulled harder on her hips and she felt him try to flip her over so he could have better control but she fought him, maintaining their position.

"You're mine," she purred possessively, "Never forget that EJ DiMera."

With that she finally sank down on him, impaling herself on his hardness and at the same time bit into his shoulder hard, her teeth breaking skin as though marking her territory. EJ cried out and bucked up, caught between the pleasure of her tight heat finally encasing him completely and the sharp shock of pain at his shoulder. Sami lifted herself off him again and he made a complaining noise in the back of his throat, desperate for her to return to him.

She kept the pace too slow, deliberately so and EJ couldn't stand it as she punished him with her body. He needed to come so badly but she wasn't letting him, building up the tension only to let it slip away again, and denying him his release. He knew he was becoming incoherent, the noises he were making no longer even vaguely recognisable as human but still she toyed with him.

EJ opened the eyes he'd squeezed shut against the exquisite delight of being inside her, seeing her above him, her own eyes closed, bottom lip caught between her teeth as she pleasured herself with his body. Her breasts bounced back and forth with each penetration and he became fixated on them wishing he could relinquish the hold he had on her hips to touch them but frightened she'd go even slower if he wasn't' there to prompt her. He was in agony and he began desperately thrusting up against her, needing to increase the friction between their bodies and end his torment.

"Do you want to come EJ?" she breathed unevenly, seeing his pleasure soaked suffering even as her own body cried for its own release.

"So much!" he moaned almost mad for it now, "Please Samantha, harder, oh god, go harder!"

Sami decided they'd both suffered enough at that point, quickening her pace and starting to ride him in earnest now, sinking down on him harder and faster each time, building the friction between their bodies to a point of no return.

"EJ!" she gasped, feeling herself begin to tumble over the edge, her body clenching wildly around his, urging him to join her but he was too worked up now, his body in almost a frenzy and he couldn't seem to get himself to fall over that edge.

Sami finished her orgasm and climbed off him, much to his horror.

"NO!" he moaned, needing her to stay there but he needn't have worried she had other plans for him.

Sami moved down his body, kissing her way down to his stomach until she was at his quivering member. She wrapped her hands around its painfully engorged width and pumped up and down a couple of times before taking him into her mouth as far as it could go.

"Bloody hell!" screamed EJ ecstatically, bucking up under her, his heels digging into the ground at the sensation of her practically swallowing him whole.

She worked on him mercilessly and EJ knew he must be screaming his head off but simply didn't care, needing her to keep going otherwise he was certainly going to die. Her clever mouth worked on him until just before he lost the last strands of his sanity he came for her, exploding in her mouth as she sucked him dry eagerly. When she was finally done with him he was a limp doll lying on the ground, unable to move or even speak. Sami kissed her way up his body until she was looking down at him with satisfaction, taking in the overwhelmed but finally sated expression on his face.

"So," she teased him with a knowing smile on her face, "Did I fulfil my 'wifely duties' EJ. I hope everything was to your satisfaction."

EJ groaned at her teasing, dragging her down on him and rolling them over, so that they were both on the ground now, lying on their sides and facing each other. EJ pulled her closer to him, not wanting to lose contact with her.

"You are going to be the death of me," he complained happily, his breathing still uneven after what she put him through.

"You're not getting out of this marriage that easily," she teased him, "Remember that."

"Oh god I want to spend the rest of my life right here," he groaned, kissing her neck, "Just like this."

"Well I guess that will make tomorrow's golf game pretty interesting," laughed Sami, feeling his hands move down to cup her bottom cheeks.

Her own words reminded her about the upcoming game and she felt a flash of anxiety about it.

"Why did you let me agree to do this?" groaned Sami unhappily, dreading tomorrow now that it was apparent that she was never going to master this game, "What was I thinking?"

"I think you're exact words to Nicole were that you were going show her skanky, worthless, disease ridden butt who was boss when it came to playing games," said EJ and she could feel his smile against her shoulder.

"Those weren't my exact words," said Sami sulkily.

"Well no," conceded EJ with a little chuckle, squeezing her butt cheeks, "I had to clean it up a little - I like to kiss my children goodnight with these lips after all."

"Well," sighed Sami, ignoring his teasing, "We've got another half hour or so before the twins wake up; I guess we should keep going."

"Sounds like a plan to me," he said agreeably.

"Did you see where I dropped my club?" asked Sami rolling over onto her back and propping herself up on her elbows, looking around them.

"Oh right, you mean with the golf," said EJ and gave a regretful sigh, "I suppose we could do that too."

"You're incorrigible," said Sami with a little laugh and shaking her head at him and then gave a despondent groan, "I'm going to make a fool of myself out there tomorrow aren't I?"

"It's alright," he told her reassuringly, "I have a strategy."

"You… you do?" said Sami, looking over at him and sounding relieved, "What is it?"

"I'm going to pray for rain," EJ said straight faced, "And if you have any sense I suggest you do the same."