Sunday morning breakfast at the DiMera mansion was a more extended affair then the usual week day rush and it was nearly ten o'clock in the morning and everyone could still be found in the kitchen chatting back and forth easily. All things considered it was almost what you could call a normal scene.

"I'm glad the Charity Ball went well," commented Sami, trying to tempt Ali with a piece of pear but she was more interested in the dry biscuit that her brother had after already having eaten his piece of fruit.

It seemed like a life time ago now that she'd been organising that when in fact it had only been just over two weeks. Guess that's what happens when you're kidnapped by your ex-husband and separated from one baby and the other one ends up having to have surgery!

"It was very successful," agreed Marlena, "You did a good job sweetheart in helping to organise it all, I'm very proud of you."

"Thanks Mom," smiled Sami, pleased by her mother's praise, "It's a shame that none of us got to go in the end after all that hard work."

"Yup," said John not looking up from the newspaper he had stretched out in front of him, "Can't tell you how disappointed I was about that."

Sami and Marlena sent him disapproving looks while EJ's lips just quirked in a smile.

"Apparently Chris wasn't there either," Marlena continued on as though he hadn't spoken.

"Well that is surprising," said EJ straight faced, "I wonder why that was?"

"Yeah," said Sami giving him a knowing look, "I wonder."

"So now that everything has settled down a bit what is happening about the wedding Sami?" asked Marlena, deciding she'd ask her daughter what she meant by that at a later date.

"I don't know Mom," sighed Sami, "There is no way I can get it all organised how I want now after losing all this time."

"Then we'll just chose another date sweetheart," said EJ mildly, "In fact, why don't we make it November 9th, the same date as our actual wedding. Rather fitting in a way don't you think?"

"I guess," said Sami hesitantly.

EJ saw her face and knew immediately what she was thinking.

"I'll still get you two anniversary gifts," he told her with a smile, "And you'll still get double milestone anniversaries."

"Really?" she asked, her eyes brightening to which he just laughed.

"Do you think I'm being materialistic and shallow?" she asked him and pouted, feeling bad all of a sudden about thinking such things.

"I think my wife likes shiny things," laughed EJ, leaning over to give her a quick kiss as she sat beside him, "And I am completely alright with that."

"Yay!" said Sami, clapping her hands together excitedly, "Shiny things!"

"Sami," groaned Marlena in amusement at her daughter's display, "What have I taught you?!"

"Hey Blondie," John chipped in, "You're not opposed to a bit of bling yourself you know."

John nodded at the large rock on her wedding finger and then at the very expensive diamond earrings she was wearing.

"Well, no… that is different," said Marlena, suddenly flustered, "I mean I don't…that isn't why I…"

Marlena trailed off, realising she'd backed herself into somewhat of a corner and looked around at the others in the room who were all regarding her with varying degrees of amusement.

"Does anyone want any more coffee?" she asked, changing the subject abruptly, she really wasn't used to people laughing at her.

They all shook their head no but then Marlena was forced to have another cup just because she was the one who'd brought it up.

"Alright then," said EJ, deciding to help Marlena out and create a distraction, "Time to release you guys back into the wild I suppose."

He picked up first Johnny out of his high chair and then Ali and set them down on the kitchen floor. Johnny promptly crawled over to the chair John was sitting on and hauled himself up on it, clutching at John's leg. John briefly took his eyes off the paper and looked down at his Great Nephew.

"Boy baby," he acknowledged with a brief nod of his head and then returned to his paper.

"You could call him by his name you know," said Sami with a little roll of her eyes.

John had developed this habit of referring to the twins as 'boy baby' and 'girl baby'. Sami couldn't work out if she found it endearing or annoying… kind of like the man himself really.

"I will when he does," said John unapologetically.

Ali decided that what her brother was doing looked like fun and grabbed Sami's chair leg and attempted to haul herself up on it, falling back down on her backside a couple of times as she did.

"Should we be letting her do that?" fretted Sami, still worrying about her daughter's injuries, "She just had her stitches out a couple of days ago."

"I have za two broken ribs and I vas unloading peacockz yezterday," said Rolf stoically, "Za kinder vill be fine Zamantha."

"I guess," said Sami, still not completely convinced.

EJ understood how she felt. He had this continuing urge just to pick up Ali and never let anyone take her out of his arms again so nothing would ever hurt her but that wasn't going to be what was best for Ali. They had to let her get back to a normal life and have the little falls and tumbles that it included. He hadn't completely discarded the bubble idea though, it was still a definite option. EJ particularly liked the thought of it when she wanted to start dating. A shudder ran through his body at even the thought of some pimpled youth wanting to date his precious girl. He was not looking forward to that.

"So are you going to get them chipped?" asked John suddenly.

"What?" asked Sami in confusion, "What do you mean John?"

"You know," said John, "Where you get them micro chipped so you can find them if they go missing again. Maybe you wouldn't worry so much then."

"That's for dogs and cats Uncle John," said EJ in exasperation.

"But aren't kids more important then pets?" asked John in confusion, "Why micro chip your pets but not your kids? Makes no sense."

"You can't micro chip children," said Sami flabbergasted, "It's not right!"

"Why?" asked John in consternation.

"Well first of all it's a violation of their civil liberties," began EJ and continued on quickly because he could see his uncle was about to object, "And secondly that technology isn't really what you need. You'd need some kind of tracking device to be embedded to be able to find them if they went missing. The micro chipping they do with animals is just so when you do find them, you know who they belong to."

"Rolf," said John, ever the problem solver.


"Can you make something that we could put in boy baby and girl baby to find them if they ever went missing again?" asked John, perfectly serious.

"Oh ya," said Rolf with a nod of his head, "I could do zat quite eazily, no problemz at all."

"There you go," said John happily, "Problem solved. We'll get the evil genius here to tag the off spring and you'll never have to worry about losing them again."

"We can't do that John!" said Sami heatedly and then looked a little uncertainly at EJ, "Can we?"

"Of course not," said EJ although he had to admit it was a tempting thought after the hell of the last two weeks, "I mean it would be unlawful for one thing."

"So don't tell people," shrugged John, "You're making this way harder than it has to be you know."

Sami and EJ exchanged glances both thinking the same thing - could they actually do this?

"It would be morally and ethically bankrupt of us to even consider such a thing Uncle," said EJ not quite as firmly as he had before, "Right Samantha?"

Sami looked over at him and gave him an undecided look.

"Oh yes, absolutely," she said but sounded anything but sure.

"Suit yourselves," said John going back to his paper, "But don't ever say I didn't try to get your kids something nice."

"I don't know if an implant in the ass can be considered 'nice' John," said Sami wryly.

"Well if you misplace your kids again don't come crying to me," said John expressionlessly, "You're on your own."

Sami and EJ looked at each other uncertainly, really starting to think about this now. The thought of being able to find Ali and Johnny again instantly was a pretty big temptation… after all, they were only babies right? What would they know and they could take the implants out when they were adults right? No harm done?

"You can't implant your children with tracking devices," said Marlena calmly, ever the voice of reason as she saw how EJ and Sami were looking at each other.

"Of course not," sighed EJ a bit despondently now.

"We wouldn't Mom," Sami reassured her but shared a quick look with EJ, a 'we'll talk about it later' look.

It was Marlena's turn to sigh now - John was making everyone in this family as crazy as he was. She wondered idly to herself how long before she succumbed to the inevitable pull of insanity that this house seemed to cultivate… and would she have to find a new job when she did?


"You look absolutely breath taking," smiled EJ, looking at his wife all dressed up to go out to dinner later on that night, "A vision in fact."

"Why thank you kind sir," she smiled up at him, feeling her cheeks pinken at the way he was looking at her, "You scrub up nice too if I don't mind me saying so."

He looked gorgeous in fact but then, what else was new?!

He was wearing a grey suit that was a particular favourite of hers, he always looked so good in suits. He also looked pretty great out of them and Sami suddenly didn't feel like sharing him with a restaurant full of people tonight, instead wanting him all to herself so she could work on getting him out of that suit and back into bed.

"Ready to go?" he asked her but before she could answer his cell phone rang.

"Sorry," grimaced EJ and dug it out, flipping it open and answering it, "Hello… oh yes Maggie hello…oh of course… no no problem at all… yes thank you for calling, see you soon."

"Problem?" frowned Sami.

"Not really," said EJ, "That was just Maggie to say that they've had a little overbooking problem and that our table won't be ready for another half hour or so."

"Oh," said Sami, "Well that's alright I suppose - what do you want to do while we wait?"

"Why don't we take a turn around the garden," suggested EJ, "It's a lovely night, we may as well enjoy it."

"That sounds nice," smiled Sami.

EJ returned her smile and offered his arm which she took and they walked out through the French doors out onto the patio and started to stroll round the gardens. There was a reasonable amount of moonlight so walking along the little pebbled path was no problem. Sami held onto EJ's arms with both hands, snuggling in closer to him as they walked, feeling happier than she'd ever remembered feeling in her life. It was always like that with him. Life just seemed to be getting better and better with him and she realised to her surprise what this feeling was. For the first time in her life she was content. She wasn't chasing manically after something that she could never have or trying to hold on desperately to something that she had no hope of keeping.

No, Samantha Jean DiMera was at last at peace and the man at her side was the reason for it. She hugged his arm tighter and he smiled down at her and as always the love she saw in his eyes stole her breath. As the rounded the large water feature, complete with urn splashing water back into the water lily covered pond they saw one of John's peacocks sitting on the ledge, surveying his domain.

"What are you doing awake you silly creature?" EJ admonished him as they passed, "You're a bird, you should be fast asleep now."

The peacock gave him a disdainful look at even the suggestion and jumped down from the ledge and started to walk off in the other direction.

"I don't know about these peacocks," said Sami with a shake of her head, "I mean seven of them! It's like a frat house for peacocks! I'm not going to be surprised if we come out one day and find them having a kegger on the lawn. John should have at least gotten a couple of pea hens to even things up a bit."

"But then we would have ended up with more peacocks," EJ reasoned, "So it's probably better that he didn't."

"I still don't understand," said Sami with a roll of her eyes, "Why peacocks?"

"I think we should be grateful sweetheart," said EJ practically, "It could have been a lot worse. What if he'd developed a fascination with killer bees or crocodiles or something else further up the food chain."

"Good point honey," agreed Sami stoically, "I suppose it could have been worse."

Sami looked ahead then and squinted.

"EJ," she said, lifting her head off his shoulder, "What's that light up ahead?"

"I don't know darling," he said, "Better check it out I suppose, in this place it could be anything."

EJ and Sami walked a little further, rounding the corner to where the gazebo was located and Sami stopped in her tracks at what she saw.

"Oh EJ!" she gasped, her hand going to her chest in a kind of shocked wonder, "It's beautiful!"

Every available surface of the little wooden framed gazebo had a tea light on it, they were everywhere. They hung from trees, lit a little path into it and were scattered around in softly glowing groups of flickering light. The whole area was luminescent from them. They twinkled brightly, giving an almost other worldly look to the place. Sami looked up at EJ in amazement who was smiling down at her, enjoying her awe.

"EJ," she said wide eyed, "You did all of this?"

EJ smile widened and he took her hand.

"Come on," he said, not answering her directly but gently taking her by the hand and leading her into the gazebo.

Stretched out on the floor of the gazebo was a large rug which was covered in scatter pillows of various sizes and colours. In the centre of the rug a beautiful picnic banquet was laid out. There were all manner of foods on platters, beautifully presented and looking absolutely delicious. An opened bottle of wine sat in a ice bucket and with wine glasses sitting beside it. A huge bouquet of breath takingly gorgeous deep red roses stood in a large vase off to one side and even from where she was standing Sami could smell their heady scent. Their places were exquisitely set with fine bone china that reflected back the light from the many little tea lights littered all around. Sami had never seen anything so beautiful in her life.

"EJ," she gasped again, completely stunned, "This is absolutely gorgeous! How did you… when did you…?"

She couldn't seem to string the words together to form a proper sentence.

"I'm sneaky," he informed her and gave her a mischievous wink.

"Yes you are," she said with a shake of her head, still in shock, "What about that phone call from Maggie? What was that?"

"At the third beep it will be eight fifteen and ten seconds," he informed her with a little laugh.

"Cute," laughed Sami, shaking her head at him, "EJ this is amazing and I love it but why?"

"It occurred to me," said EJ quietly, turning her around to face him, "That I never had the honour of asking the woman that I worship and adore to marry me."

Sami bit her lip, deep emotion welling up inside of her as she watched go down on his knees in front of her. He took one of her hands in his, bringing it to his lips and kissing the back of it softly before covering it with his other hand.

"Samantha," he said, his rich and deep voice washing over her and making her heart flutter helplessly, "I loved you before I knew you. My whole life I have waited for you, looked for you and now that I have found you I can never let you go. You have consumed me utterly with your beauty, your passion and fire. You have changed my life irrevocably from the first moment we met, you have changed me Samantha. You have made me strive to be a better man, you've given me those gorgeous babies asleep in their beds right now and you've taught me what it is to love someone more than yourself. Sweetheart, you have given me so much and all I can offer you in return is my love, my fidelity and the knowledge that I will never leave you or forsake you. You are my first choice in this world, my only choice and I cannot live without you."

Sami's eyes had welled up with sweet tears at his unbelievably beautiful words. They were everything she'd ever wanted to hear and they were being said by the one man who understood her and accepted her just as she was. Sami felt her heart swell in her chest, all of the old wounds of feeling second best and not good enough closing over and healing utterly from the power of this man's love in that split second.

"Oh EJ," she whispered, almost too moved to speak now.

"Marry me gorgeous girl," he said, squeezing her hand tightly now between his as he looked at up her almost pleadingly, "Don't leave me to walk alone in this world because you are the only one for me, I will never love another."

EJ found himself holding his breath waiting for her reply to his heartfelt proposal. His nerves tighten as she didn't answer straight away, seeming to find it difficult to speak all of a sudden. He loved her so much and it was strange to feel so vulnerable considering they were technically already married but that was why he'd wanted to do this. She was the woman of his dreams and he wanted to do things properly with her, albeit a little out of order.

"Marry me Samantha… be my wife," he prompted her almost urgently now.

"Oh EJ," she managed again and then gave a kind of strangled gasp, "No!"

EJ's heart dropped, suddenly very glad that they were already married.

"No?" he repeated painfully.

"NO!" she repeated more loudly and then shook her head, pulling her hand out from his and waving it around wildly, "EJ! Peacock… fire!"

EJ looked over his shoulder to where Sami was pointing desperately and trying to form a coherent sentence seeing the reason for her dismay. The peacock they'd passed on the way to the gazebo - well EJ assumed it was the same one - they were a little hard to tell apart, had come to investigate the lights for himself and as he had his long tail had drifted over several of the tea lights and was now alit.

"Bloody hell!" said EJ in horror.

"Do something EJ!" Sami implored him as the feathers began to really catch fire now, the smell of burning feathers suddenly thick in the air.

EJ leapt to his feet, taking off his coat to try and beat out the fire in the birds tail that way but the peacock saw him coming and didn't like the look of this creature bearing down on him and waving something around his head so it took off the other way. EJ changed course quickly, trying to catch it but he doubled back, heading towards Sami now. Sami looked around wildly for something to help and grabbed the first thing she saw which just happened to be a bottle of wine that EJ had opened before they got there. She picked it up quickly and tried to douse the flames as the bird ran by but it only made them flare up more.

"Alcohol sweetheart," EJ reminded her a bit out of breath as he raced by her in hot pursuit of the bird who was beginning to suspect that something was seriously wrong in his back end section by now and was picking up speed, "Not the best for putting out a fire!"

"Oh right," said Sami pulling a face and looking at the bottle in her hand.

"Sorry!" she called out but EJ was already legging it around the bend chasing down the erstwhile peacock that seemed to be channelling Sea Biscuit the champion sprinting horse all of a sudden.

Sami chased after them after quickly blowing out all of the candles - the last thing they needed right now was a forest fire. She arrived just in time to see EJ throw himself at the bird and rugby tackle it to the ground before struggling back up with the now decidedly unhappy bird in his arms which was scratching wildly and screeching loudly in disapproval at EJ. The birds tail feathers were still on fire, all that running only adding oxygen to the mini blaze and Sami's little contribution of adding fuel to the fire not being exactly helpful.

EJ, ever the man of action just hauled himself upright and walked determinedly over to the water feature with the lily pad covered pond and stepping over the little ledge and into the water, depositing both him and the unimpressed bird into the pond. The bird scrabbled around a bit but that only helped to put out the flames and soon enough the crisis had been averted and the fire was out leaving only smoking feathers in it's wake. EJ dropped the ungrateful creature over the side of the pond and it shook itself off, water and burnt bits of feathers flying everywhere before sending EJ an accusing look and taking itself off rather haughtily into the night.

"You're welcome!" called out EJ sarcastically behind him, looking down at himself and rolling his eyes.

He was standing, in very expensive Italian shoes as it turned out, in pond water that came up halfway up to his knees, the bird having managed with all of its frantic flapping to have gotten the rest of him pretty wet as well. EJ wiped his dripping face with his hand and made a resigned face.

"Oh EJ," said Sami, walking up to him and standing in front of him and covering her mouth with her hands, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

"Now then," said EJ, soothing back a damp strand of hair and looking at her perfectly calmly, "Where was I… oh yes… that's right."

EJ got back down on his knees, grimacing a little as the cold water moved further up his body and took her hand again.

"Samantha Jean," he tried again, "I love you, I will always love you. From the very first moment until my last, I will love you."

A slow smile spread over Sami's face as all thoughts of soggy peacocks were banished at the sound of his voice.

"Samantha," he said softly, holding her gaze steadily and letting her see all of the love he had for her in his heart, "Would you do me the very great honour of consenting to be my wife?"

Sami opened her mouth to answer him at last but suddenly there was a violent crashing sound and then the sound of a man giving a shocked scream followed quickly by an equally shocked shriek from a peacock. EJ blew out a heavy breath.

"What just happened?" he asked in resignation, seeing Sami looking past him back to the patio area.

"Rolf came out onto the patio and fell over the peacock," Sami said and gave him a semi-apologetic look.

"Is Rolf alright?" asked EJ flatly.

"He's not getting up," Sami informed him and grimaced, "So I don't think so."

"Right," said EJ, pursing his lips and giving up, "Right!"

He hauled himself out of the water and made his way over to Rolf, mentally thinking of all the things you could make with peacock - peacock pies, peacock stew, peacock soup - the thought soothed him somewhat. EJ hurried over to where Rolf was upended in a row of planter boxes, long legs stuck comically up in the air as he struggled to right himself, obviously having difficulties because of his still tender ribs.

"Rolf," said EJ, fighting his way through the pots of topiary, "Are you alright?"

"No," groaned the older man, "Zose zings are vermin!"

"No argument here," said EJ flatly, managing to get along side Rolf, standing in the row of potted shrubs now, "Here."

He offered Rolf his hand but the other man shook his head.

"My ribs," he complained.

EJ sighed and bent down over him.

"Put your arms around my neck," he instructed him.

Rolf complied and EJ put his hands around his waist and lifted him gently up, unwedging him from the shrubs.

"Are you okay Rolf?" asked Sami who had joined them by now.

EJ meanwhile had manoeuvred them out of the potted shrubs and was standing there with Rolf, his arms still around EJ's neck as Rolf tried to find his balance again.

"No," moaned Rolf, "I zink I broke anozer rib."

"What's all this racket?" asked John moodily, joining them out on the patio now, looking at EJ and Rolf standing there, "Elvis, why are you slow dancing with Rolf?"

EJ grimaced and loosened his grip on Rolf now that he was certain he wasn't going to topple over and stepped back from him. John looked around and saw the peacock walk by then.

"… and why is one of my peacocks smouldering?" he continued on.

"I was proposing actually Uncle," said EJ grimly, brushing down bits of greenery from himself, "Or at least attempting to."

"To who?" asked John with an arched eyebrow, "Samantha or Rolf?"

"Me of course!" said Sami hotly.

"Weird," said John, shaking his head, "First you had babies, then you got married, now you're proposing… what's next, you kids going to start dating? And that doesn't explain what happened to my peacocks."

"They are a menace Uncle!" exclaimed EJ.

"It seems like you two are the menace here," John defended his pets, "I don't see them setting fire to things and bashing around in my pot plants!"

"Zis is all very interesting," interjected Rolf weakly, "But I zink I may need to go to za hospital."

He looked over at John and John just looked back at him expressionlessly.

"Uncle John would you please take Rolf to be checked out?" asked EJ in exasperation.

John looked unimpressed and sent Rolf a disgruntled look.

"I think you only do these things to get attention," said John accusingly.

"Zere are eazier vay to get attention zen to break ribs John!" protested Rolf.

"Hmf," said John, unconvinced but he motioned for Rolf to come with him anyway.

Sami and EJ were alone on the patio now. Sami walked up to EJ and picked a stray branch off his shoulder.

"Come inside," she told him, "You'll catch your death out here."

EJ sighed and gave up, walking inside with her, through the sitting room to stand at the bottom of the stairs.

"Well that was quite the proposal," she said, the beginnings of a smile turning up the edges of her mouth.

"It's funny," grimaced EJ, almost musing to himself, "But I seem to recall being a lot better at this romance stuff."

"No," said Sami quickly, "This was perfect."

"Perfect except for having to douse a flaming peacock halfway through my proposal," he finished wryly, "Or having to rescue a felled Austrian scientist/man servant through the other half."

"It was unique," agreed Sami in amusement and then smiled up at him, "Like us I guess - so it was just perfect if you ask me."

"You're not hard to please these days," he told her wryly, pulling out his soaked shirt as it clung to his body and tried to drain a little water off it.

"Well in case you're wondering," she said softly, "The answer is yes."

"Yes?" repeated EJ, his eyes brightening now, "You'll marry me?"

"Absolutely," she told him, biting her lip at how pleased he looked, "How can I not, you're the man I love, the man of my dreams."

Sami found it really touching that EJ seemed so relieved and excited by her acceptance - after all they were actually married already. It wasn't like he should have been worried about her answer but it seemed as though he was kind of overwhelmed and humbled by her saying yes. It was very endearing and made her love him even more if that was possible. He really did treasure her like none other had ever done before in her life.

"Samantha," he said tenderly, pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply.

Sami sighed into his mouth and melted into the kiss, only breaking away when oxygen became an issue, both of them breathless and excited.

"So this fiasco didn't put you off the idea?" he asked her with gentle amusement, loosening his hold on her but keeping her in his arms.

"Actually it kind of reminds me of our first date," pondered Sami with a little smile, "Remember EJ? Interrupted dinner plans, weirdo's appearing at the door and making a scene… smoke… water…"

"But we missed out on the good part in between the weirdo and the water," pouted EJ remembering very vividly how they'd managed to make it to his bed before all hell broke lose.

"Hm, we did didn't we?" said Sami, seeming to consider that seriously for a moment, "That's a shame."

She looked up at EJ then and smiled a slow, sexy smile.

"But then again the evening isn't over is it?" she said huskily, "Why don't you come upstairs and we'll get you out of those wet clothes?"

EJ held her gaze and saw the promise that lay behind her blue eyes and felt his blood begin to heat immediately.

"But we didn't get to eat dinner," he protested distractedly, "Aren't you hungry?"

Sami tilted her head to one side and pursed her lips before she went up on her tip toes so she could whisper in his ear.

"Starving," she purred the word.

She dropped back down to the floor and gave him a last sultry before walking past him and heading up the stairs to the second floor. EJ turned around and watched her go, enjoying immensely the sight of her gorgeous backside swaying from side to side as she climbed the stairs.

"Oh yeah," he said, very pleased with himself, "Still got it."

"Are you coming EJ?" Sami called out, now disappeared round the corner of the stairs, "Or do I have to start without you?"

EJ grinned and started to run up the stairs, taking them three at a time.

So what if the evening hadn't gone strictly to plan? So what if instead of a romantic candle lit garden rendezvous designed to woo his wife he'd vandalised a peacock and had ended up with Rolf in his arms rather than Samantha?

None of it mattered because in the end… well in the end he'd gotten the girl… and come what may he was going to hold onto her and never let her go.

But EJ should have known by now, life is never that simple…


Now this may be a rather self involved thing to say but I simply loved this chapter for some reason. LOL

I know this may sound a somewhat self promoting but I loved EJ and Sami in this. For me, no one does romance like EJami. At the moment I feel a bit gyped?… gipped?… jipped?… screwed over by the lack of romance we're seeing for our favourite couple so I thought I should redress the balance in these fics. I want it all for these guys, the playful, sexy dates, the romantic proposal and the big, over the top wedding. I'm still holding onto the belief that we're going to get it in DOOLs but when is the big question!

So in the meantime, I'm writing what I'd like to see. I think these guys sell romance and comedy really well. I really enjoyed their first date with all the humour but they somehow managed to have it being hot and romantic at the same time - now that's versatility for you. I love that no matter what life throws at them, no matter how absurd, at the end there is still Ejami's love for one another which is what I'm hoping we'll see on our screens soon.

So hopefully you all enjoyed reading this story – I suppose you must not have hated it if you read this far eh? LOL

And just to let you know there is a sequel to this tale and it's called "Wild Horses…" and it's probably the favourite of many of my "Forbidden Love" readers. It's a hundred chapters long so it's a bit epic. It continues to follow the adventures of the DiMera mansion household with more fun and games promised. They are a wonderful group of characters to write for and I enjoy it so much and hopefully you have to. So see you guys at the sequel.

Cheers and thanks for reading. Lou 