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One more year. I thought, as I walked the halls of Forks High was all I had left before I would be out of that ridiculous place. Forks is an extremely small town in northwest Washington. I could describe the town with one word, rain. I hated it there. If there had been anywhere to run I would have been there already. My family, the Marks, was going on our fourth generation in the uneventful location. I had decided a long time ago to follow my brothers to the outside world and end the Forks curse. There would not be a fifth generation.

"Hi, Peter." Erica broke my thoughts. I didn't say a word just nodded my head. I'm not interested. I wished she could read my mind. That would make things so much easier. I walked past her and could tell her eyes followed me. Why wouldn't she take the hint?

I walked with my head pointed towards the ground. The little campus was not hard to remember and I didn't even have to look to get to class. Room 3, it was English. Mr. Mason had taught me everything I knew about adverbs, and similes, so I was sure it would be a walk in the park.

When I walked through the door I started the routine that everyone was used to, taking off my raincoat and hanging it up. I didn't look up to Mr. Mason worried he would try to talk to me. Instead I walked quickly to the desk that I had sat in for the past 3 years. Luckily it was still available. Since it was far in the back I was confident that he wouldn't start a conversation when I looked up.

Two words. Shock and Awe. On the board in perfect cursive was a name that I knew.

Mr. Cullen

Wasn't he a doctor? After a few seconds of thinking I remembered I was right. He had taken care of my brother after his accident. I looked over and realized it wasn't the doctor at all. He looked no older then I was. Had I been so in my own little world that I didn't hear such important news? I looked around the class, and it seemed only the girls were as surprised as I was. However, their surprise was completely different. They knew he was coming they just didn't know he looked like a movie star. I remember thinking the same thing about the doctor that worked on my brother. They must be family.

I looked around the classroom again still shocked that I didn't know we had a new teacher. And then I saw her. She was sitting in the front of the class. Her hair was dark and flowed down her back in brilliant curls. I was sure that if it was straightened it would reach the floor. I could only see the side of her face as she kept it straight towards the front. The side that I could see was a perfection that I couldn't miss. I followed her eyes to what held her attention. Of course, she was in love with the teacher also. The bell rang.

"Hello class. My name is Edward Cullen. I might know some of your older brothers and sisters since I graduated from Forks High 7 years ago." I heard a couple of voices in the back of class quickly inhaling their disbelief. I remembered then that my brothers had told me about the Cullens. They had described the girls as the most beautiful things in the world and the guys as mysteriously dangerous looking. Mr. Cullen didn't look so bad. He was always half smiling, it seemed like he was trying to hide his teeth. He looked over at me quickly and I looked down. That was weird. I thought, not wanting to look up. His look had sent my eyes flying down. I slowly lifted my head and realized he no longer was looking at me. Good. Stupid brothers got me scared.

"Mr. Mason… Just the thought of him takes me to another place. I will try my hardest to teach you as well as he taught me. Well this is my first year as a teacher so I won't be retiring on you any time soon." He smiled a crooked smile. I could practically hear the girls in the class crumbling at his every word. We're freaking seniors… I started to think but a voice stopped me.

"Uh… We're seniors. Your retirement wouldn't really matter to us." It was the girl in the front. I couldn't believe she took the words right out of my mouth. I looked from one of them to the other. It was hard to see with my position but I thought she smirked a crooked smile of her own. "You're right about that." He responded. They shared that second and I could tell they were speaking to each other in a language I just didn't know. Eyes to the table. Again he looked right at me. Why am I so afraid of him? He's just a teacher. I told myself. How could I deal with leaving Forks if I couldn't even handle a new teacher?

"There is something else." He broke my thought and I looked up to see that he was focused now on the board. He started writing but I couldn't see it through his body. I noticed the girl that had caught my eye had a hand on her face as it shook in aggravation. I looked at the board reading what I guessed to be a name.


"My niece has joined us from England. Renesmee, please come up to the front of class and tell us a little something about yourself." That was it. They were family. She wasn't in love with him. My heart started to race as I realized she could be the one. No. No one. Nothing is going to stop you. My thoughts corrupted my fantasy. I had promised myself I wouldn't settle down. I am going to get out of here.

"No thanks." She said in the softest, loveliest voice imaginable. I'd stay here forever. No. I lost it for just a moment. The security had been distracted but had returned responsibly. I am leaving.

"I insist. This is a small town, I'm sure everyone is just dying to hear all about you." He was messing with her. He was trying his hardest to embarrass her. I hadn't realized it at first.

"Should I tell them all about me?" Man I liked her attitude. What kind of trouble did she get into back home? Did she consider this her new home? Did she want to go back to England? Why didn't she have an accent? "Fine, whatever." She told him walking to the front of the class. My god! This is ridiculous. I looked over at the other guys. As I thought, their mouths were practically watering. I noticed Mr. Cullen shaking his head slightly like he had a headache. I didn't know what was going on but it was weird.

"Hi. My name is Renesmee. Everyone calls me Nessie. Like the Loch Ness Monster. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona but moved to England two years ago. My mother and father passed away this April." She paused for a second and looked moved. I wanted so badly to comfort her. She looked back at Mr. Cullen who looked almost sad. It was weird it was like he was sad and disturbed but humored at the same time. It seemed like he was fighting back a laugh as hard as he could, and then he was stone cold devastated.

"Car accident. I… I can't talk about this…" She moved back to her seat. Mr. Cullen stared at her for a few seconds and then back to the rest of the class.

"She will finish out her school here with my wife and me." He finished her story. He looked a little disappointed in her. What do you want from her? I was upset and my eyes burned with fury. I stood up uncontrollably. The teacher shot a look my way but this time I did not look down.

"Yes… Mr…" He questioned for my name. I didn't know what I was doing.

"Marks. Peter Marks." I answered first. I was still trying to figure out the first part to his question.

"How are your brothers?" He asked looking down at the girl. It was like he was talking to her. I nodded my head, like an idiot. What am I doing? Restroom!

"I have to go to the restroom." He nodded and put a gentle hand towards the door. I started walking towards the door realizing that I would pass the girl, Renesmee. I walked slowly looking down to my left where she was sitting. She tilted her head in my direction and looked up with the corner of her eye. I tried to keep my cool, putting my hand in my pockets.

All of a sudden everything changed. She had her hand covering her face, her thumb and index finger covering her nose. She cringed and her back rose as if she was going to throw up. Instinctively I smelled hard. Being the first day of school I had brand new clothes on so I knew they didn't stink. I had showered, brushed my teeth. What did she smell? I looked around the class and they had their own ideas.

"No." He whispered to her. He was between us now. I wasn't sure how long he had been there.

"Couldn't make it to the restroom Marks?" One of them asked starting a laugh contest. That was it. She was making a joke because I got up so fast. She had destroyed my image in one second. Every student seemed to be laughing but Renesmee and I. Mr. Cullen did not join in. He was between the two of us pretty forcibly pushing me to the door.

"No wait…" I protested wanting to defend myself. Some of the kids in class were putting their shirts over their nose like they could smell whatever she smelled.

"Just go. She's messing with you. You're not going to win this. Just go to the restroom." He had me out of the door and shut it quickly. I peered in but I couldn't see the new girl since he hovered over her desk. I walked to the restroom defeated. I should be happy. Now I'm definitely leaving. When I arrived in the restroom I washed my hands, having nothing else to do. The restroom door opened as I washed my face. After wiping away the water with a paper towel I was startled by Mr. Cullen standing directly beside me.

"Go home. I'll write the excuse. You don't want to be here." He told me. "Come back tomorrow and everything will be fine. I am so sorry." I did want to go. Okay. Why not? One day down in less than 15 minutes.


"This is not going to work." I told them as I tied Jacob's tie around his neck. We were all getting ready for the first day of the school year. I would be turning 6 soon and my development had started to slow to the point of a normal person. I was anything but normal. My father was a vampire and my mother a human, at the time of my birth that is. She now was like my father a betrothed, for a lack of a better word, was a shape shifting "descendant of wolves". Things were a little confusing.

I spent most of my time at the huge white house where I was born. Since VH1 and E had been my only link to the world outside of my family and their friends, they decided when I got to this "normal" growth rate they would enroll me in school.

The success of the Cullens family during my father's days of attending school was a combination of things. He would read peoples thoughts, his special ability, while Jasper my uncle would control the mood using his unique gift.

"That's why I have to go." Edward threw in invading my thoughts. I always called him Edward after he violated my trust.

"Sorry." Edward tried to apologize but he knew the rules, it was going to be like that all day.

I stepped off of the back and onto the seat of the chair I was standing on to reach up to Jacob's neck. From there I proceeded to the floor. My balancing act would surely impress anyone who had seen it, besides my family or any of our supernatural friends.

"Remember, if anything happens send me a message."

I know Edward. We've been over this a million times. I have the photographic memory too. You only have to tell me once.

" Sorry." Edward apologized again.

"Alright, enough with all the silent talk. " Jake said as he followed us through the house.

"Hey it's not me." I defended, "I'm just thinking." There wasn't any real point in defending myself from Jacob. He would never judge me. He could only do what made me happy. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. It disturbed me sometimes how my every desire could be met. I knew he would follow me whatever path I laid. I could become a serial killer and he would be my accomplice, hiding bodies. Edward and Jacob were closer than all the rest of our friends and family, couples excluded of course. It was hard to believe what everyone says about how they used to want to kill each other.

"Believe it." Edward was back in my head. "I..."

"No, I'm sorry." I cut him off, channeling a vision into his head. The channel this time was of my newest crush, a musician, whose music video came on regularly. Instead of the model rolling in the beach with the crush it was me. He flung his hands to his face but there was no escaping my sight. Ever since I learned how to channel without touching, I had become a great pain. Even my mom's shield couldn't stop me.

"Nessie, stop." Mom had to ruin everything. I turned off the imaging and Edward shook his head. I think I swore 3 times already I would never do something like that again.

"8 times." Edward corrected my thoughts. I knew he was right of course but I still had Jacob on my side. I looked over towards him and pouted my lips.

"Disgusting images?" He questioned. "8." What a traitor? To think he would not lie for me.

"Fine." I succumbed. "9. I swear I will never show you disturbing images when I am mad."

"Thank you. Now let's hurry before we are late on the first day." We all ran to the car faster than humanly possible, Jacob jumped over the roof to try and get to the driver seat as he opened the door the engine sounded and he looked down to see Edward in the driver's seat.

"Come on, did you really think you had a chance?" I asked from the backseat. He walked around to the passenger side, leaned over and scooted the seat as far back as it could go. Even with it fully extended, he barely made it in the car. The drive to school was quiet. We all were in our own thoughts. Well Edward was probably in all of our thoughts. He started to whistle. Confirmed.

We arrived to the school and everything I had been dreading was completely erased. I looked at all of the kids and finally felt a part of the world. I wasn't sure what I was going to be, or how I would fit in to the picture I was just happy to be in it.

I wasn't nervous until I was alone. Edward and I were going to the same classroom but I went to my locker while he went straight to class to set up. I looked around and noticed everyone was watching my every move. Awkward. I said to myself and shook my head. I remembered to keep my movements at human pace and went to class.

I picked a desk in the front, that way I didn't have to see all of these people staring at me. I must really look like a freak. Edward shook his head at me and rolled his eyes. He didn't know the looks I have been getting from these boys. Their mouths dropped as if I had something growing on my face. I wanted to go home.

"It's not like that." Edward whispered under his breath. Of course no one else in the room had the ability to hear him as he tried to comfort me with his lies. I just stared at him.

"The boys here have never seen anyone that…" The bell stopped him before he could hurt my feelings.

"Hello class. My name is Edward Cullen. I might know some of your older brothers and sisters since I graduated from Forks High 7 years ago." I thought to myself about the difference of that time and now. When my father was portraying a student here he had 4 other vampires with him. I wouldn't have the lunch table that they always told me about. I would be alone. My father was a teacher and even though we were family, eating lunch together would destroy the purpose of my coming here anyway. I could stay home for that.

"Mr. Mason… Just the thought of him takes me to another place. I will try my hardest to teach you as well as he taught me. Well this is my first year as a teacher so I won't be retiring on you any time soon." What a tool. We were seniors. His retirement didn't matter one bit to the class.

"Someone else beat you to the thought." He whispered through his crooked smile. Oh yeah. Well I bet they won't say it out loud.

"Uh… We're seniors. Your retirement wouldn't really matter to us." I told him smiling that crooked smile that I had learned from him. He seemed to be enjoying this battle. My Mom would have been upset a long time ago. Pointless risk, she would call it.

"You're right about that." He said aloud cleverly responding to two things. He then broke from my eye sight and flashed a glance to the back of class. I had seen him doing that earlier. Hopefully he wasn't reading someone's mind that was thinking something bad about me.

For all of my creativity he decided to make me stand in front of the class and tell them something about myself. I decided to tell the class our cover story of my parents death while I channeled a wet t shirt contest with the Cullen boys in his head. Let's see if you can keep your cool now. The thought of Emmett and Jasper vying for the position of best in show should have been able to break anyone. Unfortunately my fa... Edward was unbeatable.

I broke from feinting emotional unravelment. He finished my cover story and stared in the same direction as he had earlier right when I heard a desk move. Were we in trouble? I wasn't sure if turning around was the best idea so I didn't.

"Yes... Mr...." Edward questioned. Is our gig up? I thought to myself, but Edward answered anyway with a head shake that was so slight from one side to the next it would be unable to discern from human eyes.

"Marks, Peter Marks." The student answered. I was sent through the massive storage of my memories, cross referencing the name. That's right. Mom got Jacob and her motorcycles from a Marks kid. He would be much too old for this class though. He was a freshman my mother's senior year.

"How are your brothers?"He asked, answering yet again my thoughts. If I hadn't dealt with Mr. Mind reader all my life I would really consider hurting him.

The boy said nothing, but after a short time requested to use the restroom. Edward put a hand to the door allowing him out of the class.

I heard the approach of Peter Marks. His feet slightly dragged on the floor as he lifted them. I heard his hand switching from positions and the incomprehensible mashing sound of flesh against denim. I had just finished inhaling and at the last moment there was something there. It was just a hint of something that was sweet and aromatic and completely pleasant. He must have something in his pocket.

I knew there was only one way for me to pinpoint exactly where that heavenly smell was coming from and I breathed in hard. Whoa! I need it. No! Stop! I can't stop. Just a little bit. I just want a little taste. No! I fought with myself. The smell of his blood sent a wave through my body. I held on my mouth and nose hoping to keep out the powerful scent.

I can do it. I can drink from him. Edward would help me kill all the rest of them. He would have to in order to keep our secret safe.

"No." He whispered to me not nearly as safely as he probably wanted to. I heard people talking and laughing but I didn't care. Laugh at me all you want after I feed you all die. No. I can't do this. I caught myself. Edward was almost carrying Peter out of the room. When he was gone I was fine again. I felt almost empty. I threw together a couple of half hearted attempts to feed on Peter Marks but the thought of hurting my mother, father, and everyone else that believed in me destroyed them all. It was my first day in the outside world and I had already found my "La tua Cantante".

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