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"It still doesn't make any sense, Edward." I said as I stared at him, looking for answers. My husband let nothing escape his ice cold face.

"We need to practice your ability. We need to keep it on par, a second nature, and I think this is the best way to do it. This way I can monitor everyone's thoughts and know exactly when they are visible to me." It made sense but I had a feeling he was leaving something out.

"Edward?" I asked, voicing my suspicions.

"What? Fine, you really want some ulterior motive? Then I'll give you one. I'm tired of being that guy that you can't keep secrets from. I'm tired of knowing everything about everyone. My own daughter is not even safe from my ever prying eyes. Imagine if Charlie could read your mind." He threw at me. The idea hit me like a ton of bricks.

"Charlie would probably shoot himself." I said as I thought about my poor dad being able to see the pining I experienced over my, at the time, dead boyfriend. Now he was my dead husband and I his corpse bride.

"Yeah. Trust me I've considered calling up Aro." He jested.

"That's not funny." My mouth unintentionally shot to the sides, revealing my razor sharp teeth at the mention of Aro's name. It bothered me how casual the rest of the family was with what happened. It was like they accept it as a part of the universe. Aro and the Volturi were still up to their usual tirade, but they never came around these parts. With my shield and the additional deterrent that had found peace with the Denali clan, we were outside of their sphere of influence. As if they could hear my calling I heard the humming of the Denali's GMC Yukon coming into the driveway. We all jumped across the living room to the front door to meet them. The freedom that the home brought made me feel warm inside as we didn't limit ourselves to our false human capabilities. Carlisle opened the door as Tanya entered first with her hand trailing her inside. The hand was interlocked with a darker skinned hand that followed her in.

Nahuel smiled brightly as they walked around the room hugging each of us. The next couple came in right behind the others, Kate and Garrett were wearing matching leather trench coats, it seemed he had talked her into a few adventures. The two barely let go of their embrace for hugs. Eliazor and Carmen were the next couple in. Although Eliazor looked physically just as young as we all did, there was something about him, an aura, that labeled him an elder. Carmen's eyes wandered as she hugged everyone. Her nose flared as she brought in two quick inhales. I knew what she was looking for.

"Sorry Carmen, she's at school." I told her. She looked over at me and smiled as she realized how obvious her search had been.

"I can't wait to see her. Each day she gets bigger and bigger. It's been almost a year." Her smile radiated the room. I couldn't wait to see the two together. They brought so much happiness to one another.

The wind rushed through the air as the newest members of our family ushered into the room. Their almost olive complexion was different than ours but it still had the flawlessness instilled in it. His eyes, which had been amber for five years, fit him as perfectly as his mate who I could tell was starting to open up to the world outside of her relationship. I could feel the presence of his power being used on the air that flowed in with them.

"Benjamin, you don't always have to make an entrance." Garrett said before they reached us for an embrace. Kate laughed with him. I found myself cuddling into Edward. All of these happy couples reminded me of my love for him, and allowed me to forget all of the chaos that was going on right now.

"Oh, but I do. It is the only pleasure that I have besides being with you all, making myself look… what are the kids saying these days… Cool?" He was a young vampire, not nearly old enough to not know the terminology, but I smiled and laughed with them all. We all moved towards the dining room and sat down to discuss our future.


I knew Edward was up to something. I even knew that he knew I was trying to figure it out. It was weird for him to hide things from all of us. I was used to leaving Bella in the dark, since for some reason he felt that it would be the best thing to do.

"Don't worry Carlisle, it is really nothing." He answered my thoughts. I was comfortable with his admission and moved on to getting my plans underway. I had been interrupted by a few emergency phone calls but I was going to get the exhibit up and running for Esme right away.

"Edward do you hear any of the Denali thoughts?" I asked wondering if I could make it to the river so I would be safe from Esme's ears to make the call.

"You'll be fine. They're not here yet." I nodded and thought my thanks in which he smiled in return. I started out the door passing Bella on my way out. She looked perplexed.

"It still doesn't make any sense Edward." I heard her say as I started my dash to the river. She won't be as lenient as I.


It felt like ages ago. This was the spot that changed my life forever. Ammon didn't know everything there was to know about being a vampire. I didn't have to be a demon. I could be an angel.

Tia put a little more pressure on my hand causing me to stop staring out of the window, lost in thought. I now gave her my attention and reflected the love as she nestled her head into my neck.

"We're almost there, our new home." I whispered into her ear as I pushed away strands of her hair. Although the message was whispered everyone heard and looked over at their significant others with a joyous love.

"Alright Benjamin, when we get there no funny business." Kate joked, knowing that of course I was going to have fun. I'm Benjamin.

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