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"I think I have a problem," Booth announced as he entered Dr. Sweets' office and plopped himself down on the psychologist's couch. He had talked to Sweets a few times at the hospital, but this was the first time he had been to his office. "I mean, a problem aside from the whole 'I just had brain surgery and now I don't remember any of the important people in my life' thing. Dr. Brennan says that we come to you for psychological stuff, so I thought maybe you could help me?"

"Of course," Dr. Sweets replied. "I'd be happy to help you in any way I can."

Booth stared at Dr. Sweets for several moments, trying once again to force himself to remember him, but as always the memories wouldn't come. The only thing he saw was a young man who looked like he played World of Warcraft in his parents' basement. "You're a little young to be a doctor, aren't you?"

Sweets cleared his throat. "I can assure you that I'm very well qualified. Both you and Dr. Brennan have come to value my expertise. And you both consider me a good friend." Sweets decided to leave out the fact that Booth still liked to mock him whenever possible.

"Alright," Booth said, deciding to accept him at his word. "So everything I say to you is confidential, right? You won't tell Dr. Brennan?"

"I promise. Anything you say to me won't leave this room."

Booth took a deep breath and leaned back. "Okay. So here's the problem. Dr. Brennan says that we're just partners, but I'm pretty sure that I'm obsessed with her. Or at least I was before the surgery. I'm talking 'crazy person' obsessed."

Sweets tried to keep his face neutral as he listened. "Why do you say that?"

"Well, last night I found these notebooks in the drawer of my bedside table, and they were filled with all these crazy stories I'd written about her."

"Can you give me an example?"

"Sure. In one of them, someone shot at her, so I appointed myself her protector but then I got blown up by her fridge. While I was in the hospital I figured out who the bad guy was, so I left just in time to stop him from shooting her and feeding her to stray dogs." Booth laughed uncomfortably. "Crazy, right?" He expected Sweets to laugh with him, but the young doctor's face was serious as he answered.

"It's not crazy at all. That actually happened. I read about it in your case files."

Booth's mouth dropped open. He had thought he was, at best, a very creative writer or, at worst, a raving lunatic who should be locked up for the good of humanity. It had never occurred to him that the stories were true. "I really saved her life?"

"On more than one occasion. And she's saved yours too."

Booth's mind struggled to process this. "So they weren't stories…they were journal entries. So she was really buried alive in a car?"

Sweets nodded. "Her and Dr. Hodgins. Even though the time the kidnapper gave you had run out, you refused to give up on them. You pulled her out of the ground yourself."

Booth sighed in frustration. How could he not remember doing any of these incredibly dramatic things? "And I really took a bullet for her?"

Sweets' face darkened. "Yes. That one I can personally attest to. You nearly died."

Booth chuckled. "So I've survived torture, explosions, gun shot wounds and now brain surgery. I must be some kind of superhero."

This time Sweets joined him in his laughter. "You are a remarkable man, Agent Booth."

"Thank you, Doctor--wait a minute, they can't all be true! There was an entry about me and Dr. Brennan joining the circus! I pretended to be Russian and she had this lacy leotard and we shared one bed in a little trailer and tried to convince the carnies we were having wild, passionate sex. That one can't be real."

Sweets laughed again. "It is. I watched your act from a webcam Brennan set up."

"I really threw knives at her?!" Booth's stomach tightened. "What if I had missed? What if I had hurt her?"

"You would never hurt her," Sweets assured him. "You care about her way too much."

Booth paused to consider what Sweets was saying. "So am I…in love with her?"

Sweets paused too, wanting to make sure he chose his words very carefully. "You would never admit your feelings to me, but as a trained psychologist I can state with a great degree of certainty that you are completely, totally in love."

"But I've never told her?"

"You were always quick to tell me that you two were just partners, so I doubt it."

Booth frowned. "I'm a superhero, but I can't tell a girl that I love her? Any of those near death experiences should have been enough to make me confess my feelings, but all of them together…what's been stopping me?"

"Your partnership is very important to you both," Sweets explained patiently. "I think you were afraid of doing something that might ruin it…and because Dr. Brennan hides her emotions so well, you probably weren't sure enough about her feelings to risk it."

"You're the expert on emotions. How does she feel about me?" He remembered the look of devastation in her eyes when he had asked her who she was…after she had spent four days in his hospital room waiting for him to wake up. Clearly she cared about him too, but was it just as a partner and friend? Or was there something more?

"Dr. Brennan's been hurt in the past, so she tries to suppress her emotional side…but she does write books about a forensic anthropologist in a romantic relationship with her FBI partner, and before your surgery she wanted to use your sperm to have a baby, so I'm thinking that the feeling is mutual."

Booth grinned. He didn't find it hard to believe that he was in love with such a beautiful and smart and all around amazing woman, but the idea that she loved him in return…that was truly awesome. "Thank you, Doctor--" He stopped as the thought hit him. "I don't call you Doctor Sweets, do I? Just Sweets, right?"

"Are you starting to remember?" Sweets asked, excitement clear in his voice.

"I think I might be." In his mind's eye he was seeing Dr. Brennan…no, not Dr. Brennan…Bones…sitting beside him on this very couch. She was sitting close…so close…and when her hand accidentally brushed up against his he felt a surge of warmth throughout his entire body. Oh yes, he was definitely in love with her, and he had almost died--again--without telling her. Now God had given him yet another chance. He wasn't sure he deserved it, but he was sure as hell going to use it.


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