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New Beginnings and Old Dreams

Exactly 5 years today that I left the leaf village... Koimae Ichihara thought. Five years since she had seen the faces of the long lost Hokages, since she had seen the faces of all of her friends, since she had seen the face of one person in particular.

She was living in the Village Hidden in the Moon now; she had been with her four year old daughter Suzuna since she had been found out in her last village, the one she had Suzuna in. They had been found out because of the fact that the doctor who treated her during it all new where Suzuna had gotten her eyes, her Kenkai Genkai, which she had gotten from her father. She had to run after that and she took Suzuna with her.

She had gotten settled into the Village hidden in the Moon, to many of the people she looked like an average young mother of twenty-one. (Yeah she was seventeen when she got pregnant.) She wanted people to keep thinking that, she wanted people only to think of her as the underage mother who lived down the street. That is, until she bumped into the last person she ever expected to again, someone who made her heart skip a beat, and her face to turn as red as the fire in which her home village was named. Itachi Uchiha.