Authors Note

Me- Okay so forget what I said about that not being the end, it is for this fic. But if you want me to write a sequel, which will mainly focus on an adventure for Suzuna go to my profile and say do in a poll.

Koimae- I though you said that wasn't the end!

Me- Yeah, but it ended on such a good note, and there will be more flashbacks in the sequel through out Suzuna's life if I make one, so tell me if you want one or not!

Koimae- Whatever.

Itachi- I still don't die right?

Me- Of course not Itachi-kun! You shouldn't have died; you were just trying to help Sasuke! Stupid Konoha Elders!

Elders- HEY!

Me- Well it is your fault! Konoha lost one of its best ninja's cause of you, and Sasuke lost his brother. Shame on you! (Pulls out Kunie and shuriken and starts to attack.)


Me- Get back here!!! Don't make me pull out the almighty SPORK!!!!!

Elders, Koimae, and Itachi- (cringe) not the Spork!!!

Me- OH! Hey this is the first story I ever finished!! YAYZ!!!!!

Itachi- She's easily distracted isn't she?

Everybody else- (nods head)