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I was frozen, my feet planted into the ground. Why could I not find my voice? I wanted nothing more than to tell him I'm going with him.

Edward's eyes looked so cold evil, finally revealing his true form to me. He never allowed himself to show his vampire side, but here and now he was more terrifying than anything I had ever faced. He turned his back to me, and in that second he was gone. I fell to the ground, feeling my body connect with its cold surface all I could do was replay his last spoken words to me before he left.

It will be as if I never existed.

I managed now to acknowledge what had just happened, He was gone. He didn't want me. He was tired of pretending to be something he wasn't, which was human.

I could feel a sudden tear in my stomach, a sudden hole in my chest started to appear. A rippling affect took over my whole body; emptiness made itself known. I could feel my hot tears streaming down my face making my whole body quiver and send chills down my spine. The contrast of the heat of my tears against my skin made my face sting with pain. Between gasps for air and sobs, I began hearing voices off in the distance. I tried to find my voice but once again my sobs were too much for my body to produce any form of sound. I laid there hoping my emptiness would consume myself, so I didn't have to feel my pain. I wanted someone to end my misery, but of course fate has a different plan.

The ground beneath me shifted, and I suddenly felt warm. Wait warm? Was I moving? I tried to look through my eyes but the tears were escaping my eyes making it impossible to look out. I could feel how raw my eyes were, I could feel the tightness as the swelling starting to set in.

"Bella it's going to be ok. I've got you. I'm taking you back to Charlie." A deep husky voice sounded, and it wasn't one that was familiar to me.

My voice found some words and managed to whisper out "He's gone." That is when the emptiness consumed me, and everything faded to black.

Sam's POV

I moved my arms from my beautiful Emily's waist softly kissing her on the cheek, and quickly glancing at the clock. Paul and Jared were out patrolling on the border of La Push. I knew that I would have to relieve Jared in about a half an hour. I raised myself up from the warm comforts of my bed placing my warm feet on the bare cold hardwood floor hissing as they touched. I made my way to the kitchen where the smells, of Emily's muffins still sitting on the counter, lingered. I grabbed the muffins shoving them in my mouth, trying to satisfy the rumbling my stomach. I ate a couple of hours ago, sometimes it's hard for me to understand how much I eat, but after changing into a werewolf you grow an appetite of a beast. I made my way towards the door to go on patrol when the shrill ringing from our house phone startled me. I ran as fast as I could to the phone hoping that Emily wouldn't wake, from the all of the commotion.

"Yes" I hissed into the phone, hoping that this is important especially if this wakes Emily.

"Sam, this is Billy." He seemed to be whispering on his end of the phone.

I immediately assumed that it was time for Jacob, since it is a rarity for Billy to call my house unless it was for an Elder's meeting. "Billy back away from Jacob I'll be there with the boy's as soon as possible." I waited for Billy to respond.

"No. It's Chief Swan his daughter Bella is missing." I thought about the name it sounded so familiar to me but why? Then it dawned on me Cullen's lover.

"Do you think that they took her?" There was a pause then a long sigh.

"No Charlie said there was a note left saying they were going for a walk in the woods." I thought about it for a minute deciding against my better judgment to help in the search.

"Ok I'll head over to see what I can do."

"Thank you Sam I told Charlie you would be able to help, also you know those woods better than anyone." I grunted into the phone, and quickly hung up.

I swiftly took all my clothes off knowing that phasing in them wasn't a possibility. I have already gone through three pairs of pants just this week. I went into my room tossing the clothes that I had on and grabbing a pair of blue sweatpants and tying them to my ankle.

I ran through my house and out the front door. I phased in the air only to be greeted by the unhappy thoughts of Jared who had been waiting on me for fifteen minutes wanting to get back to Kim.

"Where have you been?" Jared asked. I quickly replayed the events that took place on the phone only to be followed by Paul's thoughts.

"Cool I want to help! We haven't had any excitement other than a rabbit that was annoying the hell out of me!" I quickly responded before he could get too set on joining me.

"No Paul. This could be a lure to get us all away from the border. I'll check it out you guys stay here and protect our people. I know the woods. I'll find her."

I could hear the anger of his thoughts "Come on you always have the fun."

I quickly used my alpha voice so he knew I meant what I said. "Do what I said Paul. If I need you it won't take you long to get to me but I won't risk any of our people getting hurt." Jared understood why I felt this way. He like me had imprinted and knew that keeping our imprints safe was the most important part of our job.