Author's Begining's Notes- First time author here. I've read so many wonderful stories on this site and on others as well that I thought i'd give it a try. When I first discovered slash it was with Draco and Harry. What a shock when saw that fans were writing such naughty-naughty stories about them. I was hooked on the first paragraph, sadly to say. Although I sometimes still read about that pairing, the couple that has stolen my heart (and haunted my dreams) are Harry and the luscious Cedric Diggory. The first few chapters will be mild but the overall of this fic-let will be rated M. Seeing as MA stories are now allowed I unfortunately can not put all that I would love to see my pair do =/. Anyways, I'm hoping that some may find this story interesting, humorous at some points, and maybe a bit steamy in others. Those who do not wish to read anything with two guys taking part in sexual situations should stay clear of this story. You have been warned and now it's out of my hands.


My Infinity- Chapter 1

The day had finally arrived for Harry to leave the house in which lived his aunt and uncle and his only cousin Dudley. He'd been waiting for this day the second he stepped foot back into this prison. He wouldn't even dare call this foul, cold place a home. Although the outside seemed to appear as a charming modest brick house- black shutter windows with flower boxes underneath them, roses growing along the walk way, a scrolled iron bench near the door and even a flowery wreath that read, 'Home-Sweet-Home', it was all a sham. No one knew what really went on behind those walls. There was no love there...not for him anyways…and never would be. The only love (if that's what these demented people called it) in that place, that was ever shown was to his fat slob of a pig cousin Dudley. He got anything and everything he ever wanted...never daring to deny him of anything. Harry was never even allowed to have anything remotely nice. Every year, when he would come home with the new clothes he had purchased from a shop in Diagon Alley, they'd be taken away; burned then replaced by Dudley's stretched out, faded, raggedy hand-me-downs.

At first he used to stand up to his uncle, refused to let them be taken away; but after a while the beatings weren't worth it and so he could do nothing but just stand there, forced to watch. So while they went out for their weekly 'family outings', he always hung his head down in shame, feeling the eyes of all as they stared at him; the boy whose pants were held up with a rope as a make-shift belt and badly food stained shirts. He wasn't even allowed to bathe everyday. 'Freaks like you are born are filthy, from the inside and out...they can 'never' be cleansed no matter how much they try,' he was once told. Harry was caught one time sneaking a late night bath and sported a black eye along with a cracked rib the next day to the hospital, having to lie and say that he had fallen down the stairs. He wanted so badly to tell the doctor what had really happened but Uncle Vernon glared down at him with the most evil of all looks while the doctor was examining the injured boy with his back to him. It was times like this that he would wonder if he was born under a black rain cloud or a solar eclipse.

But it didn't matter...not now anyways because he was invited to stay at the Weasely's for the Quidditch World Cup, than head out to Hogwarts the next day. 'A whole week!' Harry kept thinking as he smiled happily all the way there. When he had arrived at their house he borrowed some clothes from Ron, (which were a bit bigger but fit him way better the rags he usually wore, seeing as Ron was just a bit taller than Harry- almost the same size), until he was able to buy some more of his own later. It was a beautiful day when they had headed out for the game. Everyone was in good spirits and even though it was a bit chilly, to Harry it was perfect. As everyone walked on they met up with a man who sported bifocals and a five o' clock shadow. During introductions someone had dropped down from the large tree that was next to them, landing right behind Amos. "Ah, and here's my son, Cedric. I'm sure you all know each other by now?" he questioned, putting his arm around his son's shoulder proudly.

'It's him', ran through Harry's mind. 'The most 'popular' guy in all of Hogwarts. Scoffing softly, 'I don't see what's all the fuss is about with the girls…tall, lanky, head full of reddish-brown hair', ran through his mind with scorn. Frankly, Harry didn't really see what was so special about him at all. To him Cedric was just another bloke from Hogwarts. Except…for the fact that his face may be just a little bit nicer to look at than the other guys, whom had pimples or overbites or even noses that seemed much too large for their faces. He he thought back to the first time he laid eyes on the tall Hufflepuff boy. He had thought it odd that his heart should skip a beat at the sight of him and that his stomach would tighten for a second when looking upon the guy.


{{--It was during lunch when it had occurred. Harry had been laughing at the teasing Hermione was giving Ron about liking Madam Rosemerta, the witch who owned Hogsmeade. Ron denied it of course, although his pink face totally gave him away. Grinning, Harry got up to leave, stating that he had Quidditch practice and that he'd meet up with them later at Potions. "Don't be late Harry. You know how Snape loves to find any reason for you to join him in detention," Hermione called after him. Rolling his eyes and nodding, he turned and caught the eye of a boy, an older boy. A boy of fair skin with a head full of thick auburn hair and it made him stop in his tracks. Ron took notice and questioned him. "Who's that?" Harry asked, pointing at the object of his question with his head. Ron glanced up to where his friend's gaze led him to. Smiling Hermione answered, "Oh…that's Cedric Diggory. He's also on the Quidditch team. Harry, i'm surprised you don't remember who he is." Harry gave her a confused look.

"Should I?" he asked as if he could care less and she sighed. "My how the mind withers away when not being used on a daily basis," Hermione sniffed with a dirty look. "Hey! Someone's a bit snippy today," he retorted. "Well it's the truth, is it not?" she snapped as both boys glared at her. "Oh honestly," she huffed. "How can you not know who he is?" she asked exasperatingly and received blank stares. "Oh, come on Harry! He's only the one who won last year's Quidditch game!" Harry gave a small gasp and shot his head up, only to find Cedric still watching. "What?" Ron almost shouted. "Two numb-skulls…that's what you both are," she spat. Then it all came crashing back to the boys.

How Harry had seen Cedric racing towards the snitch, how he was only a couple of feet away from the Hufflepuff and gaining, and then…he remembered that the wind suddenly wasn't so loud any more…that the roar of the crowd below became…a whisper, and a numbness began to quickly cover over his body. After that, other than him waking up in the hospital's wing with students encircling his bed, he could not remember a thing of what had happened before he blacked out. "That was him?!" they both gasped at the same time. "Ron! How in the hell did you forget that!" Harry turned to him accusingly and pushing at his shoulder. "Me?? What about you!"

"I had a reasonheelloooDementors?…on my Ass?!" Ron looked miffed and crossed his arms. "Yea well…it must've been the trauma of our devastating loss that caused my temporary amnesia," he said as he looked away. "Temporary?" Harry and Hermione retorted in union, earning a blushing glare from the other. "I will never understand the male mind," Hermione sighed in disgust. Harry took another quick look and this time was rewarded with a smile. Feeling heat color his cheeks he quickly turned away. "I can't believe I blocked the loss of the game," he muttered to himself. "Hey-o'l huffypuff is looking this way," Ron grunted. Hermione took a quick look and shrugged whilst Harry continued to see what else he had forgotten. "He's been very popular ever since that day and almost every girl here has a crush on him," Hermione stated, receiving a snort from Ron. "I bet you're one of those girls as well I suppose?" he asked accusingly. Smiling softly, "no comment'' was all she gave them as she bit into a corn cake. Harry stood up from the table. "I'm heading up to class," he said as he looked at his friends. "We'll meet you up there," Ron said as he finished off his stew. Harry nodded and walked down the grand hall but before he turned the corner he took a chance to peek.....and green eyes met grey.--}}

Lost in the memory, Harry tripped over a log and almost landed face first into a muddy embankment. ''Harry, whoa!" Cedric quickly grabbed a hold of Harry's arm and pulled him back. "Are you alright?" Cedric asked but all he got for an answer was a dazed look and an unmanly squeak. Cedric raised an eyebrow and a smirk. ''So…was that a yes?…maybe?...." Even though the other wasn't smiling Harry could hear the humor in his voice. "Yea, i'm fine...thanks," he muttered. "Good to know..." Cedric replied and this time he did smile but it barely reached his cheeks. Trailing his hand down the length of Harry's arm Cedric squeezed the smaller hand softly just before letting go. "Will you guys' CCOOMMEE OONNNNN! Geeeeezzze..." exasperatingly whined Fred loudly, extra on the first two words. Laughing, Cedric went ahead of Harry, leaving him behind and feeling stupid at what had just happened. ''Oh out…there's a twig to your left...wouldn't want you tripping over that as well..." Cedric teased and chuckled. 'Yep...just kill me now...don't care who does it...or how...or better yet…give me a nice heavy rock and I'll kill him', thought Harry, as he imagined a pair of brown shoes poking out from under a large bolder.

When they finally reached the port key Mr. Weasley instructed all to grab a hold of what looked like to be a dusty beat-up, moth eaten boot. 'That can't be it...can it?' he wondered. He saw all do what was told of them so shrugging and getting on his knees he placed two fingers at the toe of the brown boot. As Mr. Weasley began to count, Harry felt fingers slide over his. Looking down he saw it was Cedric who had covered them. Amazingly, all seemed blind to this so when he looked up at him questioningly Cedric just gave him a wink. Harry blushed and once again looked back at they're connecting fingers when he felt Cedric rub his index finger over his, slowly, almost intimate-like, making him scowl up at the older boy. But before Harry could pull away, he felt a hard yank from just behind his navel and then either the world began to quickly spin or it was them, neither one could tell. Finally, what seemed to be the longest fifteen minutes of his life but in reality was about two, they all heard Mr. Weasley shouting to them to let go. "What?" screamed Hermione, looking up at Ron's father, absolutely horrified. "I said…...leeettt GOOOOO…..!"

All color drained from Harry's face and his two best friends. Cedric reached out with his other hand and placed it on his forearm, nodding reassuringly at him. For some odd reason the look in those grey eyes made Harry trust him more than Mr. Weasely's command and before he lost what little nerve he had let he closed his eyes and let go, screaming along with the others as they fell down, down, never ending down, and landing painfully on a grassy yet still harden field. For a long moment he laid there, relishing on how still…how unmoving the ground was and how he never loved the solidness of land as more as he did at that moment. Opening his eyes the first thing he saw was Ron, face down on the ground, kissing and nuzzling the grass with his cheek over and over and over, promising to 'never leave such a beautiful, non-mobile and safe place again;' cooing, "lovely earth, unmoving, solid ground that I love, I will never leave you again.... ", repeatedly as he caressed the softness of the grass.

Harry rolled his eyes and couldn't believe he was friends with that. He looked up just in time to see a pair of brown corduroy'd legs approach him and again found a pair grey eyes looking down upon him. Cedric, smirking down at him…again. "Once more I'm here to rescue you, am I not Harry?" he mocked, reaching down to pull him up before he could even answer back. "This is becoming to be quite a habit of yours isn't it?" And with a wink he strolled away grining. Harry growled and thought, 'If he wasn't so... 'cute?'-tall...I meant 'TALL'…," he sighed exasperatingly, 'i'd hex that smug look off of his face...'. Ahead of him he caught Hermione pointing to Cedric's ass and Ginny nodded, both bursting into giggles. 'Oh geeebis', Harry scowled in mutter as he rolled his eyes, following the rest of the group to the game.


Author's Note- Ok, so here you have it. My first attempt at a story. Wasn't as painful as I thought it'd be, hmm…but anyways, yea. I lived through it and I guess that's all I can really ask for. All reviews are welcomed.