Anime: Prince of Tennis

Summary: One look at Shishido's new hair and I was suddenly in need of a heart doctor. But well, personalities can surely make a difference too. This is gonna be one hell of an adventure

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Chapter one: Mr. Hot Guy

"Atobe-sama, please take this chocolate cake I made! Please" The girl raised the chocolate to the so-called Atobe-sama with her head facing the ground. She looked extremely nervous and so was the crowd of people watching the scenario. Atobe took one look at the chocolate. He pushed the chocolate away from his view. The box of chocolate, which was thankfully sealed tight, fell to the ground dramatically. Almighty Atobe looked at her. She didn't dare look at his frightening eyes. His eyes moved away from her. He walked passed through the half-dying girl with his chin up and his mouth shut. Now, if you please, allow me to kill this guy, right now!!!!

Wait, wait, pull yourself together, Fukayama Risa. I maybe some girl who's dying to strangle Atobe Keigo into pieces, but I must not do that. Darn you, family business. If my dad wasn't making any business transactions with this guy, I would have gladly beaten him a long time ago.

And in the midst of my sudden thought, the commotion has slowly gone down. As soon as Atobe and his gang of warriors (aka tennis players) disappeared from the site, everyone had gradually walked away from the hallways except for little miss confession girl. I feel so sorry for all the people who give their heart to that guy. Well then, I must head to class. I have to tell this girl to find some other guy. There are so many other hot guys out there! But, I should do that later, hehe.

I reached the classroom and found no teacher in sight. "Lu-cky!" I whispered to myself. The students were in the noisy mood. Papers were being thrown everywhere and the board was extremely dirty. Compared to everybody else, one guy looked like he wasn't enjoying. Ootori Choutarou. Hmm, he wasn't together with his all great and mighty Atobe, this morning. Did he go to morning practice?"

His head was face down on the table, and his arms were used as a cushion for his forehead. He was asleep. I wasn't really the type to disturb people in their sleep, but this guy looked too cute that I had disturb him. That doesn't make sense. Well, whatever.

"Ne, Ootori-kun, did you sleep last night?" I asked while rubbing his back forcefully. He looked at me with drooping eyes. Whoa, he was really sleepy. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his palms and yawned for a little while.

"Ah, Fukayama-san. Are classes starting already?" he said with a soft voice.

"Nope, I was just wondering if you slept last night. You look really sleepy." I commented.

He denied it, "I had a good sleep last night. But, I woke up at three AM."

"Three AM!"

"Yeah, tennis practice. Shishido-san said he wanted to practice more. He just got back to being a regular, so he doesn't want to lose that spot anymore." He explained and then ended it with a yawn.

I don't care if Shishido-senpai is his pair in doubles but isn't this pushing things far? And dearest innocent defenseless Ootori-kun is the victim of Mr. Shishido Ryou's selfishness. How do these people look at tennis? I mean, is this some sort of sport for them or is it the love of their life? They'll do anything for it! It's like their most treasured gift. They're insane. Argh! Calm down, Fukayama-san, control you're desire to beat these people up. Control!

Thank goodness, I don't play tennis. Maybe I would have turned into these monsters. Ah, the teacher's here. Listen carefully, Fukayama-san, this time you will not fail a single exam. This time is payback for the last year's exams. Ready, your pens and notebooks. All right, Sensei throw everything you got, I'll answer the next exam you'll face me!

But at the end of the day, I didn't get to understand the things the Sensei taught me. Once again, I pulled Ootori-kun out of the classroom before he could get to tennis courts.

"Sorry! Can I borrow your notes again? I didn't understand Sensei at all that I blocked out and started daydreaming." I pleaded.

He opened his bag and searched through his things. He grinned and gave me his notebook. "Copy the notes tonight, and return them to me tomorrow."

"Thank you!" I replied.

"Choutarou! Do you want Atobe to get mad for being late for practice?" A voice suddenly sprang behind both of us. He was walking towards both of us. I imagined carrying his schoolbag in hand and was already in his jersey with his pony-tailed hair flowing behind him. And his name is…

"Shishido-san, ah, I'm heading there. Fukayama-san just wanted to borrow my notes." He replied.

"Hurry up!" Shishido-senpai ordered.

"Yeah!" Ootori-kun answered with glee. He was obviously being angered at, but he was still so cheerful. I don't understand this guy. "That's all? Right, Fukayama-san."

I nodded. He then ran past me and towards the senpai. I inserted the life-saving notebook in between my notebooks in my handbag. I sighed and mentally prayed that I could concentrate tonight to copy notes and at the same time study. My thoughts were interrupted when Ootori-kun suddenly called me. I turned around to look at him.

"Sensei said that there would be an exam tomorrow on the things we learned today. Can you copy your notes in school and just give me the notebook during club time?"

I just nodded, but my eyes weren't looking at Ootori. They were glued to Shishido-senpai. He looked extraordinarily hot, today. I didn't know he would look that hot if he had cut that hair of his!

"Uh, so, I'll be seeing you later, Fukayama-san?" Ootori-kun asked.

I woke from my trance and looked at Ootori. "Sure, no prob! I'll copy these notes!" and then ended with a sigh. My eyes were locked to Shishido-senpai again. Darn it! He's too hot. And then our eyes were met. I looked away at that instant and grinned at Ootori. I waved at him and he returned it. I proceeded to the classroom to copy notes.

While copying notes, my hands were shaking and my face was turning red. Why? Shishido is just too hot that his face kept on returning to my head. "Study!" I yelled to myself. I slapped my cheeks over and over again and let out a heavy sigh. I closed Ootori's notebook and read mine. There were only two pages of notes to study. That wasn't much. That wasn't so much… Not soo much… Oh crap, that was a lot! "I'd rather study when I get home." I told myself. "But the television is there, and so is my laptop, and my irresistible dog, my little bro Jun-chan and my eternal love, the piano. Man, maybe I should study here. Alright, let's begin! C'mon, hit me, notes! I'll defeat you, today!"

I stared at the notebook and after thirty minutes, I realized that I had memorized the essential parts of the notes. Yes! I repeated to myself the notes that had entered my mind while walking to the tennis courts. Having no clubs to participate really does make life easier. Who knew that I could actually memorize things? I have finally accomplished something.

The time was 17: 00. Sakaki-sensei was dismissing the members of the club. I waited for Ootori-kun to come out of practice. But for some reason, my eyes were searching for Shishido. That idiotic guy, just entered my head again. Risa, get yourself together. Shishido-senpai is a stupid idiotic bastard. You will never like him ever. I closed my eyes, hoping that when I open them Shishido would be nowhere in sight.

The opposite occurred, he was right in front of me. Or probably, right beside the guy who was in front of me.

"Ootori-kun, your notebook." I handed him the notebook. "Thank you."

"So you've studied it already?" He asked.

"Yep! It's all in my head. If you throw me a question, I could answer it." I bragged. "I'll be sure to perfect Sensei's exam."

"That's good. It's payback, right?" he raised his hand.

I slapped it, "yeah, payback."

"You never said you had a girlfriend Choutarou. To actually find time to do that, Ore-sama cannot believe it."

"Atobe-senpai" I looked at him. "We're not together at all. I was just borrowing his notes." I said waving his hands around.

"Ah, Risa-chan, I didn't realize it was you." Atobe brushed his hair with his hand, "I take back what I first said, Choutarou, it's quite impossible for this girl to have a boyfriend. With that attitude of hers, I don't think it's ever possible for her to have some sort of relationship with a boy."

"What the hell does that mean, self-centered bastard!" I shouted.

Everyones eyes were in shock. Oshitari-senpai seemed to have grinned. He's naturally like that. Atobe was taken aback, but he showed composure immediately.

"That's exactly what I meant." He replied.

"Atobe, was this the girl that you were talking about?" Oshitari, with his deep voice, asked.

"Ah, that girl who reminded you of Shishido!" Gakuto-senpai said.

"Fukayama Risa-chan. Yes, that's her." Atobe replied.

"Are you kidding with me? This girl reminded you of me!" Shishido-senpai yelled.

"Why? Isn't it true? That reaction you gave me is exactly the same as Risa-chan's." Atobe-senpai explained.

"True true!"Gakuto and Jirou seconded.

"I must agree." Oshitari said.

Ootori-kun simply grinned and that surely meant that he doesn't deny it.

"Don't kid with me!" I yelled and coincidentally, Mr. Hot guy, Shishido Ryou had done the same. The Hyotei regulars laughed altogether. I glared at Shishido, and he did the same to me.

This is going to be one hell of an adventure.

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