Final Chapter: REMEMBER ME

Blessings, First Dates and Beaches… This is Finally It

01: Apologies

Watching Jun play with my dog wasn't a usual activity for me. At exactly ten O'clock on a wonderful Sunday morning, I'm usually playing the piano in the living room or shopping with a friend. But today was clearly going to be a different day.

I was kicked out of the house.

It's not because I did crazy things nor was it because I was punished for my low grades. I never really thought that I needed to be kicked out for any reason at all. I just think that my parents are crazy and stupid all at the same time. And so you're asking the real reason why I'm out here doing something that I don't usually do. It's because my parents wanted to have a private chat with Mr. Hot Guy.

Yes, you heard that right, idiots. My parents are talking to Shishido Ryou… and I'm not part of the fun.

Basically, after having a forgive and forget session last time, Shishido brought me home. My mother was gardening. Shishido and I were holding hands. I said goodbye to Shishido, shyly. We both blushed. My mother stood up. She saw both of us. We saw her with wide eyes. She dropped her gardening utensil. She yelled at me.

"Since when were you going out with someone?"

And that's what leads to this morning private meeting. I. Am. Annoyed.

I opened my phone and crossed through a few names who I wanted to call so badly. Believe me, I wanted to go out and do some shopping. I was clearly running out of clothes to use for my planned dates with Shishido. But then I had passed by the name Ootori Choutarou and I suddenly had the urge to click his name and call him.

"Will you forgive me?" I said to the phone. "Sometimes I wish you weren't so kind."

What I love about Ootori is how he could smile even though he was rejected so heartlessly. I really don't get how he can have the guts to do that. I remembered that when I asked him that question all he did was smile, and then he gave a huge and loud "Sure!"

In reality I was wishing he was lying. He doesn't deserve to have a friend like me. He really doesn't.

I sighed and then I heard Jun's footsteps coming at me. "Nee-chan! Let's play!"

I stood up from my seat and looked at the dog and the boy. I patted both of them and took the bone off Rik, my dog. I threw it to a far distance and he ran off to find the bone.

"Ne, nee-chan, who was that boy anyway?" He said while pointing at the door.

I looked at the door and shrugged, "Just some random boy from my school."

"Huh? But why would mom want to talk to him privately. She even got us out of the house." He started murmuring. "And I wanted to play with that new game dad bought."

I smiled. I couldn't help but smile. I don't actually remember the last time I heard Jun talk like this. I guess I just miss my own little brother.

"I think mom just wants to know the friends I have in school." I shrugged, giving another lie. Why do I need to tell my own little brother that the boy in the kitchen of our house is my boyfriend? He won't understand it. He still sort of believes that touching girls is disgusting. I mentally giggled, who started the stupid rumor anyway?

I turned to look back at the house. Through the window, I saw my parents talking seriously. I couldn't see Shishido. I had a feeling that I knew what they were talking about.


Oh shit, for real?

Yes, that's what my dad told me one time. He even said that I shouldn't have a boy friend until I start working. It's like he's taking away my social life. I sighed again. I looked at Jun who threw another ball at our dog. I searched through the names in my phone again and stared at Ootori's name again. I couldn't help it. I had to click it.


Here goes nothing.

Ring ring

Ring ring

Ring ring…

Alright, give it up. He's not going to answer…


His voice made memories run back to my head. All those happy music room memories, painting memories, everything. I suddenly missed my dear Ootori-kun.

I missed him alright, but the only thing that came out of my stupid mouth was "hey"

"Hi." he greeted.

"Hi." I repeated.

Just stop it with the "hi"s already! We took up about thirty seconds of silence before he finally said something. Words couldn't actually come out of my mouth. They were more like mumbled alien language.

"Why did you call?" he asked.

"Uh..." I shrugged while watching my dog wag his tail furiously. "I'm bored."

"Isn't Shishido-san with you?" I can't believe he could say his name without holding back.

"Yeah, technically he's not with me. He's with my parents. I'm outside being a stupid ass because I got kicked out." I started grumbling. "Why do they even have to kick me out? I could just stay in my room and be an idiot there than rather be an idiot outside where I don't have anything to do. I feel like a mental psycho sitting here on this cold grass and my dog and Jun won't stop wagging their tails!"

I then stopped and realized something. I was back to normal. I was talking like how I usually talked to Ootori. I waited for a reply but it took quite some time to get it. Maybe he was as shocked as I was. Probably he too cannot take in the fact that I was acting really normal. Or maybe... He still holds a grudge against me and cannot accept the fact that I literally just dumped him with best friend-ish like words.

I heard a chuckle. "Ne, Fukayama-san, I think you're just really weird."

I grinned, "Of course, I'm weird, you idiot!"

And just like that we were back in good terms. Oh thank goodness, I have a great friend like this guy. Besides, while I was sulking outside under this hot weather, Ootori was there to cheer me up and add some spice into this boring life.

02: The Surprise

After a few good minutes, or must I say sixty minutes, Ryou got out of the house. I instantly told Ootori the good news and he placed the phone down. I ran to Ryou, who seemed a little stunned.

"Dude, what happened in there? Were you fried? Were you grilled? Did they yell at you? Hurt you? Or at least even slap you? What? What? Spill!" I bombarded him with questions.

"No" he shook his head, still a little dazed. He wasn't even staring right at me.

"What happened?" I shook his arms. "Look at me, idiot!" I pulled his face towards my view. His eyes settled on mine.

"They gave us their blessings" He mumbled.

"Eh?" I yelled. "What the freak do you mean by blessings? What did you even tell them?"

I then heard footsteps walking behind Shishido. I pushed my boy friend aside and jumped at my parents. "What's going on?"

"Don't be too frightened, Risa." My mom smiled while massaging my shoulder, "We're just happy you found a boy as sweet and as kind as him."

"Wait, what?"

Sweet and kind? Where did that come from? My first impression of Shishido is a jerk, and they're saying he's sweet and kind.

"Risa" My dad finally said, "I don't mind if you're only fourteen. Get married to him as soon as possible."

"What?" I freaked once more. Without realizing it, I let go of my mother's hold on me and grabbed Shishido's arm. I ran as fast as I can to wherever my legs took me. Shishido was apparently still frozen.

As soon as I took him to a nearby dessert cafe, I pushed him into his seat, and ordered a few ice cream sundaes. I took Shishido's face into my hands and slapped him with as much force as I could. "Damn it! Wake up, you idiot!" I hissed. I made sure I wasn't loud enough for the dating couples around me to hear.

His eyes widened and then he stood up from his seat. "Oi, what was that for?" He said in his cool, irritated voice.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched him. I pulled him back down the chair. "You wouldn't wake up!" I whispered again.

"Why are we here?" he asked while looking around suspiciously.

"I needed to talk to you privately." I grabbed his arm, "Now, tell me exactly what happened back there."

"Nothing." He shrugged. "I just did some of my magic and then boom, he gave us our blessings."

"I already told you, marriage is out of the question." I reminded him.

"I know, I know." He said while waving his hand around. "I just made sure the future is stable for both of us."

"No, wait. I know what happened."


He raised an eyebrow. "What happened?"

I shook my head, "Let's just say I know too much about my parents."

He nodded once. "So, is this our first date? I don't quite get why you're the one treating me."

"Oh shut up, idiot. You're the one paying." I hit his head.

03: Finally

"That wasn't so bad for a first date." I said while holding on to his hand. "Besides you owe me something."

"Huh? What's that?" He said while fixing his cap with his free hand.

I stopped walking and stared into his eyes. "Before we got into an argument, you promised that if you win that fight against Eiji and Oishi, you would take me to any place."

He looked up and tried to dig into his memories. "Oh, that day." He gave me one swift look, then started walking. "So, where do you want to go?"

"The beach. Just you and me and the beach."

I watched him grin.

"Ryou! Don't start thinking of perverted thoughts!" I shook his arm furiously.

He started laughing harder, "I'm not! Maybe you're the one thinking of it!"

"Oh shut up!"

"Fine fine, the beach it is. I guess I'll have to ask Atobe for some help if you want it private."

I smiled. "Of course!" I reached out to hug him by his waist.

I felt his arm hold on to me. And I suddenly felt a huge spurt of happiness jump inside of me.

04: The First

Ryou and Risa in the beach house. Ryou and Risa together. Ryou and Risa staring at each other. Ryou and Risa… Alone!

Yes, baby, we're alone in this pretty little beach house with a beautiful beach and a wonderful scenery. This is the best! And seriously, I am not thinking of perverted thoughts. I'm just thinking of one thing…

Shishido Ryou is so sexy in his trunks and his wonderfully toned body. Damn, tell me exactly why I haven't seen this before. I feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world.

"Hey, you want to go for a swim?" He asked while holding out his hand.

I grabbed his hand, and asked rhetorically "What? Do you think I'm wearing my bathing suit for nothing?"

We ran to the water and I felt a cold shiver run up my spine. It was freezing but soothing at the same time. We did what people usually do in water. Swim, splash water to faces, push each other, and hit each other. At the end of the day, we were both lying on the warm sand, waiting for the sun to set.

"Guess what my parents said when I told them I'm going to the beach with you." I told Ryou. He was more or less breathing heavily from running around too much.

"Hmm" he shrugged, "I don't know."

I sat up and hit his bare stomach, I raised my voice one notch up and impersonated my mom, "Don't slack off and enjoy every minute especially at night." Then I started giggling. "Man, my mom could be crazy sometimes. As if anything would happen."

I suddenly felt his arm wrap around my waist. His chin rested on my right shoulder. He whispered, "So, what do you want to do here anyway?"

He sounded so sexily seductive that I was feeling a little nervous. Tiny butterflies started flying around my stomach and my heart was beating faster. I felt my cheeks grow warm and I knew that I looked like exactly like a tomato at that instant. I wanted him to let go of me but I also wanted the opposite. I liked his warmth. I liked the feeling of him stuck to me. It was extraordinary.

In reality, I didn't know the answer to the question. I just wanted him to be beside me. I didn't even know why I wanted the beach, I just wanted to be alone with him. That's all I ever wanted.

I simply shrugged. "It's not like I planned this out. I just really wanted to be alone with you."

"Geki dasa daze…"

I slapped his head with my right hand. "Shut up. That was so not lame."

He chuckled. "But you really didn't have anything planned?"

I shook my head.

His hold on me tightened.

"It's getting colder." I took his arms off me and stood up. I held out my hand, "C'mon, let's go back inside."

He got my hand and stood up. As soon as he got on his feet, his arm suddenly wrapped around me again. "Here's one thing I want to do."

"What is that?"

He instantly kissed me. A fast kiss. It was done after a second. He stared into my eyes, and I stared back.

"That's it?" I asked.

He raised his eyebrows. "What more do you want?"

I gave him a huge hug. "Nothing." I grabbed his left hand and pulled him back to the house. "So, what's for dinner?"

"Wait." He uttered.

"What?" I looked at him.

"One more thing." He raised one finger.


"Promise me something." He looked down at the ground.

I sighed. I didn't see this coming but I knew what was coming. If it was going to be a marriage proposal I was clearly not going to promise anything just yet. So just to make sure I was safe, I replied, "Tell me what it is first."

"That you'll stay beside me till the very end." His grip on my hand was stronger.

I didn't really understand what the very end meant. But if it was the same as "not letting go" then there is only one thing I must say, "Till the very end, Ryou, I'll always be with you." I smiled at him and he returned it with a shy smile.

"What's up?" I felt his cheek.

"I… I… " He scratched the back of his head furiously. "I just…" He got my hand. "I just never thought I'd be alone with a girl in a beach!"

Now that, my friends, is a shocking revelation.

I started giggling. He started turning pink. It was so unlike the cool Shishido that I remember. His hands were getting cold and sweaty.

"Don't laugh!" He yelled.

"I'm not!" I lied.

"Don't lie!"

I started laughing louder.

"Isn't that the fun part? You and me alone, here in the extremely cool place." I told him.

"I know" He replied and looked down again.

I held on to his hair and disheveled it. "Will this set you at ease?"

"Huh?" he looked back at me.

"I love you."

He started turning red again. "Don't just say that!"

"What am I supposed to say?" I questioned.

"Just don't!"

"Ryou!" I started whining. "You're so weird. One second you're all lovey-dovey around me and the next thing I know you're getting all shy around me. What's wrong with you?"

"I don't know!" he yelled. "I'm just… this is just so weird."

"Fine, fine. Whatever. Just tell me one thing." I moved one step closer. "Tell me you love me, too."

His eyes widened. For sure he wasn't going to say that. In reality, he never told me that. He never did. Remember, I was the one who said it on the day we got together.


I wanted to hear it come out of his mouth. Right now, when we're both alone and only the sea, the sky and the sun can hear us.

"Risa, I…"

I wanted to open him up, hear every single word that was inside his brain. I wanted to be with him and know him more. I wanted him to say that he loved me from the bottom of his heart and that was all I ever wanted, nothing more, nothing less.


"Just say it, you idiot!" I shouted.

"It's hard!" he yelled back.

"It isn't! If you love me then won't it be easy to say it?" I asked.

"It's supposed to be, but it's just so… different when it comes out." He tried explaining.

"Just say it. Please?"

"Geki dasa daze."

Seriously, I wanted him to say that he loved me more than that geki dasa daze line. I wanted to hear those words more than anything else, and he's finding it so hard to say it. This is stupid!

"This is so…" I started saying but was interrupted.


And that was what made that day the greatest day of my life.

"I love you, too, Ryou!" I jumped on him and gave him a huge hug.

05: This is the Beginning of a love story…

I don't exactly know what you guys found as the best part of my relationship with Ryou. But I've certainly learned a lesson from all of this. Hyotei is the best place to find the best hotties in the world. And for more serious lessons I have one to share for you all: Make sure the boy you love won't ever let you go so easily, or else your best friend will be the one to steal you from him.

And basically that ends the show that you've been reading. You've read through pages and pages of crazy and annoying Risa-and-Ryou arguments, but I do think that has never gone to waste. See where I am now? I'm in the arms of the one I love. For sure, he won't ever leave me because I know that I'm right there, stuck to his heart. I'll be remembered forever and I'll be with him forever. Even if we're far apart, remembering me won't be too hard.

Loving someone is great. Try it and you'll feel like you're in heaven.

-Fukayama Risa.

PS.: Ryou is right. I could pass for an awesome wife. He just told me how great my cooking was!

A/n.: And that takes me to the end of this story. I don't really know what I'm expecting from all of you guys. I'm not so sure if you'll like how I ended it. I actually wanted one more chapter but I knew that if I added one more I wouldn't end, so I just squeezed everything into this tiny chapter.

I hope you all enjoyed the REMEMBER ME experience.

Sorry for all the grammatical errors that was flying around so carelessly and the wrong spellings that should have happened more than three times. If it irritated you that Shishido was a little OOC, I completely apologize. And if you hated Risa…. YOU GUYS CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

Thank you to all of those who read from the first chapter to the last, reviewed, and favorite. You guys have given me good criticism and also were a great inspiration for all of this. If it weren't for all of you, this wouldn't have been completed. THANKS LOADS!

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