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Chapter Ten

"Well don't just stand around, the chairs won't blow up if you sit on them."

Lupin sniggered. "You'll have to forgive them, Severus, it's been student lore for years that this room was decorated with chains and whips, and you either slept on a bed on nails or in a coffin."

The youngsters laughed now.

"Hardly," Severus paused. "Coffins are far too small." Lupin choked on the drink he'd just taken a sip from, making every one laugh harder.

Winky appeared at Severus's side making everyone but him jump.

"Winky, what are you doing here? Asked Hermione incredulously.

"Winky is my house elf now."

"You mean she's not free anymore?"

"No, she's not."

"But that's dreadful. I mean...."

Harry stopped her. "Wait, Hermione. Are you happy Winky?" He asked the house elf kindly, he had acquired a respect for house elfes in the last few years.

"Yes Mr Harry Potter. Winky is happy, Winky has a master again."

"But..." Hermione tried to give reasons why she would be better free. Ron stopped her this time.

"Hermione love, have you noticed Winky has clean clothes on and seems to be sober? Leave her be."

"Did you want something, Winky?"

"Yes Master Sev. Dinner is ready."

Lupin waited until last before walking next to Severus. "Master Sev?"

Severus grinned. "You don't have to call me Master, Remus, Sev will do." Leaving the werewolf behind him standing in shock for a few seconds before taking his seat to Severus. No, not Severus. Sev now.

As they, ate they chatted about the course work the four were having to get done, and what they were up to other than working.

"Oh, that reminds me Professor Lupin. I have a new pen pal in Mexico, I wanted to put a few phrases in Spanish in but I was wondering if you could check them for me before I send it off."

"Certainly, Ginny, I'll be glad to, bring it to me when you're finished."

"You speak Spanish?" Asked Snape.

"I lived in Spain for a year or two, when I travelled."

"I see." Snape's cheeks were stained with red now.

Lobo fluttered down from his hiding place in the rafters. "Hello Lobo." Snape fed the owl some treats from his pocket.

"He's a lovely owl sir." Said Hermione smiling. "Lobo means wolf doesn't it Professor Lupin."

"Yes Hermione, I believe it does." Snape felt Lupin's hand squeeze his leg under the table.

When Winky brought the treacle tart Harry's face lit up. "How did you know that was my favourite?"

"Potter, I was a spy, I know everything."

"We all have secrets, only Dumbledore knew them all. It took me until last year to figure out how the hell he managed to know things as soon as they happened."

Harry looked between Lupin and Snape a small smile playing on his lips. "Yeah, I guess we all have some secrets."

"Shall we sit by the fire?" Severus led them back to the sitting room. He remained standing while the others sat. "I suppose you're wondering exactly why I asked you here. Well, I have a gift for Miss Granger and Mr Potter..."

"We don't want anything, sir, you already gave us our brother back." Interrupted Ron. Ginny punched his arm.

"Shut up you idiot, that was our gift. We're here as moral support." Ginny rolled her wyes as if that should have been obvious.

Lupin grinned and nudged Harry who was sitting next to him. "You're going to have your hands full with that one."

Harry blushed. "Yeah, I know."

Snape cleared his throat. "Your quite right Miss Weasley. Winky could you bring the first package please." Winky appeared at Snape's side holding a large leather bound book. This is for you."

Hermione took the book looking at the title. 'The History of Hogwarts.' "Um, thank you sir. But I've read 'Hogwarts a History.'"

"I know, you must quote it once a week at least." Ron coughed, sounding suspiciously like he was trying to cover a laugh. "This, however." Continued Snape. "Is the history of Hogwarts as written by the headmasters. It was spelled to record their thought and feelings as well as the events. It has recorded everything that has happened in the last 600 years. This book has never been published, in fact no one but a headmaster of the school has ever read it or known of its existence."

Hermione's eyes widened. "Wow, so it's like a personal diary?"

"Put simply, yes."

"Even yours, sir?"

"No Miss Granger, I decided to stop at any headmasters that were still living, if you want to know about me I suggest you ask, I believe asking a question is not something you're new too."

Hermione grinned. "But I'm not a headmistress, is it ok for me to keep it?"

"Miss Granger, I have a feeling we're not going to keep you out of education for long, I'm simply giving you a head start."

Hermione beamed and hugged the book. "Thank you very much, Professor." Severus just nodded.

Harry was now looking very apprehensive. Lupin stood up to let Severus sit next to the boy.

Winky reappeared in the room holding a box. "This is for you. Your mother was my best friend, I loved her like a sister. In that box are photo's from when we were children and there are books we wrote together. They are just childish ramblings there's a diary and stories about adventures we would make up. I thought you would like to have them. You have plenty of people and things to remind you of your father. I hoped this would give you a little of Lily."

Harry couldn't take his eyes off the book. "I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything Pott... Harry."

Harry was reaching for the first of several books in the box. Hermione was already reading her book. Severus looked over at the Weasley's. "Will you make sure these two get back to their rooms' without walking into too many walls please."

The siblings grinned. "No problem. Um, Professor, Neville said his mum and dad call you Prof, can we call you that?"

Severus sighed, but nodded. "It's better that what your brothers came up with."

Lupin walked to the door too but rather than leave he watched the others walked off down the corridor.

"Night Prof, Night Remus." They called back over their shoulders.

Snape tuned to Lupin. "I have something for you too."

"For me? Why?"

Severus shrugged, "Because I wanted to."

Lupin grinned. "Lead on."

Back inside the front room, Winky was waiting for them. "We don't need anything else now, Winky, you can go off to bed if you like."

"Yes, Master Sev." Winky vanished with a crack.

"I put it in my room, I didn't want anyone to see it." Snape walked towards his bedroom.

"Luring me into your bedroom with the promise of presents. Sev, you're losing your touch, that's not even sneaky."

"I can bring it out to you if you'd prefer."

"And miss the chance of seeing your bedroom? No fear. I'll come with you."

Severus stopped abruptly and turned around, causing Lupin to walk into him. Severus caught Lupin around the waist and pulled him against himself. "I doubt it's the only chance you'll get to see it. In fact, how about I make it an open invitation."

"Sounds perfect. Now where's my gift?" Severus laughed, he was doing that a lot theses day's, Snape reflected.

Opening the door to his bedroom, he led Lupin inside. The bedroom was richly decorated, the bed was in the centre of the room it was a huge four-poster hung with red and silver drapes. The sheets were silk and there was an abundance of pillows in gold and green.

"Your gift is on the table."

Looking over at the table Lupin saw a wooden building. Intrigued Lupin walked over to get a closer look. The building was about half a meter squared, the outside, although beautifully crafted was unremarkable. Lupin tried to look in the windows but found he couldn't see anything.

"Sev, what is it?"

"Press your thumb to the door."

When Lupin did so he suddenly found himself on a carped floor of a darkened room. A hand grasped his arm and pulled him up to his feet.

"Lights." Lupin heard Severus voice command. When the lights came up Lupin looked around to see he was in a Library to rival any he had ever been to, including that of Hogwarts. Except all the shelves were empty.

"I thought you needed more space for your books, the room is charmed so that no matter what happens to the outside, nothing inside will fall. There are arm chairs and sofas, so you can escape and relax."

Severus looked at Remus hopefully.

Lupin was still looking around in wonder. "You made this for me?"

Snape just nodded.

A growl escaped from Lupin's lips and he launched himself at Snape pushing him to the floor kissing every bit he could get too.

"Sev, how do we get out of here? I just thought of a way to use my 186 minutes. I want to see if that bed of yours is as comfortable as it looks. Tomorrow we can move our books in"

"Our books?"

"Hell yes, our books, it's going to take us a life time to fill this library. But it's going to be a lot of fun trying."

Severus grasped Remus's hand his grin was almost feral. And took him back to his bedroom, to show Remus just how comfortable they could be in bed together.

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