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The third and final chapter!

I am sorry it has taken forever to get back to this story. This is my third chapter, and we don't get lots of information of Harm's grandmother so I'm taking the liberty of "AU" to hopefully write a good enough third chapter.

This is the first Sarah Rabb – Harm's grandmother.

I am the first Sarah Rabb; Sarah Edith Rabb.

I am the daughter of Garth and Nell Lochte, and the younger sister of Katherine and James Lochte. My older brother and sister passed away in their early twenties due to health issues, leaving me as an only child.

I am the wife of Henry Edward Rabb, making me the first Sarah Rabb through marriage. My husband was killed flying off the USS Hornet during the Second World War and I was left to look after my son, Harmon Rabb (who became Sr after the birth of his son).

I am the mother of Harmon Rabb Sr. An aviator who was declared MIA in 1969 after being shot down over North Vietnam.

I am the mother-in-law of Patricia Reed, the woman who married into the aviator lifestyle.

I became the grandmother of Harmon David Rabb Jr a few years after their marriage.

Years after my son's disappearance Patricia re-married, something I approved of, as Frank Burnett gave Harm Jr a sense of normality and a father figure.

Harm Jr went looking for his father when he was only a teenager, something that I hoped would tell us of my son's fate. Unfortunately it was not for years that the fate would be determined.

I became the grandmother of Sergei Zhukov after Harm Jr found out that his father had been killed protecting the Russian woman he was involved with, with whom he produced his second son.

I had brown hair that has slowly turned gray as I've aged. Harmon Sr had my hair; however Harm Jr got his mother's dark hair. I have deep green eyes that were passed onto Sergei.

I am the "grand-mother-in-law" of Sarah Catherine Mackenzie Rabb, the Marine my first grandson married. Together, they gave me two great-granddaughters and three great-grandsons.

I am the great-grandmother of Matilda Grace Mackenzie-Rabb and Chloe Madison Mackenzie-Rabb.

I am the great-grandmother of Joshua Harmon, Daniel Harmon and Benjamin Harmon Rabb.

I am the "grand-mother-in-law" to Sergei's wife, Elena. They gave me one great-granddaughter.

I am the great-grandmother to Sophia Natalya Zhukov.

My great-grandchildren have produced me with many great-great-grandchildren. I was surprised with how many I've seemed to have accumulated with having only one son.

I am the great-great-grandmother of William Harmon (Mackenzie) Rabb-Chown, Matilda's son.

I am the great-great-grandmother of Peyton Trish Mackenzie-Rabb, Chloe's daughter

I am the great-great-grandmother of Michael Harmon Rabb, Joshua and Lauren's (his wife) son.

I am the great-great-grandmother of Mitchell Harmon Rabb, Daniel and Emilia's (his wife) son.

I am the great-great-grandmother of Sarah Louise Mackenzie Rabb and Christopher Harmon Rabb, Benjamin and Louise's (his wife) children.

I am the great-great-grandmother of Anna Elena Zhukov, the daughter of Sophia and her husband, Isaak.

Joshua's wife, Lauren, is very involved in her nieces and nephews' lives, making me the "great-great-great-aunt" to Luke, Adam, Jessica and Kelly Johnson.

My husband was an aviator, my son was an aviator, my grandsons were an aviator and a helicopter pilot for the Russian Army, one of my grandson's wife was a Marine, and Harm Jr's children have followed in his and Sarah's footsteps into the defence force.

Matilda, Joshua, Daniel, Benjamin and Chloe (through her fiancé) are part of the defence force. Matilda is a fighter pilot and her son, William, has enlisted in the Navy. Chloe, although not directly enlisted, is planning to marry a Captain who is influences her daughter, Peyton, to enlist also. Joshua is the Captain of a submarine and his son, Michael, plans to enlist. Daniel became a JAG lawyer like Harm Jr and Sarah, and his son, Mitchell, wishes to be one too. Benjamin is a Marine and his son, Christopher wants to be a Marine too. Sophia became a doctor, but only for the Army Reserves so she hasn't been called upon just yet, and her daughter, Anna, wants to be a lawyer, although we're not sure with JAG or somewhere completely disconnected with the defence force. My great-great-granddaughter, Sarah, is the only one who seems to enjoy flying like Harm Jr while trying to distance herself from the defence force.

I think she only likes flying so much because my grandson, Harmon Jr, owns a vintage plane, a Stearman I believe, that he named "Sarah" after me. Although, these days he tells his granddaughter Sarah that it was a bonus that his wife is also named Sarah, as well as his youngest granddaughter, because he loves us all.

I am glad that even though the families started small, my grandsons could help it grow with their children, and then children's children. It's a nice sight seeing them all together for special events.

And, to think, I was the first Sarah Rabb, and then the only for so long.

A/N: So here is the last Sarah Rabb, well technically the first but the last chapter. I will admit, I made a fair bit up, but tried to make it believable and plausable. Anyway, the story is now complete. Thank you for anyone who read it.