As Pramod left Gina's quarters, they hugged and promised to keep in touch. Gina said 'I am your sister and you can come and visit anytime to say hello'

Pramod was touched by her offer and said he would definitely drop by whenever he could. With this he cut out his burning cigarette and left, leaving the door open.

Within a short span of 25 minutes, Gina and Pramod developed a bond; they spoke about different countries, culture, bolywood, politics, social security system, family. They were both survivors and had common backgrounds of struggle.... and still were.

Gina Chirped I love Bolywood, I think Indian women are the most beautiful; I wish I was an Indian women; they are so beautiful the bindi the saree, wow! What is the name of that bolywood star,.... Shahrukh khan? He's so handsome – I have seen his movies too.

I like the Indian culture she quipped, there is a lot of respect in the culture and she folded her hands in a Namaste. Pramod was stunned; he was impressed with her enthusiasm on bolywood, Indian culture and Indians in general.

She explained vividly to Pramod that once she wore the saree. Pramod let his imagination loose and thought of a black carribean women in a saree and a bindi, wow! That's a stunner. Gina was a black Carribean woman originally from east Africa Ghana and Pramod an Indian.

With this she started undressing and gave pramod a view of her well toned beautiful black body. He was so impressed with her black body when she told him no sex, I respect Indian men. Pramod was taken aback not that he was in the mood for sex, but being an Indian had taught him to get the best bargain. He said in that case dear Gina, its only 70$ only 50$.

Gina was a bit sad and she started telling him that she had to pay a rental of 250$ daily to afford this quarters and business was bad these days. Pramod did not want to argue beyond that and agreed to 70$.

After 10 mins of pure pleasure, they both got dressed up and he asked her' Do you have a cigarette, she said do you want to smoke it in here?' Pramod said 'It will take a couple of minutes, I just want to talk'

Pramod asked her if she was married.

Gina said 'No' and after a long pause. She said 'he was a good man....... took good care of me' there was a tear drop in her eye and she said 'he died in an accident, and after that I do not feel the need for another man'

Gina said' It's a give and take, I support my mother today. My son is studying and I hope for him to become a big man take care of me tomorrow' you do Good and it comes back she said philosophically. This is not understood in the west where they have their governments to take care of people; Pramod knew exactly what she meant.

Family is important Pramod quipped and squeezed her hand warmly. Gina gave her hand out for a handshake and Pramod gave her a firm handshake. She said' I like it you hold my hand like a man'

After spending 25 minutes' with Gina, the most touching event for Pramod was the hug that Gina gave him in the end, which had a deeper connection between the two. Something unsaid but understood....