Edward's Nightmare

Chapter One- The Move.

"This is so exciting!" screamed Alice.

I frowned at her, we were moving and starting a high school again, exciting wouldn't have been my word for it.

"Oh come on Edward, I know this is going to be great." Alice pleaded with me.

Alice could see the future and had many visions about our new life in forks. There was a large shopping centre to keep Alice busy for years, which is why she was mainly excited.

"Sure Alice, but don't think I'm going shopping with you," I muttered.

"You're no fun, Rose will come with me," she said while pouting at me.

Alice could pout all she wants but I will not go shopping with her, last time we were there for 3 days straight, I was excruciatingly bored.

And with that she disappeared into the next room, probably trying to find Rosalie.

Rosey, Rosey, Rosey where are you?

I shook my head. Poor Rosalie didn't like shopping either.

Oh God Alice, shopping again!!! We just got here.

I snickered at Rosalie's thoughts.

Today was Tuesday and we had arrived in forks on Monday. The house was beautiful and large as always, isolated in a dense forest area off the highway.

Esme and Carlisle had enrolled us in Forks High School, starting tomorrow.

Alice, Jasper and I were juniors while Emmett and Rosalie were seniors. This time we were using the last names of Hale and my favourite, Cullen.

The official story was that Esme and Carlisle Cullen had adopted 5 children. Alice, Emmett and I were Cullen's. Jasper and Rosalie were twins under the last name of Hale.

Emmett and Carlisle were out hunting and Esme was organising furniture. Alice and Rosalie were still discussing shopping. I was the only one in my family not to have a partner. Alice had Jasper, Emmett had Rosalie and Carlisle had Esme. Esme worried about me, being alone, thinking I was missing something because I was changed too early. I ignored these thoughts, there was nothing wrong with me, I just hadn't found my love.

I decided not to let myself dwell on these thoughts so I walked down the stairs into the lounge. There I found my magnificent piano; I had brought it with me all the way from Alaska. I did not need my composure book to remember what to play so I sat down and began to play, Esme's Lullaby.

Edward is playing again and it was my lullaby, such a beautiful composure. I wish he would compose more. Esme thought as she started humming alone to the melody.

I had not composed a song since one hundred years ago, I could not find the inspiration.

That grizzly bear was so irritated, no match for me any day though ahaha. Delicious though, I wonder what Rosalie has been doing.

Emmett and Carlisle had entered my range of hearing. Some of my family were more extraordinary than other vampires. I could hear thoughts, Alice could get glimpses of the future, Jasper could sense and effect moods, Esme was compassionate and understanding; Carlisle hated violence and would do anything to prevent it. We survived only on the blood of animals, we cared and interacted with humans as though we were humans. This made us all the more dedicated to only consuming animal blood, although sometimes we would fail and a human would pay the price. This was not often.

"They are back," I whispered too low for a mere human to here, but I knew my family would hear.

Emmett can save me from Alice begged Rosalie in her thoughts.

Alice had her annoying moments like when she gets hyper active, thinks about shopping and giving people make overs. She particularly liked doing make over on humans, so forks would give Alice a whole new group of people to make over. And they had no idea she was coming.

"Edward!!! You should have come, heaps of mountain lions for you here." Emmett's voice boomed across the room before I saw him.

"I'll go later with Jasper," I said thinking about those delicious mountain lions... Jasper would need to hunt, to be sure he wouldn't slip up tomorrow with humans so close.

Emmett's appearance was sure to intimidate many people, but I knew he was just like a 5 year old. Always making jokes and acting like a child.

Esme appeared to my right side, sitting on the piano bench. Carlisle bent down and kissed her on the cheek. You could see the love between them and I felt lonely.

"Ready for school, Emmett? "Asked Esme.

"Absolutely, I can't wait ....." Emmett was cut off by my screaming.

"JASPER! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" I yelled at him before he had even stepped inside the house.

She just smelt so good....

I was surprised Alice hadn't seen it in one of her visions. Jasper entered the room with his head hung low. His hair was ruffled and I could smell the blood on his lips.

Jasper had killed a human.

Alice and Rosalie had raced down the stairs to see what the commotion was about. They both gasped.

"Jasper, you didn't did you?" pleaded Alice.

"I did. I'm so sorry everyone but I couldn't handle her smell, she smelt so good." recalled Jasper.

"Edward, Emmett come with me. Esme please look after Jasper until he has returned to normal" said Carlisle.

Esme nodded as Emmett and I ran out the door. Carlisle seconds behind us.

I lead them to where the body was. Jasper had been out walking when he ran into her.

I stopped as I approached the scene; the body still there was pale, due to the loss of blood.

"Oh my," Exclaimed Carlisle.

Edward, call the police please. Chief Swan will more than likely be the one sent out. Our statements will be we found the body while exploring our new neighbourhood.

I pulled out my phone and my while I tapped my fingers on the keyboard, Carlisle explained it to Emmett.

"Chief Swan, How may I help you?" answered Chief Swan.

"Hello I am Edward Cullen and I have found the body of a young girl in the forest. My father Dr Carlisle Cullen is here with me and has confirmed that the girl is in fact dead," I explained to Chief Swan.

"Oh dear god. I'll send people over immediately, where are you?" asked Chief Swan

"On forest wood avenue near the bend just before you reach the highway" I called into my phone.

"On our way then." Replied Chief Swan and with that he hung up.

I wondered who this girl was, that lay dead in the trees.

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