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Yuki Riddle

Ch 1 – Leaving (Prologue)

A little eight year old girl named Yuki sat in the Pews (I) of an elegant church watching the Flower girls walk down the isle in their purple ruffled dresses and red hair (II), her soon to be step-sister Emily looked at her and sneered, Yuki quickly lowered her gaze to the floor. They made it to the front of the church as the Bridal Waltz started, the sisters Emily and Natalia walked to one side as their mother started down the isle. Lillith, like her daughters had red hair, and was walking down the isle wearing a white dress made of satin and tulle (III), with pearls around her neck given to her by Kaien Cross, Yuki's adoptive father. Zero, her practically adopted brother was going to be giving out the rings, meanwhile giving Emily and Natalia death glares for giggling at him.

Yuki was the only one left out, Lillith and her soon to be step-sisters made it very clear that they would rather she not be here, its only because of Zero that Yuki was even allowed to be sitting here in the back row.

Yuki Pov

I hate Lillith, Emily and Natalia, and they return that hate 110% but as long as Daddy happy I'll be on my best behaviour.

I slip out the door while no one is paying attention out of the corner of my eye I see Zero looking concerned but then it changed to a death glare at the girls as they started giggling again. I walk outside towards the graves further to the side I remember Daddy took me here once to visit someone, He said it was 'a very special person', I keep walking along the rows of graves and stop at two of the newer ones. I kneel in front of them. And trace my fingers along the engraved writing, for some reason it makes me sad to see them.

"Juri-oba-chan (IV), Haruka-oji-san(V), did you know daddy's getting married today. Her name's Lillith, she has two Daughters' There names are Emily and Natalia, I don't really like them though they're mean but I promise I'll be good and try to get along with them. I'm sorry I haven't visited for a long time I was only six the last time I came, I'm eight now, a big girl. Lots of stuff's happened since I was last here, Daddy set up a School, he says once I'm older I can learn there, Zero too. Oh… Zero I almost forgot to tell you, Zero was attacked by a bad vampire just like the one Kaname-sama (VI) saved me from, you remember Kaname-sama right, Zero's family was attacked by bad vampires and he came to live with me and Daddy, he's really quiet and he doesn't talk to many people just me and daddy, he doesn't like Kaname-sama though, kaname-sama is the head of the night class, did you know Kaname-sama's a good vampire, I tried telling that to zero but he won't listen he says they're all 'beasts in human form' I don't think so, I bet there's lots of good vampires out there…" I sat further back at the base of a tree and saw a shadow move. I jumped and moved back.

"Yuki" The voice said surprised, " what are you doing here?"

"Who's there?" I ask feeling scared.

The shadow steps forward "I'm sorry did I scare you"

"Kaname-sama" I said surprised by his sudden appearance, "no you didn't scare me, im just visiting Juri-oba-chan and Haruka-oji-san why are you here" I see a brief flicker of surprise in his eyes, which is quickly covered, "visiting my parents how do you know them?" he asked "they died three years ago hence the reason why their graves are the only new ones around here"

"Your parents? Daddy said Juri-oba-san was 'a very special person' he took me here soon after I turned six." I told him.

He gave a small smile "the were friends, well sort of, my mother came up with the idea of the academy. They both shared the dream that one day humans an vampire's could co-exist, my mother wanted a place where vampire didn't have to hide behind masks."

"She sounds really nice do you miss her?" I asked him.

"I miss all my family very much, I'm the last one." He told me with a sad smile "there's another one alive but it's too dangerous for me to stay with her for long times, but I visit when I can."

I give him a smile, the jump when the church bells ring. "Oh no" I said "I'm sorry Kaname-sama but I have to go I'm not supposed to be here." I said and turned to leave "then I shall escort you back, where are you going?" he asked grabbing my hand. I looked up at him and point in the direction of the church. "I'm supposed to be in the back row of the pews, I only have five minutes to get back please hurry" I said pulling him along. "Why are you at the church?" he asked as we walked. "Daddy's getting married today." I replied.

"So you've got to make it in time for it to start? And why are you seated at the back if it's your father getting married?" he asked

"no I've got to get there before it ends, and my new step-mother didn't even want me there." I explained

"Why" he asked.

"Because they don't like me and I don't like them, Emily and Natalia are mean and are always giggling at Zero making him angry all the time so he's always grumpier than usual, and Lillith is weird she's mean as well but she just appeared, sort of, one day Daddy went into town and he came back with her and she stayed ever since and made it perfectly clear that I was an unfortunate obstacle in her plans. No idea what she meant but I don't care, I'll behave as long as she does" I said, I waved goodbye and sneaked back in the doors to my seat in time for them Daddy and Lillith to kiss, I felt like I just lost something, then I noticed a small black fog around Daddy's lips, sink into his skin as they pulled back." I looked over to Zero and saw him give a confused look towards Daddy then narrowed his eyes giving a death glare to the girls again who were hanging off his arms. They all walked out of the church with me following behind them I saw Kaname walk up to Daddy and congratulated him, the girls stopped giggling at Zero for two seconds before looking at each other and nodding Emily let go of Zero's arm and latched onto Kaname's and they both started giggling again, Kaname frowned and tried to pull away while still appearing polite but still failed, I stood and watched them interacting and couldn't help but feel jealous all of them were so pretty like a fairytale, they fit perfectly Daddy and Lillith, King and Queen, Emily and Natalia, Princess', Zero and kaname, the Princes. : There's no room for a plain little girl like me.: I thought as I looked at them all then saw Kaname looking at me with worry, :I'm fine I thought, but it's obvious that both princes have been taken: I thought looking towards their arms where the girls where still hanging of them :I guess… I'll just have to be my own knight in shining armour.:

"Yuki?" Kaname asked in a concerned tone, "are you ok"

I saw Emily give me a glare from under my bangs, "fine, just tired, thank you for your concern Kaname-sama." I said and move further back, he frowned but got the point that I didn't want to talk.

8 years later

I'm lying in the middle of my room in a puddle of my blood wondering how this happened, I swore to myself that I would never need a knight to save me right now it seems like the only thing that would have even the slightest chance. And I can't rely on Zero since he left earlier this year running after Shizuka Hio and his twin brother Ichiru. I remember what Natalia said, "…Zero ran to get away from you…" I shift my thoughts from the painful memories, I spent 4 years learning to defend myself to get stronger and it's still not enough, I remember a time when Kaname would save me, he'd come to my rescue whenever I was in trouble until last year, Emily's voice rang through my head this time accusing me "…Kaname won't talk to you…" I almost start to cry. : No I won't cry, I won't let them win: the chairman taught me to stay strong that no matter what there'll be someone to help me,: daddy: I thought as Lillith's voice Penetrated my head, "…your father decided death was better than being with you and I'm sure your birth parents felt the same way. Don't you get it everybody hates you…" I feel tears sliding down my cheeks :It's not true, it can't be: I think to myself and force myself to stand up. I will find a place where I can learn, where I can do what I want someplace I'll be safe. I push myself to reach the door, and then to the forest, from tree to tree I limp, my place slow and wavering.

:I Need to find somewhere safe: these where my last thoughts as I fell to the ground getting mud on my clothes and the remains of my hair.



I – Pews: the long seats in churches

II – Emily and Natalia:Pic on Profile

III – Lillith: Pic on Profile

IV – Oba-chan: Aunty

V – oji-san: Uncle

VI – Sama:honorific used towards someone of higher status

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