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Yuki Riddle

Ch 7 - Training

'Well that was weird' I thought as I woke in my own bed. "Mistress! You're awake!"

I turned my head to the voice and sure enough the cat-like boys were there sitting in my room.


"We… are the Cheshire twins! My name is Shadow and this is my brother Light we used to live with you when you were little. Humans would have called us your pets, however, we are not common household pets, we're magical and therefore, since we bonded with you when you were a child, we are known as familiars." The dark haired boy said.

"Isn't a Cheshire the cat from Alice in wonderland?" I asked curious.

The boy scratched his head then the white haired twin answered. "That would have been our..." He stopped to think for a minute before continuing. "...great grandmother.. She died shortly after 'Alice' died. The last Cheshire cats went into hiding in Wonderland a few decades ago, but we managed to find our way to the above. Tricky business since they sealed off almost all the exits." I nodded then looked at the door as it opened.

Tom walked through and sat next to me. "Your training will start today, I've written you a timetable for the week, it will be like regular schooling, so be on time." He said glancing to me then looking around the room before settling on the closet. " also after you've eaten this afternoon Lucius will come and get you. Cissa will be there with clothes prepared and waiting for you, you will need to change and follow them to a meeting room, once you've arrived you'll need to stand beside me. Is everything clear? Do I need to repeat anything for you?" he asked me.

I shook my head and went to leave but turned around near the door.

"I trust you two have good memories" he said to the twins.

Both nodded in reply and replied with "we will insure she makes her classes in time."

Tom nods and continues out of the room as the twins head to the wardrobe to find her clothes for her lessons.

Shaddow and light grinned and pulled me into the bathroom. (They laid out clothes for me to wear and left, I showered and got ready to leave. Walking out the door I saw cissa sitting on a chair in my room.. She saw me and stood." Let's get going shall we?" She said and walked out of the room. I followed till we reached a dark room with lit candles on the wall, a desk sat on one side with work benches on the other side and a large space between.

"This is where all of your classes will be held, with the exception of your battle training that will be held in the training hall. Your potions classes will be on the weekends for 3 hours and you will have etiquette after these lessons, with the exception of today. Your other classes will be held by other people tom trusts, I'm guessing at the moment it will be, Seveus, Lucius, Bella, Fenrir, Rodolphus and Rebastian, there will most likely be others added on, but we mainly need to get you up to speed on the Hogwarts curriculum before we do anything else, because, I'm guessing, you want to go to Hogwarts next year with Harry and Draco."

"I want to go with them but I don't think I'd learn fast enough." I said looking at the ground.

"... I might be able to do something to help you; I'll stop by your room tonight to give it to you." As cissa said this Bella walked into the room.

And so the hour passed quickly. I understood a lot of what they were saying, this surprised me since I've never heard of any of these things before today.

Severus came. And traded places with cissa and Bella. He explained how to use the equipment and what the ingredients in the storage rooms were. When it was over he led me to the dining room and left me with Draco and Harry who were sitting awkwardly next to each other trying to not look at each other.

I sat down and told a house elf what I wanted to eat.

After finishing I asked the boys what Hogwarts was like.

"Well, the classes are behind Durmstrang , but other than that they're good, but last year they held the Triwizard Tournament, we'll just sum that up as a disaster." They couldn't say more because Lucius arrived and took me to change my clothes.

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