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Never Be The Same Again

It was almost over now.
The WWE isn't the same as what it used to be. TNA was almost overpowering and Vince McMahon had no choice but to at least consider selling out. It was killing him inside to think that way, but there was really no other choice. The top stars of the WWE had pretty much all left, having been offered larger sums by TNA, thinking the grass is geener on the other side. Known names such as Batista, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Big Show, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Vladimir Kozlov, Mr. Kennedy, The Great Khali, etc... and pretty much all the smaller names had accepted the pricey offer and betrayed the WWE Universe. Leaving Vincent Kennedy McMahon almost broke and with ratings less than even the lamest shows. Remaining were mainly, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Edge, Christian, Shawn, Hunter, Mark, Randy, Phil, the faithful baby of the company, Evan Bourne, and Trish Stratus (who had returned to give a helping hand.
The presently faithful World Wrestling Entertainment stars were in the Chairman's office as he wished. Apparently, there was something he needed to tell them...

~Jeff Hardy's POV~

I was sitting beside my brother and Trish, waiting for Mr. McMahon to finish the phone call he had taken. We had been called in for something urgent and we all had a bad feeling inside about it. McMahon's son-in-law sat beside Vince's desk with his wife, Stephanie - daughter of the Chairman. Hunter had his head rested on his closed hands as his elbows nested in his knees. He was hunched over and looked as though he would kill the whole TNA company. Shawn was across from Matt, Trish and myself, we all swapped knowing glances and then looked between the Chairman and Hunter, awaiting a rise or the sound of the phone being put back on the desk.
"Yep, alright. I'll get back to you...Alright...Yes, goodbye."
McMahon sighed in a little frustration and rubbed his forehead with the tips of his fingers, as if to soothe the ache.
"Those of you who are present..." He began, regretting each word as it left his lips, "I have beckoned into my office to announce...less than tragic news. TNA has offered it's highest sum yet to buy out World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE's highest ever worth was, as you all know, 1.5 billion dollars. Well...Panda Energy and Jeff Jarrett have offered a half of that, since we are pretty much second to nothing now. And I think I'm going to accept the deal. But I...I wanted to hear what you all think, since you all stayed true to the company."
Uproar began instantly.
"Sir, you can't do that! This company means everything to you, to us!" Trish spoke tearfully, striking the heart of her boss, trying to make him see another way.
"Trish, he's right." Hunter spoke up gruffly, Shawn and Stephanie's eyes found the floor in shamefully sad agreement.
"But all we've done and been through. All the good times, were they for nothing?" Matt began to ramble. Well, I knew it was coming. Matt never shuts up. One of the things I love most about my brother, "Was all our hard work and trials and pain and suffering...was it all in vain?"
"Matt..." I tried.
"Did we all grow up with false hope, under pretence? Mr. McMahon, sir, you are God and the WWE is Heaven. You can't give up now. TNA...they can never be as good as we really are. They used to never travel, while we worked our asses off in Europe, Australia, Afghanistan..."
"...We risk our lives day in and day out, and they do too, but we...you can't do this, sir, I-"
"Matt!" I elbowed him in the side, causing him to skid to a halt.
While he was gasping for air, I opted to voice my opinion.
"Sir, with all do respect, it is your decision. We are your employees and we will support you as always and as we are now, but...anything but TNA! I've been there sir and..." I shook my head, "Each and every night I performed, I ached inside, 'cause it just wasn't the same. Matt's right