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~Jeff's POV~

I decide to stop looking for my deranged brother and prepare for my big declaration. At least I know I have Trish by my side. It's good to have a close friend when your only family remaining seems to be losing his mind. And God is it worrying me...I want to helo him but he seems to stop before he can tell me what's wrong! I wanna know what is eating at him.
"Hey Jeff?"
I snap out of my silent monologue and look at Trish, who looks very nervous.
"Yeah, Trishy?"
"I was thinking...Can I come out with you?"
"Expose both our sexual identities in one night?"
"Yeah, I mean it's be great business and big news..."
"Great for the WWE, but would it be great for you? It's a big thing, Trishy."
I sit beside her and tears are falling into her lap, wetting the pink and black pants she had put on.
"Did I do something, Jeffy?"
"Um...no, to who? And why?"
"Matt. Because he's being so cold towards me!"
I open my mouth, but I have no clue. Matt's got me just as concerned and confused.
As if on cue, my brother walks in and straight up to me. I figure he wants to start a fight, instead he turns to Trish.
"Can we talk in private, please?"
Trish blinks. He was acting civil towards her. You could see 'What the fuck?' etched into her frown. He licks his lips, "Please?" he pleads one last time before leaving the room.
Trish turns to me.
"I'm gonna go, but I think..."
At the same time, we spoke.
"He might be in love with me!" Trish cries in a hushed voice.
"He might be in love with you!"I cry in my equally hushed shock.
Trish looks sad.
"I don't wanna hurt his feelings, but I don't do guys, you know that. I have Maria..."
"I know, Trishy, but it's gotta be done. He can't be lead on..." I agree and advise.
She nods and smiles gratefully and leaves the room.

15 minutes later, Trish comes back in and she looks like everything in the universe has made sense. I blink at her.
"He's not in love with ME." Trish smiles nervously.
"Who is it...?"
"Uhh...He said you will find out. And WWE will never be the same again."

~Phil's POV~

My music hits. I'm so pumped, Jeff on the mind as I make my entrance, swerving under ladders just like he does, making my way to the ring. There are tables stacked with various items on them around the side. I can't wait to win and run into Jeff's arms. God. I should be a fucking girl haha.
Randy comes out next, walking as slow as fucking possible, it seems. His eyes are narrowed as he side glances at each ladder he passes on his way. I bet Evan is creaming his pants right now.
Adam comes out next, a maniacal grin on his face. His pyro goes off and he looks straight at me. His grin usually isn't out of the ordinary but there's something about it.
While his music is still blaring, he shoves past me and whispers, "You're out of luck, Brooks..."
I frown and stare at his back as he taunts the crowd atop of the second turnbuckle.

~Adam's POV~

This is going to be great. Absolutely great. Vince wanted a show of shows, he's definitely gonna get one. Bigger than Wrestlemania? I'd say.
The ref is about to ring the bell, but I stop him and snatch the mic from his hand, as he had explained the match to the crowd.
"Before we get started, I have something to...share..." I grin wider. Phil blinks at me and Randy mouths 'Adam, this isn't in script, just start the match and stop showboating'
"Everyone loves The Hardys, right? You all get a rise out of seeing Matt and Jeff tag together and demolish their opponents?" This is too good! "Well, I wonder...if you will love them as much as you do when I tell you that they are in love with each other! That's right, you heard it here first folks. MAtt and Jeff Hardy are lovers! How nasty..."
The crowd doesn't cheer, the crowd doesn't boo. The whole lot of them are gob smacked, staring at me. Then uproar breaks out and they're all talking amongst themselves about the juicy gossip. I feel like I am Jesus, WWE will profit miraculously from this...

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