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Hermione awoke suddenly due to the hideously high-pitched shriek. She rolled over the side of the bed, dropping to the floor, and hid in the corner behind the bedpost.

'Lucius, calm yourself. Why are you being so ridiculously childish?'

Hermione rubbed her head, that girly shriek had been Lucius? Surely she didn't have a hangover. Narcissa hadn't tried forcing Hermione into a drunken state yet. Narcissa didn't seem like the person to appreciate a drooling, alcoholic mess anyway. She always did tell Hermione that she enjoyed her victims' clarity of understanding. This statement always emerged whenever Narcissa gave Hermione a new form of humiliation to live through, from serving as her Mistress' naked dinner plate (with House Elves putting the food of varying temperatures on her), to sitting obscenely exposed while Narcissa read aloud sex scenes from one of her various novels.

What she heard next sent a chill of dread through Hermione.

'I don't WANT Bellatrix to visit! This is my home!'

Bellatrix Lestrange. The most deranged woman Hermione had ever met. She was coming here?

'Oh? Have you forgotten what happened last time Bella wanted to visit and you denied her? Imagine what would happen if the Dark Lord caught wind of you denying his favoured Death Eater something as simple as a visit?'

The cool warning in Narcissa's voice and the following silence led Hermione to imagine all the healthy pigmentation leaving Lucius' face.

'Worry not, my love, Rodolphus will probably want to take you and Draco out to shoot wild Muggles.'

Hermione gasp in horror at this piece of information. Hermione suddenly became suspicious. Why was she able to hear their conversation anyway? Understandably, Lucius would be audible from his loudness. Were they that close to the room? Did Narcissa want Hermione to hear all this? Wait, Lucius and Draco would be out. That meant only Narcissa and Bellatrix would be there with her… As far as she knew, Narcissa wouldn't deny her older sister anything. Hermione hoped her assumption was wrong.


'Sister dear!' exclaimed Bellatrix in a somewhat patronising tone.

Narcissa seemed to just let it bounce of her and greeted Bellatrix with a hug and kiss to the cheek.

'Bella, why didn't you just apparate here?'

'What? And miss the opportunity to try out my lovely new carriage and slaves? My husband did spend quite a load of galleons to buy me such a wonderful gift. Cissy, I must take you out in it sometime!'


Bella did not fail to discern the look of disgust on her sister's face, 'Cissy, I made sure your House Elves cleaned their feet and legs before putting them in your shed, don't you worry.'

'I can't imagine how much longer it took than if you had simply apparated.'

Bella slinked up behind her younger sister and clutched her in an intimate embrace. At least it looked far more intimate than was comfortable for Hermione, hiding her face in the shadows on the staircase. After hearing her yelp in fear, Narcissa had allowed Hermione to run under the stairs without punishing her. It wasn't something she was too bothered about, especially not if her suspicions about Bellatrix's visit were correct.

'If you don't mind me asking, dear sister, what is the purpose of your visit?'

Bellatrix curved her neck to nip at Narcissa's earlobe, 'What's the matter, Cissy? Am I not welcome here? Aww Cissy… Did Lucius make a fuss?'

'Nothing of the sort, I was just wondering if this was social visit or a business visit.'

Bellatrix smirked in the direction of the tuft of brown hair sticking out from under the stairs and behind the pot plant. She kept her eyes trained there and proceeded to suck on Narcissa's neck.

'Bella…' came Narcissa's voice, soft and warningly.

'Relax, Cissy. The boys have all gone out to play.'

Hermione shuddered at the thought of humans being shot for sport. She let out a small gasp when she realised that Bellatrix was looking at her. Hermione watched mesmerized as Bellatrix's hands began to attack Narcissa in an extremely unsisterly fashion.

'This visit is simply for my pleasure, Cissy… And perhaps for yours,' declared Bellatrix, twisting her sister in her arms and kissing her fervour.

Hermione's eyes widened in shock as Bellatrix shoved Narcissa up against the wall. Without thinking, Hermione had rushed out, pulling Bellatrix away from her Mistress. She heaved the Death Eater aside and stood between the two Black sisters. Bellatrix had only just managed to spin on her heel, turning with a vicious sneer etched on her features, only for it to turn into an amused snickering at the sight of the infamous Mudblood. She seemed to take on a defensive stance.

'Amusing. Cissy, your new pet is very amusing.'

'It's alright, Hermione. Stand down, pet.'

Hermione kept her eyes on Bellatrix, not trusting the woman who had tortured her most terribly once, in this very mansion. Bellatrix watched in amusement as Hermione shuffled to Narcissa's side and dropped to her knees. Bellatrix made a pleased sound, her baby sister had taught the Mudblood quite well, but Narcissa's soft tone and the petting of Hermione's hair caused Bellatrix's right brow to leap to her hairline.

'I don't suppose you'd lend it to little ol' me?'

Bellatrix rolled her eyes at Narcissa's slight glare.

'Hermione is a she, and she is mine. You never respect what is mine Bella. I remember when you broke my favourite hairbrush.'

'Cissy! That was back when we were children! And besides, I apologised didn't I? Father fixed it too, didn't he?'

'It's not the same. That hairbrush never quite felt the same. Magical fixing is different from you not breaking it in the first place.'

Bellatrix gave Narcissa a leery grin, 'Then why don't you punish me?'

'I suppose I should. It's only fair,' sighed Narcissa.

Hermione blinked several times, what did that mean? She leant into Narcissa's leg, barely stopping herself from clutching at the hem of her Mistress' dress as Narcissa summoned her leash. Hermione opened her mouth, but didn't make a sound after Narcissa's warning glare confronted her. She whimpered slightly as Narcissa clipped the leash on her collar and lead her into a room she hadn't been in before. The door was usually locked. Bellatrix stretched her arms and followed them in. Hermione yelped as Bellatrix's foot connected with her arse.


Hermione was exhausted. For the past half hour she had been straining against her collar, trying to escape from the sounds of pain and pleasure coming from her Mistress' bed. She was used to hearing Narcissa's soft whines of pleasure from Hermione sucking her clit, her soft orgasmic sighs from Hermione's tongue on her feet and thighs, and even her dirty whispers in Hermione's ear as her pet once again admitted to her need for sexual gratification even if it were only at her Mistress' allowance. These screams, these long, tortured moans, and these pleading, needy whimpers… They were new to Hermione's ears and although they were not entirely pleasant, she shamefully admitted that they were affecting her in ways that they shouldn't.

The whole time that Bellatrix had been ravishing her Mistress, Hermione had not once looked in their direction, almost as if out of respect for her Mistress' dignity. With this in mind, she growled in an animalistic manner at Bellatrix when the older Black cackled and called for Hermione to join them. Hermione's cheerless eyes locked on to Narcissa's lounging form. She couldn't see her Mistress' face, but blinked as a slender hand reached over the side and tapped the bed.

'Come here, pet.'

Hermione obediently made her way to the edge of the king sized poster bed. She peered at her Mistress' sweaty torso and blushing face. Narcissa extended a finger and slowly drew Hermione towards her, using her other hand to pull Hermione's face towards her own, and kissed her shocked pet soundly. Hermione's moan of excitement was drowned out by Bellatrix's snicker.

Hermione cried out in shock as Bellatrix gripped her shoulders roughly, pulling her up onto the bed so that she was kneeling over Narcissa. Bellatrix shoved her forwards and Hermione's hair fell around her face. Narcissa gently pulled Hermione's face to kiss her pet again. Unlike her grip, Narcissa kissed Hermione hard and let go only after nipping her lip. Hermione struggled, but only slightly as she tasted blood.

'Why…?' Hermione dared to ask as Bellatrix's right hand yanked at her hair, pulling her backwards.

Bellatrix's teeth grazed the top of Hermione's right ear. Hermione gasped in shock as she watched Bellatrix's left hand sneaking past through her legs to between Narcissa's. Her husky and lust filled voice pushed their way cruelly into Hermione's thoughts, disturbing her initial revulsion at Narcissa's desperate thrusting into her sister's rough touch, 'Because I can, Mudblood.'

Narcissa cried out at Bellatrix's furious pace. Combined with the sight Bellatrix's hand emerging from between Hermione's young thighs, it had pushed her over the edge. Bellatrix pushed the brunette away again. Hermione nearly toppled off the other side of the bed, saved only by Bellatrix's quick, painful grip.

'Bella. Don't do what you like to do. Not to my things,' warned Narcissa breathlessly.

'But I can still manhandle her can't I?' whined Bellatrix in a mocking tone, staring at Hermione with a vicious smile.

Narcissa nearly said no, but groaned in impatience as the eldest Black bit her breast and left a great red mark on her neck. She nodded and moaned, 'Okay.'

Bellatrix caught Hermione before she could jump off the bed.

'You won't get away from me, Mudblood.'

'Bella! That wearies me.'

'Fine, fine. Hermione. You are going to help me, Hermione.'

Hermione opened her mouth to retort but was silenced by Narcissa's fingernails digging into her thigh. She looked into her Mistress' eyes. Narcissa gave her a look that demanded obedience. Hermione gave her a curt nod and replied, 'Yes, Mistress.'

Bellatrix's face soured momentarily, knowing that Hermione wasn't talking to her. It twisted back into a horrid smirk as she wrapped an arm around Hermione's waist, dragging her nails down Hermione's side. Hermione gritted her teeth and winced. Bellatrix licked her neck, 'Let it out. Cry out. Let me hear you moan, Hermione.'

Hermione hated Bellatrix saying her name like it was a filthy word. She absolutely hated it and sneered every time Bellatrix said it in a childish tone. She supposed at least she wasn't calling her "pet" like Narcissa would. Only Narcissa could. Hermione's rapid thoughts were once again interrupted as Bellatrix grabbed a hand and shook it in front of Narcissa's gaze. Bellatrix gave Narcissa a look.

'Suck on your fingers, pet. Do it slowly, but thoroughly. Make them nice and wet.'

Hermione could feel herself getting moist from these words. Even if Bellatrix was there, breathing down her neck and scratching at her skin, Mistress Narcissa would be here. She would be here to protect her. It didn't matter that Bellatrix was there, as long as her Mistress was too.

Bellatrix wasn't planning on being gentle with Hermione though. She shoved Hermione's fingers in her mouth and Hermione nearly choked. She cried out as Bellatrix used her other hand to squeeze a breast roughly. When Bellatrix considered Hermione's adequately soaked in saliva, she guided her hand to Narcissa's glistening opening.

Narcissa's eyes rolled into the back of her head as 4 fingers entered her. Bellatrix used her thumb to rub the blonde, while forcing Hermione to match her pace. Narcissa pulled Bellatrix down for a lusty kiss, pushing her tongue into her older sister's mouth wantonly. Hermione whimpered at the sight. Bellatrix and Narcissa weren't trying to be quiet at all.

Eventually Hermione was willingly moving her hand back and forth with Bellatrix's. She felt Narcissa's inner walls clench tighter. Bellatrix must have felt it too since she forced her own fingers and Hermione's in deeper. Hermione felt a force pushing against her head, towards Narcissa's left breast. Bellatrix must have used some form of wandless magic, though it wasn't the Imperius curse. Sneaking a glimpse to the side, she realised that the older witch was moaning while sucking hard on Narcissa's right breast. Bellatrix was moaning because Narcissa had her fingers up deep in her own clenching heat.

Hermione felt compelled to make her Mistress feel good. She yanked her hand from its confines and backed up. Bellatrix let out a snarl, but soon let out a laugh as she realised that Hermione wanted to use her mouth. She leapt away from her sister's greedy mouth and leaned on Hermione's back. Hermione shivered at the feel of Bellatrix pressed up against her. Bellatrix was talking filthy again.

'Oh look at you Hermione. Eager to please are we? Yes, that's right. Fuck her with your tongue. Oh, watch her hips. They're desperate for you to go deeper. Go on. Stop licking and go right on in. Use your dirty little mouth and eat her out. You like this don't you Hermione?'

Hermione increased the pace of her licking and sucking, trying to channel her anger into a more productive force. She certainly wasn't going to be able to strike Bellatrix, let alone scream at her to stop filling her mind with filth. When Narcissa stop shuddering, Hermione rolled off the bed and scampered into a corner. Bellatrix didn't try to stop her this time.

Hermione wrangled her hands, wishing for a shadow dish of water. She had long ago admitted that she did find Narcissa very attractive. She also acknowledged that she would never see anyone else again, but found her situation not that bad. But this. What she had just done. She had allowed herself to be used by Bellatrix Lestrange.

Hermione felt tainted.

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