PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STORY IS BASED OFF AND A SEQUEL TO ZAT: The Immortal Saiyan, written by Revu. If you are not familiar with this story, plz read it.


The Z warriors have destroyed Omega Shinron and Goku is wished back to an adult, but Hunter, a legendary Saiyan Warrior who the Z warriors met (on the Saga of Baby) cut in on the wish and added for everything to be as it once was during the Majin Buu Saga, except that Uub was still there, they all maintained their current powers, and that Gohan would come back from the dead, but he still said no.

Hunter pics, so you can see what he looks like.

Hunter in Normal form, pay no attention to the SSP 7 .com/albums/u77/SCORPION_

Hunter in his SS 1 and SS 2 forms .com/albums/u77/SCORPION_

Hunter in his SS 3 and SS 4 states .com/albums/u77/SCORPION_

Hunter in his SS 5 and 6 Super saiyan transformations.

Hunter's final stage of Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 10.


Facing facts

Hunter devolved from his SuperSaiyan Powered state to realize that the 11 year old Soveriegn Gaurd Gohan, still refused to stay with his comrads. "I can't believe this Gohan, you are going back!"

Gohan replied "Yes, I am. The Soveriegn Kia still needs me. I am sorry I can't and won't stay with you guys, especially you, Dad and Goten."

Goten, with tears in his eyes ran to hug the powerful Soveriegn Gaurd, still hoping he would stay. He buried his face into Gohans uniform. "Big Brother, I wan't you to stay!" the 8 year old demanded.

Gohan, took him by the shoulders and gently pushed his little brother away from his chest so he could see him. "I am deeply sorry, but Hunter and Dad can easily defend this planet with out me, and I need to go and recieve more training."

Vegeta scowled. "What about me, huh? I am just as powerful as Kakarott!"

Gohan looked at Vegeta. "I am sorry, Vegeta, you and Trunks too can protect this planet without me."

Piccilo walked away, not saying a word to Gohan, for he too hated the decision his best friend had made.

Gohan looked to see Piccilo walk away, until Gohan ran to him and hugged him. Piccolo, shocked, just stood still and looked down.

"I will never forget you." Gohan whispered into Piccolo's gi.

"I will never forget you either, Gohan." Piccolo said.

Hunter, could not believe this.

Gohan then flew away into the sky to meet Phips.

"So, you ready to go, this touchy reunion is starting to make us late." Phips said to Gohan.

"Yeah, let's go." Gohan replied. Phips snapped his fingers and in an instant, they were gone.

Goku just stood there, looking at the sky where his first born had floated. He could not believe how powerful Gohan was, defeating Omega Shinron without his, Vegeta's, or Hunter's help.

Hunter was so mad. He wanted to punch Goku for not saying, "Gohan, please don't go, we all miss you!" He could not stand it, and with an eruption of power, ki started swirling around Hunter and then turned into a burning gold with a blackish outline. Hunter had transformed into his Super Saiyan Powered form, the next SuperSaiyan level. Hunter was letting all his anger out as he screamed into the heavens! No power on earth could compare to Hunter's unimaginable power, but Gohan's far surpassed his own. Hunter was more powerful than Goku and Vegeta in their 4th transformation of Super Saiyan. Hunter's powered form took alot to reach. When they first met him, he had already achieved Super Saiyan 6, after the first 5 stages. When Baby came along, he accended to Super Saiyan 10 due to his abnormal rage. When Super 17 had killed Goten and Trunks, he evolved over the super saiyan, revealing a whole new transformation of saiyan kind, Super Saiyan Powered!

'WHY!" Hunter screamed, "why didn't you tell him to stay! Why, Goku, why." Hunter's voice trailed off as he fell to his knees.

Vegeta looked to see the legendary saiyan, "How pathetic can you get?! Saiyans don't act this way!"

Goku replied to Hunter's comment in a low voice, "Because, what he has to do is more important than him to be here."

Hunter still could not believe that Goku beleived this, to him, there was nothing more important than Gohan staying with his family.


Gohan could feel Hunter's power as he and Phips traveled back to where the Soveriegn Kai lived. "Hunter is very mad, and I can't blame him. Hunter looks at me as his best friend, but I just cannot stay with them, no matter how much I want to."

"Don't worry." Phips said, "I am sure they will learn that it is for the best. Now let's get home."

"Yeah, I am getting hungry." Gohan said as he looked at his legendary weapon, the Realis.