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The Universal Threat

All the Z warriors rushed outside and flew toward the ever-growing power level. Building after building flew by as people rushed outside to see the sky. It was dark, no clouds, silent lightning rushed through it as no rain fell. Soon, a very tall building came into view.

"Hmm." Gohan said as they all flew toward it. "That's the building he is in. He is in that glass room up there, the one with all that energy."

They all looked to see a blinding light coming out of the windows. It was on the 54th floor of the building. They got to the windows and looked inside the light.

"I, can't see a thing!" Krillin yelled while blocking the light.

All of a sudden, the windows broke before them, busting them all down to the ground. Vegeta was the first to land on his feet. "What amazing power!"

Tein then yelled, "It is so powerful, I am trembling."

The building started cracking and all of them looked up to see it collapse before them! Big chunks of debris started falling down, toward them.

"AHH!" Gohan yelled as he watched. "Dodge them!"

They all jumped out of the way of the continuous debris, and immediatly, the building exploding, busting them all several meters away. Yamcha, Tein, Krillin and Goku were skidded on the ground and soon, all of the brave warriors were covered with the fallen chunks of the building. Scorpion was the first to dig his way out and look toward the foundation. Hunter was the second to rise, followed by Gohan and Vegeta, then Goku and Piccolo, then Yamcha, Tein, and M. Trunks rose up. Goten and Trunks were the last to rise. All stared at the dark figure before them, that was standing in the midst of the debris. It was panting, and soon it stared at them.

"I can't beleive the power I am sensing from that thing!" Goku exclaimed.

The dark figure then stood straight and faced them. He had big, circlelish red eyes, a head that was like a bulb, but pointy at the end. Directly below his point (nose) was a mouth. He had a neck which connected to a small body which held 2 arms, four legs, and an abdomen. His arms were very smooth and sleekish, and his hands were like balls which held 2 long, spikish fingers and 1 thumb, similar to the fingers. His legs were also very smooth and sleekish, which held claw like feet, which stabbed into the ground before him. His abdomen held a shiny, black tail which was small in the center and big and round at the edges, and at the end of his tail held a foot long needle. He squinted his eyes at them.

"So Trunks..." Gohan started. "This is Skriker... the one that destroyed your world?"

M. Trunks replied. "That's him alright. But compared to me now, his powerlevel is nothing."

"Good." Gohan replied. "Then this should be quite easy. But we can't be fooled."

Skriker looked at them all with dark temptation. With a dark, strong, semi mechanical voice, he said, "So... what is it I am staring at. Pitiful lifeforms."

#18 looked at Skriker. "Is he, another one of Doctor Gero's androids?"

"No #18." Gohan answered. "He hatched from an egg, he wasn't created by humans or anything else except the pure evil from this world. The Soveriegn Kai noticed his power and said that even you are more a match for him."

"So you can win then, like you did with Omega Shinron?"

"Well, if you want me to put an end to him, then I guess I should, but I am sure you could do it yourself." Gohan was then interupted.

"So, you will be the first to take me on." Skriker commented. He squinted more at the Soveriegn Gaurd. "Then what are you waiting for."

Gohan smiled, then he leaped at Skriker with amazing speed and he lunged a kick at Skriker's head, but before Gohan could deliver the blow, a fist was slammed in his gut, leaving Gohan's face marked with amazing pain. Skriker then hopped up little, then flipped and slammed the Soveriegn Gaurd down in the ground with the end of his tail. Gohan's body spread out at the impact and soon his body became flailess. Gohan was laying there with his mouth slightly agape and his eyes wide. Goku looked at his son.

"You monster!" Goku yelled at Skriker as he went to his 4th transformation and then he flew strait toward the beast.

Skriker's eyes moved in his direction and with lightning speed, he hit Goku's left cheek with his elbow. Goku flew toward a building and broke right through it. The building toppled down on Goku's body.

Vegeta stammered. "He took them both out with just 1 blow!" Vegeta growled. "Hey! If anyone is gonna best Kakarrot, it is gonna be me!" Vegeta went to his 4th transformation and lunged at Skriker. Skriker smiled at this sight and waited till Vegeta was right before him.

"Take this you bastard!" Vegeta yelled while putting up a fist to punch him. Right that second, Skriker jumped above him only to come slamming down on Vegeta's body, causing Vegeta to go silent with his mouth open as wide as it could, then he was slammed down on Gohan with Skriker's weight on top of him.

"Take this, you insect!" Skriker said while kicking both Gohan and Vegeta with his right, front leg. They both flew past the Z warriors, arms reaching beforet them only to crash into a car which exploded on impact. Gohan soon fell out of the explosion to land on the ground, belly first, with Vegeta to land side ways on top of Gohan's spine.

Goten and Trunks looked at one another. They then stood straight up, put thier arms infront, and one put thier arms to left, while the other mirrored. "Fusion!..." They soon touched fingers while snapping thier bodies toward eachother while yelling, "HAAAAAAA!" A blinding flash occured and soon dimmed out to reveal the Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks.

"Now you are in for it." Gotenks said to Skriker. "Take this!" Gotenks charged up a small energy ball in 1 hand and pitched it at Skriker. Skriker jumped toward it and knocked it out of the ring with his left arms and in a flash, appeared infront of Gotenks! "HEY! That's ch-" He was cut off with a blow to the head with Skriker's right knee. Gotenks flew straight with his chin high and his body flailess as it traveled into the flames of the exploded car.

Skriker landed with a heavy thud that shook the ground beneath him, clearing all the dust and smoke below. He chuckled evily and revealed shark like teeth, which were neatly aligned. "Pathetic." All of a sudden a sword sliced right onto his back, only to break into a million peices. He turned his head slowly to look at the one who had foolishly struck him. It was M. Trunks, and he looked scared. "Aw, what's wrong, did I break your little toy? Well, allow me to fix IT!" Skriker delivered a devastating blow right into M. Trunks' left cheek. M. Trunks scewered the ground with great force, then flipped back to hit it again and land on his stomach, arms sprawled infront of him trying to grab the ground to stop the sliding. He then let out a scream of pain.

Skriker straighten himself out, just to suddenly be greeted by Goku, who delivered a painful blow right into the side of Skriker's flat jaw. Skriker spireled out of control as he land on his feet several meters away, just to jump back at Goku. Skriker was then greeted by a blow to the back by Vegeta. He landed on the ground only to get back up and look at his 2 opponents. He lunged at them just to suddenly realize he had not been moving. He glanced behind him to see Gotenks grasping his tail.

Gotenks looked up and yelled. "Big Brother! Try getting a home run!" He then threw Skriker up towards Gohan. Skriker reached for the ground with all 6 limbs until he reached Gohan.

"Batter!" Gohan yelled as he swung back a half way open palm. An energy ball formed in Gohan's palm. Skriker turned around to see him, but before he could react, Gohan lunged his hand at Skriker, unleashing a powerful energy ball toward him, blasting him away. "UP!" Gohan finished.

Skriker scewed toward the ground and crashed into the street. Rocks and some of the street piled onto him. Skriker then jumped out of the rubble just to land several feet away from his crashlanding. He looked up to see Gohan and then he looked at Vegeta, Goku, and Gotenks. "Hmm." Skriker thought. "I will have to gain my second transformation, but who do I get?" He looked around him, and his sight locked onto #18. "Ah..." he said to himself. "She shall make a fine candidate for my second form. NO! Not her, not yet... her power into my system will be too great to handle. She must be my second target then. There has to be some one here with a powerlevel of one million or less."

"MASENKO!..." Piccolo yelled as he floated behind Skriker. He had both of his hands in a circle like formation infront of his forehead. Energy started to charge.

Skriker looked at him shock. "WHAT!"

"HAAAAAA!" Piccolo yelled as he shot both his hands infront of his body. A yellow beam of energy shot out of Piccolo's hand circle, causing the surrounding to go orange. Gohan watched in amazement as the beam shot toward Skriker. The beam hit Skriker dead in the back, causing the unknown organism to scream out in pain.

"Grrr." Skriker thought to himself. "I stand no chance against them in my current state. I will have no choice but to escape and absorb the one I need to reach stage 2." Skriker shot toward the ground like an anvil, landing dead on the cement and he turned around to see Piccolo charging right at him. Skriker squinted his eyes and jumped over Piccolo. Piccolo looked above him to see Skriker hovering above him with both of his arms reaching toward the sky. A large red energy ball formed in Skriker's claw like hands and threw it at Piccolo. Piccolo made a short gasp before energy collided onto his back and exploded. Smoke filled the entire arena. Everyone started closing thier eyes and put thier arms up to cover thier faces. Soon, the smoke had cleared, revealing all the Z warriors, but no Skriker.

M. Trunks looked around him. "He's not here! He vanished!"

"Thats right." Gohan replied while flying down to meet his friends on the ground. "He wasn't strong enough to fight us. He went to absorb a being."

"WHAT!" Hunter yelled. "You can't be serious!"

Vegeta looked at Gohan. "Are you saying we have another Cell on our hands!"

"No." Gohan replied. "He absorbs like Cell, but he won't hesitate hurt his victims. He doesn't need them to be alive to complete a transformation. If this thing reaches it's final form, not even I can stop him."

Goku looked at his son. "You have to be kidding! Well, let's blow him up now while we have the chance."

"Well, that could work. He lacks the ability to regenerate, but his skin is very tough to break. We will have to combine our powers to defeat him."

"NO WAY." Said Scorp. All of them redirected thier attention to the machine. "Hunter and I are more of a match for this being."

"That is true." Hunter revealed. "As I am a Saiyan, I have went through a very dangerous training session all past this first year. I have nearly killed myself 5 or 6 times in the process, and the more Saiyan's fight, the stronger they become. But if a Saiyan recovers from near death, thier strength and power, not to mention speed is greatly amplified, pretty much resulting in year's training in a moment of recovery. Gohan, I am not sure how strong you have become, you can take this thing on right now without even going Super Saiyan, but right now, my Super Saiyan 4 ability can wipe this guy off the planet. I may not turn into a monkey-humanoid thing like Goku and Vegeta, but I will be just as powerful. And through my training, I have unlocked 1 new form... Super Saiyan Powered Level 2. I am going to go after this thing, and I want all of you to come, we cannot allow this thing to get more powerful." Hunter flared his ki around his body and tranformed into Super Saiyan 6 instead of 4. All his muscles slimmed down, the spikes of his jacket became larger and the base of them went up to meet his chest. Hunter's hair became long and thin, the base of it spiked up and the rest of it hung down. It also became long enough to cover his head. His back strands of hair did the same, but it became long enough to reach the upper part of his spine. Hunter's chest flattened down a bit, giving him more room to move. His shoulders became small, but not too small. His eyebrows became lightish black and his eyes relaxed. His nose took on the shape of a female's small nose. His eyes turned emerald green and became big. "Let's go." Hunter leaped up and flew in the direction they sensed Skriker, creating a wind of his own.

"Well..." Tein started. "Lets follow him."

The others took Tein's word a leaped up, following Hunter.