Dark Wings

Summary: AU. The Weasleys go on vacation to Egypt to visit Bill, but they never expected to see their missing saviour, nor did they expect him to be like this. YGO crossover

Warning: Slash, Dark Harry

Chapter 1

It was a hot day in Cairo Egypt, and a tall red-haired man stood, with sun-kissed skin, absently playing with the earing in his left ear. About a minute later, a group of people looking very similar to the tall man, appeared, with a dozen, or so, small trunks with them. There was an older man, and woman, along with 5 younger males, and a young girl. They all had red hair, and freckles

"You made it." The man smiled at them. The older woman ran over to him, and enveloped him in a tight, motherly, hug.

"Of cause, Bill. We did have a bit of a problem getting everyone ready, but we go here." She said, casting an annoyed look at two of the younger males who looked identical to each other. The two gave a sheepish smile, and then began poking each other, wide, child-like grins on their faces.

"Fred, George, try not to misbehave this time." The woman, one Molly Weasley, scolded her two sons. The other boys rolled their eyes at the twin's antics. Bill smiled warmly, as he had missed being around his family, even though he usually acted like the older brother than didn't want his younger siblings around.

"Shall we get out of this sun now?" He asked with amusement, loudly so everyone could hear over the twin's friendly bantering. The twins looked at him sheepishly, and restrained themselves from continuing.

"Of cause. Show the way, oh brother of mine." The twins said together, causing Bill to chuckle at their antics. Oh how he missed his family. After gathering their luggage, the family headed off into the heart of Cairo, toward the inn that they would be staying in for the next few weeks.

After they placed their luggage in their respective rooms, they headed off into the market-place talking to each other about what they were planning on doing during their stay there. Their conversations were interrupted when a loud shout came from nearby.

"Get back here Ishtar!" Confused, the Weasleys looked around the path they were walking down, and saw, to their surprise, a young dark haired teen of similar age to their youngest boy, Ron, running down the pathway with a maniacle smile on his face. He turned his head and called out in response

"You'll have to catch me 'Kura." He said, with glee in his voice. Several seconds later, a teen of similar age ran pass them, his hair pure white was scruffy, with parts of the hair curved like horns. The large family watched in shock as the white-haired teen pounced on the dark haired teen, who then fell to the ground with a cry of triumph.

"Ha, I have you now." He declared victoriously. The other teen grinned slyly, before flipping them over. He moved to his feet while the other teen was still surprised at the action, and moved away.

"You were saying?" He asked smugly. The white-haired teen rolled over onto his stomach, giving the other teen a grin that didn't bode well for him.

"We'll see about that." He said, before pushing himself up, and moved to launch himself at the other. The two had wide grins on their faces, indicating that this sort of thing happened a lot. Just as he would have collided with him, the other stepped to the side, and stuck his foot out, causing him to trip over, and land face-first into the sand.

"You were saying?" The black haired teen asked in amusement. The other teen raised his head off the ground, and gave him a dark look, which caused him to burst into hysterical laughter, much to the other's annoyance. The dark teen's laughter slowed to chuckles, before they finished altogether.

"Aww, never mind 'kura, maybe next time." He taunted playfully, before reaching up to brush back some hair from his forehead, showing the large family a very familiar lightning bolt shaped scar. The white haired teen got up, brushed off the sand from his clothes dignifully, before, once again, launching himself at the other. They both grinned, and then they ran off, chasing each other down the sandy road. The Weasleys gaped in the direction they went, unable to believe that the one the entire wizarding world were frantically searching for, had been right in front of them. they made to follow the pair, but a voice from behind them, stopped them.

"I wouldn't do that, if I were you." They turned around, and saw a tall, black haired, Egyptian woman walking toward them, dressed in a traditional egyptian garb. The family blinked in confusion, before giving her an obviously fake innocent smile.

"Whatever do you mean?" The woman gave them an unimpressed look.

"I know what you're planning, and I would suggest against doing it." The warning in her voice made them sweat a little.

"And why would that be?" the elder asked, placing himself infront of his wife and children. the woman gave him a dark look

"Because, that's my brother you are planning on taking away." They all stared at her in disbelief. How could this woman claim such a thing? Could it be, that this woman was the one who had taken him away from his true family?

"And you are?" Bill Weasley asked, not quite rudely, but not friendly either. The woman gave him a glance, meeting his hostile stare with her own calm one.

"I am Ishizu Ishtar, and I know who you all are." She spoke in a matter-of-fact way, like one would speak about the weather.

"How do you know that?" Bill demanded, defensively. Ishizu smiled in a mysterious way.

"I'm afraid I cannot tell you that." She said, not looking at all sorry. The Weasley patriarck went to say something unsavory, when they were intertupted.

"Are you bothering the tourists again Sister?" A soft, amused, voice asked. They turned to see the young black haired teen, that the family of wizards and witches knew was Harry Potter, coming toward them. His companion followed him, looking amused as well. Ishizu looked confused for a second, before a look of hidden affection formed on her face.

"Brother, I thought you had left." The dark teen merely raised an eyebrow at her

"Really sister, I thought you knew that bothering the tourists was mine and Malik's job." His white haired companion nudged him, with an annoyed look on his face.

"Of cause, and it's 'Kura's job as well." The other teen looked more content now, and had a smug look on his face. The Weasleys looked a bit unsettled at the statement, but Ishizu just looked exasperated at his antics.

"Why don't you find Malik, and I'll meet you back home." He looked as though he wanted to say something, but one look into his sister's eyes told him it would be best that he were not there. So, he reluctantly left, dragging his reluctant companion with him.

"Now, as I said before, trying anything would not be very wise. There are things at work here, that would be best left alone, unless you want to encure the wrath of the gods." Ishuzu said, with a serious expression on her face, sending slight shivvers down the Weasley's backs.

"He belongs in England, where he should have been from the start." The youngest member of the Weasley family said with a glare, causing her brothers to shush her, as Ishuzu glared in her direction.

"Who are you to decide what Fate brings us? He came to us from the gods themselves, and has helped our family in many ways, more ways than you could possibly imagine. Attempting to take him away would be a very bad idea, as you will not only encure my wrath, and our brother's wrath, but also the wrath of a being whose power you cannot even imagine. Plus, the people that have befriended him, all powerful in their own right, would be very unhappy if you took him away. Let this be a warning to you, for you will not like the reprecussions of what you're planning." With that said, Ishizu turned, and walked in the same direction as her brother had gone, leaving the confused, and slightly fearful, Weasleys behind.

They shared glances at each other, and knew what they had to do. They had to get Harry Potter away from Egypt, and back to England. Even if they had to envoke the wrath of the gods to do so.

The Headmaster's office of Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was strange. That was the only word to explain all the unusual objects, the talking portraits, and the rather strange looking bird that was currently perched on a stand next to the desk. The Headmaster himself, Albus Dumbledore, sat at the large desk, a letter in his hand, and a grim, yet excited, look on his face. The letter was from the Weasleys, who had just began a vacation in Egypt before the school year started back up.

According to the letter, they came across the one person they had spent years trying to find, their 'savior', and boy-who-lived, Harry Potter. The only problem, is that it seemed he has been taken in by a very.. unusual seeming family. They expressed concern over his well-being, and his mental health. So, Dumbledore thought up a plan to get the boy into England, and attending Hogwarts, preferably willingly, but he'd force him to come if it came to that.

Once the plan was to his satisfaction, he quickly wrote a letter to the Weasleys, confident that they would do as he said, and sent it with Fawkes, not wanting to risk using an owl to send such an important letter. He leaned back into the chair, content to wait for word on his plan. If he could see into the future, he would realise the reprecussions of his actions. He would have realised that this Harry Potter was no one's pawn, and that he would make sure that everyone would know it.

For the next few days, Ishizu felt an uneasiness bubble inside her. After she confronted that strange family, she received a premonition of sorts, that something bad was going to happen, and soon. She didn't want to bring it up with her brothers, as they have been through too much already, and haven't had enough time to recover. The memory of what Malik had done in those months almost a year ago still send shivers down her spine, as he had been dangerously close to utterly destroying the world.

Then was the issue with Bakura.

Almost 2 months ago, the spirits that enhabitated the Sennen Items were given bodies of their own. Young Ryou, the posessor of the Sennen Ring, had been more than happy when the Tomb Robber had his own body. Although the 5000 year old spirit has changed a lot, in terms of his attitude and actions, Ryou still felt uneasy toward the being that had made his life a living hell for 4 years. Yuugi, the holder of the Sennen Puzzle, was estatic for his other half, the once Pharaohof Egypt, and his darker side.

Malik would have been happy if his other half, Marik, was gone, but as he was a manifestation of his negative emotions, the only thing they could have done was seal him away in the deepest part of the Shadow Realm.

During the time of Battle City, the only people who could have kept his evil alter-ego placid, were his two brothers. Unfortuently, said people had been knocked uncontious during Rishid's duel with Jounouchi Katsuya. With the two anchors out of comission, Marik was able to take control, and almost sealed Malik into the Shadow Realm for good.

Thankfully, his plot wasn't successful, and Malik was able to escape with the help of Ishizu and the Pharoah and his friends. While he managed to escape his evil self, he was left with a lot of mental scarring, and some horrid nightmares, that caused him to wake up screaming more often than not. Ishizu shuddered when she thought of the fearful, painfilled screams that pierced her dreams most nights.

When their slightly younger brother stayed with the family, he was always the first one there to comfort him, and listen when he talked about what he was forced to see. Ishizu let out a sigh, looking around her. The storage at the Museum was severly lacking, so she chose to stay behind for several nights trying to make more room. She usually had Rishid to help, but he had prior engagements elsewhere, so she was stuck on her own.

"What are you doing here so late sister?" Ishizu turned around in suprise.

"How did you get in?" As soon as she asked the question, she mentally whacked herself on the head.

"Do you really want to know, sister dear?" The young black haired teen asked in amusement.

"Don't play games, Harish." Ishizu said, with uncharacteristic annoyance, The other blinked at her in suprise, before a look of protective anger crossed his face,

"What did that family of tourists say to you the other day to get you in this mood?" Ishizu felt uneasy about the look in his eyes. It was similar to the look that Rishid had on his face when he had realised that Marik had taken over Malik's body during Battle City. Dismissing the uneasy feelings, Ishizu scoffed, then sighed

"Everything is fine, brother. I'm just annoyed at the boxes around here. I've spent the last few weeks trying to organise everything, but it's taking forever." She declared in annoyance. Harish chuckled in amusement

"You know, sister dear, you could always ask Malik or I for help." Ishizu gave him a dark look

"And let Malik near priceless artifacts? No way, not in this life, or in the next one. You, on the other hand, are less likely to break anything. So, I suppose you can help." Ishizu gave a sigh, and Harish grinned.

"Oh goody." He says in a giddy manner, before skipping away to move boxes. Ishizu stared, wide-eyed, at the spot he had stood, before she rolled her eyes in amusement. It was times like this one that she was glad they were a family again. When Malik had left, Ishizu was on her own, as her other brothers, ever loyal to him, left with him.

Sure, Harish occationally contacted her, but it wasn't the same as having them all together. Ishizu felt a soft smile form on her face, as she thought back to the good times of their childhoods. Before Harish had appeared outside of the underground labryinth they lived in, Ishizu had always felt like the odd one.

Sure, she had Rishid to talk to, and Malik had began to become more mobile, but Rishid had been devoted to protecting the small child, and spent more time making Malik didn't hurt himself too much. Then, their mother appeared, a child in her arms. The injuries on the small 3 year old horrified their mother, and even startled their father, who wasn't known for his compassion.

As the months passed by, Ishizu, as a 7 year old, became rather attatched to the small boy, and had taken to protecting him like Rishid did for Malik. As they grew, Harish started to become attached to Malik, especially after the incident when their father engraved Ancient Egyptian hyroglyphs onto Malik's back, after both Rishid and Harish tried to prevent it from happening.

The aftermath of Malik's dark side emerging, and their father's death, still brought shivvers down her spine. For months afterwards, Malik woke up screaming in pain and agony almost every night, and Harish was always there to comfort him, and a shoulder to cry on when the memories became too much for them. During the years after that, the two had became closer, and even when Malik ranted and screamed at him, the black haired boy remained calm, and stayed loyal to him through dark times.

Reguardless of this, when Malik left in search of the Egyptian God Cards, Harish kept in constant contact with his sister, though he never revealed anything to do with what was happening. After Battle City, when they were re-united, the small family began to truly catch up, and caused as much mayhem as they could.

While Ishizu was thinking back to those carefree times, she failed to notice the figure creeping up behind her. It was only when she felt a shift in the air, that she noticed. With speed that came from her Tomb Keeper training, she instincively ducked, as a beam of red light sped over her head. She placed her hands on the ground, and span around, pushing herself up to look at her assailant. She gasped, as she recognised the older red-haired adult from before. Her shock faded quickly, as anger kicked in.

"What are you doing here? This is tresspassing, and breaking and entering. I must insist that you leave now, before I call security." The young man didn't say anything, but raised, what looked like, a long stick, and pointed it at her. Ishizu stiffened when she felt a magical presence in the wood, aimed at her.

"I hate to attack unprovoked, but it's for the greater good." The young adult seemed genuine, but it didn't stop him from shooting another red beam at her. She dodged again, pulling out the long dagger that Malik had gotten her for the Yule season. The man looked shocked for a second, before he tightened the grip on the strange stick he held in his hand.

"What's for the greater good?" She demanded, absently flipping the knife handle in her hand.

"You have our savior in your hands. We need him back, or our hope is lost." Ishizu only had a few seconds to be shocked, before the same red beam shot right at her. Next thing she knew, she was falling into darkness, the only sound she heard before she was engulfed in darkness, was the sound of her brother fighting.

The next thing Ishizu knew, was the feeling of being shaken frantically, and muffled voices all around her. She blearily opened her eyes, and met with the frantic eyes of her younger brother, Malik. Behind him, was Bakura, who was pacing in front of her, looking furious. For a second, Ishizu wondered what reason he had for being angry, before the memory of what had happened before she was knocked out rushed into her mind.

The man appearing, attacking her. Harish fighting people she couldn't see, and then darkness. She looked around frantically, knowing that her other brother was gone, but did it as wishful thinking. Malik helped her up, casting concerned looks at Bakura every few seconds.

"What happened?" Malik asked softly, tensing when Bakura stopped his pacing, and stared at them with no expression on his face. Ishizu warily eyed him, but turned to Malik to speak.

"We were moving boxes around, Harish insisted on helping. A few minutes after he left, I was confronted by a red-haired man claiming that he belonged in England, and that he was their savior. The next thing I knew, I was waking up, with Harish no where to be seen." Malik didn't say anything, but his hands clenched into fists, a furious look in his eyes. But, that was nothing compared to the look that the once spirit of the Sennen Ring had on his face.

"Was this person from that family of tourists we saw the other day?" The calm in Bakura's voice eas betrayed by the fury in his eyes. Ishizu took a calming breath to calm the nerves that were building up.

"I believe so. Possibly the one with long hair and the earing." Bakura's only reaction, was a malicious smile, and cold, dark fury in his eyes. He turned around, and stalked toward the direction of the door.

"Where are you going?" Ishizu called out, freezing when Bakura turned his head to look at her.

"I'm going to hunt them down, and make them tell me where they took him. No one takes what's mine without consequences." With that, he disappeared into the shadows, leaving the pair wondering if they should pity the fools or not.

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