The prompt was 'The floorboard creaked' and this is what sprung to mind when I was meant to be revising. Writing is much more interesting though. :D


The floorboard creaked outside of Harry and Nikki's bedroom and one of the occupants of the double bed in the middle of the room sighed.

"It's Edward" Nikki mumbled to Harry who had sighed "and I blame you for getting them excited about Christmas"

"Me?" Harry asked quietly but even with her back to him Nikki could sense his grin.

"Yes Harry Cunningham you" Nikki laughed sleepily "Now go and sort your son out"

Harry sighed again and Nikki felt one of his arms wrap around her waist as he started to kiss her neck lazily.

"That's not getting you anywhere tonight Cunningham" Nikki said as she gently shoved her husband away and pulled the duvet further up her body. Harry chuckled and climbed out of bed, walking over to the door he opened it and poked his head out. The hallway was dark apart from a small patch of light that was illuminated from the bathroom where the light was kept on all night. It wasn't enough to keep anyone awake but it was enough to comfort the young children if they had to get up in the night.

"What do you four think you are doing?" Harry asked suddenly and chuckled to himself as his four children jumped and turned around to face him, guilty looks on their face.

"We were going to see if Santa had been yet daddy" six year old Edward told him and the three younger children nodded.

"Well Santa won't come unless you four are fast asleep" Harry replied "Come on, back to bed"

"But daddy…" Darius whined but Harry interrupted

"Now please otherwise Santa wont come and Mummy will be disappointed with you for not sleeping properly"

He knew this would work, Nikki rarely shouted, she was calm and collected when it came to disciplining the young children, guilt tripping them Harry called it but he knew it always worked. He also knew their children hated it when they disappointed Nikki, she was quiet towards them and continued to be until they apologised for whatever they had done, but after that everything was fine. It was a good way of dealing with naughty children, Harry and Nikki had never seen the sense in shouting at children.

"Tuck me in daddy?" Emery asked, her first words of the night, the three year old rubbed her eyes sleepily and yawned causing Harry to take pity on her and scoop her into his arms where she lay her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Turning to his sons he nodded towards their bedrooms.

"I'll come and see you in a minute"

"Okay daddy" Graham whispered as they walked past the bedroom where they thought Nikki was asleep and into their own rooms.

When Harry climbed back into bed a few minutes later Nikki turned over to face him.

"I thought you were asleep" Harry commented as she leant over and kissed him firmly on the lips before laying her head on his chest.

"I am" Nikki mumbled "What were they doing?"

"Wanting to see if Santa's been" Harry replied as he ran his hand through Nikki's long blonde hair. When he didn't get a reply he looked down to see Nikki had fallen asleep. He smiled and lay back onto the pillow knowing that in a few hours their children would once again be awake early.