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It was cold and damp. The morning breeze was cooler than normal. The palm tree's leaves swayed back and forth in a strange waltz. Footsteps came from the opposite end of the street. The keyblade master made his way down the street with his hands in his pockets and a silly grin plastered on his tanned face, reminiscing.

"U-uh...Kairi, I have something to tell you..." Sora mumbled as he and Kairi walked down the beach. The sun was setting. The sky was painted an orange-ish pink color. The waves from the ocean licked at the two teenagers feet as they continued their walk along the beach.

"Hm? What is it, Sora?" Kairi turned her attention from the setting sun to Sora. He had his hands stuffed in his pockets and his face towards the ground. Kairi tilted her head to get a better view of his face.

Sora stopped walking. Kairi turned around and saw that he was blushing a bright red. "Well...You see, for a long time now...uhm, I always...uh...I love you."

He turned his gaze towards the now dark sky as the heat raised to his cheeks. He felt her eyes on him and it only made him look farther away and get that much hotter.

Sora felt the soft, smooth hands of Kairi on his cheeks. He slowly returned his blue eyes to her to see her staring directly at him. Her face brightened and she smiled the biggest smile her face could physically allow. A single tear made it's way down her cheek as she spoke, "Sora, I love you, too."

So, though the weather was worse than normal; Sora's love life was soaring above average. Riku seemed pleased, even if he did insist that he'd known they were in love all along. "Then why didn't you tell me....?!" Sora chuckled to himself as he rethought his agitation with his friend.

The brown, spikey haired boy finally reached the house of his love and knocked on the door twice. Another smile graced his lips as he thought of the first time he knocked on that door. It was the first day Kairi arrived to the Island. He and Riku went over to see the girl who was the gossip of Destiny Islands. A drop of water fell on his forehead, bringing him back from his memories and making him look up to the grey sky. Rain began to fall in drizzles.

"Oh, Sora! Come on in, Kairi will be right down," Kairi's mother answered the door.

"Hey, Mrs. Uchida," Sora stepped into the house and smiled at Mrs. Uchida.

Mrs. Uchida smiled warmly at Sora and went to the carpeted stairs.

Walking into the cozy living room, he felt warm and comfortable. "Kairi! Sora's here!" Kairi's mother called. Sora took a seat on the couch across from the fireplace. After a second, she came over and sat down.

"So, Sora, how have you been?" she started. Sora grinned at the older woman, placing his hands behind his head, before responding.

"Just great. Everything's been going smoothly." No heartless or nobodies around to ruin my perfect mood, Sora grinned at his thought.

"That's good," Mrs. Uchida said. Suddenly, the thumping of footsteps on the stairs caught their attention.

"Hey, Sora," Kairi greeted, descending the last few steps. Sora stood up, smiled at her, and walked over to wrap his arms around her. She giggled and gladly returned the hug.

"Let's get going, Riku must be waiting," Kairi untangled herself from Sora and waved a quick good-bye to her mother before tugging Sora's hand.

"Bye Mrs. Uchida!" Kairi pulled Sora into the rain.


"So Kairi, what's up?" Sora paddled the little row boat. This used to be so much bigger... he thought to himself, smiling at no one in particular at the memories. The rain was still falling in drizzles. The couple had their hoods up to shield themselves from the slight downpour.

"Nothing really. I'm just glad you and Riku are home, though I wish Riku picked a better day to go to the island," Kairi pouted, receiving an amused chuckle from Sora.

"Yeah, I don't know why he couldn't wait. I mean, it's not like we're leaving anytime soon, right?" Sora winked at Kairi, though she didn't seem to find the humor in the situation.

"I hope not. And even if you do, this time I'll be going with you!" Kairi stubbornly crossed her arms, shaking the boat in the process.

Sora hurried to stop the boat from tipping, not wanting to get soaked at the moment. "I was just kidding Kairi. We aren't going anywhere, promise," Sora smiled.

Kairi smiled softly, uncrossing her arms. She nodded her head before noticing the absence of rain. Putting her hands out in front of her, feeling for any rain, and tilting her head skywards, Kairi grinned before pointing enthusiastically.

"Look, a rainbow!"

Sora stopped his rowing and followed Kairi's gaze. A spectrum of colors stretched across the clear blue sky, signaling the departure of the cold, wet rain.

"Hey! Sora, stop your gawking and start your rowing!"

Kairi and Sora whipped their heads around towards the sound of the oh so familiar voice. Riku. Sora scowled before playfully shouting back, "Yeah, yeah. Be right there, Mr. Impatient!"

Kairi giggled as the island began getting closer and closer.


By the time the couple had reached the docks, which didn't take that long, the sky was an orangey pink color, dotted with golden clouds floating aimlessly in the great mass. The ocean glittered beautifully, reflecting the oranges and pinks from the sky. A cool breeze swept over the island, shaking the palm tree leaves gently.

Kairi had opted to sit at the dock and admire the scenery when Sora had asked if she wanted to come with him. Sora nodded and began in a sprint towards Riku.

Riku was already on the separate islet, connected only by an old bridge he and Sora had made themselves, when they had arrived. He sat comfortably on the oddly twisted paopu tree with one arm resting on his bent leg, while the other supported his weight on the rough bark of the tree.

Sora reached the islet in no time and hopped over the paopu tree. He leaned against it in his signature pose, simply enjoying the company his best friend offered him.

A moment of silence passed between the two keyblade masters as they just watched the passing clouds in the slowly darkening sky.

"Nothing's changed, huh?" Riku broke the comfortable silence.

"Nope. Nothing will," Sora replied.

Riku cocked his head slightly to the side, still gazing at the serene ocean, "What a small world."

"But part of one that's much bigger."


Sora tilted his head upwards, towards Riku, before asking his question, "Hey Riku…what do you think it was- the door to the light?"

Riku hopped off of the paopu tree, chuckling slightly, to face Sora. Sora stood straight, curiously awaiting Riku's answer.

Riku stretched out his arm, poking Sora's chest. "This."

Sora looked down and placed his hand over his heart, "This?"

Riku smiled, "Yeah. It's always closer than you think."

Sora, finally understanding, grinned.

"Sora! Riku!" Sora twisted his head around towards the new voice.

Kairi waved her hand, grasping a bottle in the other, as she ran towards them.

When she reached them, she bent over, panting.

"Hey, what's up?" Sora had his hands ready in case she collapsed from the over exertion.

Kairi took another breath before holding out a glass bottle with a wrapped up letter inside. A closer looked revealed three black circles, each connected to the other. The King's seal.

"From the King?" Sora grabbed the bottle out of Kairi's slender fingers, making no pause as he pulled the cork out and slid the parchment from it's glass prison.

Unraveling the paper, Sora hastily read through it. Riku inched closer to read over Sora's shoulder, as did Kairi.

Kairi's face twisted into an expression of concern, worried that Sora and Riku would once again leave her. Riku smirked ever-so-slightly as his eyes scanned the paper.

"Well, what does it say?" Kairi asked nervously. Sora's face was hidden underneath his spiky bangs. Riku held back a laugh at the nervous expression on Kairi's face.

Sora lifted his head, smiling at his love. "We're going to a birthday party!"

Hey fellas,

While we were out battling Maleficent and Organization XIII, it seems that I missed my birthday. Minnie won't let it go, so she decided that we should throw a party. It's nothing too fancy. All the other Gummis are being used to pick up the other guests, so I got a friend of mine to lend a helping hand. He'll be sending his three apprentices with their own Gummi ship. They should be there soon. See you all shortly!