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This place is madness. Always some type of drama. There's never a moment of peace and quiet. I clenched my jaw, wishing my mom would have let me stayed home today. I mean, come on, I promised I wouldn't get in the habit of it, but of course no one believes me…

My feet got soaked as I made my way into the school, trying my best to avoid the puddles that littered the walkway. The front of the school was pretty empty, considering it was the end of first period, but a few kids loitered around the benches, procrastinating until the next bell rang.

I removed my hood as I entered the building, nodding a small hello to the security guards that I recognized from last year. Turning the corner, I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit excited. The new recruits this year should be interesting…

"Ah, Kairi!" My head did a 180 as a grin tugged on my lips.

"Namine! I didn't know you would be here this early!" I turned around, opening my arms for a hug. She giggled and gladly wrapped me in a bear hug.

"Silly, I thought I told you I take the early bus now." She pulled away and adjusted the folder in her hands as she looked me over.

"You really haven't changed much," she said thoughtfully. I shrugged and gestured for her to follow me.

"We saw each other last week, duh." I laughed, earning a few weird glances from the classes we passed.

"Oh, right. Heh. Well, Dr. Ansem sent me to get the schedules from Ms. Malificent. You know, just in case the newbies need extras." Namine shrugged her shoulders. We turned the corner, half way there.

"Ugh, I hate Ms. Malificent…" I mumbled under my breath. Namine looked at me strangely.

"You never even spoke to her." She pointed out bluntly. I smiled sheepishly.

"I hate all guidance counselors, what can I say. So, how many kids are there already?"

"Only a few. I'm betting most will be on the bus. By the way, what's with the dress?" Namine tried to hide her smile, but her eyes gave it away.

I bit my lip, trying to suppress the blush that was begging to make its presence known. "I thought that, well, since it's the first day and all, I'd dress nice…besides, I can ask you the same!" I pointed to her outfit, which consisted of a simple off white dress, sandals and a black sweater.

"This is normal for me, Kairi…that is not normal for you." She snickered, waving her hand in my general direction. I scoffed and realized we had reached our destination.

"Here we go." I gripped the knob and pushed open the heavy wooden door.

"Hello, Trans…"

I'm sure you're like: WTF?


Ok, so, basically this is a AU High school Fic. The Trans room is the basic setting. Trans is a program for adolescents who have trouble functioning in a regular school environment. It's a separate room in the school building for the students to go and receive special individual treatment such as individual and group therapy. It's a safe environment for the students. There are also different classes for the Trans Kids, separate from the mainstream. They are taught on the same level as regular students. Most of the trans kids have psychological issues, such as depression and bi polar disorder. In this work of fiction the issues of the students will be exaggerated and stretched for your own entertainment. (sounds sick right? Lololol)

So, yeah. The Transitional Program does exist, and I am in it. Please look forward to future installments of Trans. I'll be working on this while I get the outline of the rewrite done.