Songs of the North West

A Series of North American Drabbles

Dark Lady Devinity

A/N: So this is going to be a series of stories around Canada, America, Newfoundland & Labrador (as it was its own country) and Mexico, with appearances by other nations. Both Newfoundland and Mexico are girls in my stories. These drabbles are not in chronological order. And I don't own Hetalia.

First drabble is about Newfoundland and America and the events of February 18th, 1942.

Standing into Danger

It's 1979. Sarah is still not used to Matthew's house despite being a Canadian province for thirty years now. Finally, she finds the sitting room and she sits down, getting comfortable. Cassie Brown, a journalist and one of her people, had just published a new book about Newfoundland's history. It was called Standing into Danger. Then Sarah sees that the book is about the wrecks of two of Alfred's ships and she's taken back many years.

It's 1942. Sarah is staying in St. Lawrence for a little while. She should be in St. John's or maybe at any of the American bases that she played host to; a proud nation doing her best to help in the war effort. But she was needed with her people too.

It was early morning on Ash Wednesday and Sarah was at the church when she saw men hurrying about. Soon, she found out that ships had crashed into the cliff walls and there were men in need of rescue. Sarah was horrified as the seas were rough due to a heavy winter storm. Still, she stayed in St. Lawrence with the women while the men went and tried to rescue the men. She'd still have just as much work to do there. And she was right; navy men were brought back after being hauled from the waters and cliffs with rope, frozen from the icy cold Atlantic waters and drenched in oil. Women ran around, helping the survivors into warm houses to thaw their bodies and clean the oil from their skin.

Sarah found herself helping a young man that gave off a sensation similar to what other nations gave off. She ignored it in favour of warming the poor soul and attempting to wash the oil from his hair. But first, she would remove his glasses.

"Hey! Don't touch Texas!"

"Tex… Alfred!" Sarah cried as she finally recognized the bright blue eyes and round face of her younger brother. She swore to herself that she would have known who it was if it wasn't for the oil dying the man's hair black.

Alfred looked up at the elder with wide eyes. He had been too tired to take notice of her before.

"What happened?" Sarah asked. "Why are you here?"

"I was on the Truxtun. The Wilkes and Truxtun were escorting the Pollux to the base in Placentia Bay." Alfred said.

"Well, me son, you missed that goal. You're in St. Lawrence. Your ship crashed in Chambers Cove. You're lucky to be alive. The waters there are… it doesn't matter. Come inside."

"No, I have to go to my men. I need to see that they're okay." Alfred insisted but he was too stiff to fight Sarah off.

"At least let me get the oil off your skin first. You're black as soot." Sarah said. "We'll see the men then, okay? What were you doing with the navy anyway? Aren't you air force?"

"It was a simple enough mission. I thought it would be fun." Alfred said. His tone was bitter and he clung to Sarah as she gently led him into a home.

He would cling to her again when he learned how many men had died. He would not cry in public or private, but he mourned openly in front of Sarah when it was just the two of them. It helped to have family there but the loss cut deep.

Two hundred and three men dead.

It's 1979. Sarah decided that maybe she'll read the book another day. Then she goes to call Alfred just to see how he's doing.


Some notes:

On February 18th, 1942, the American naval ships the Truxtun, the Pollux and the Wilkes all crashed off the coast of Newfoundland between the communities of Lawn and St. Lawrence. There was a serve winter storm on the go, little visibility and the coast line was pretty dangerous. The ships had gone off course, no one was paying attention to the radar and there was no radio contact between the ships. There was radio silence to protect the ships from German u-boats. (Later that same year, in October, a German u-boat would sink the Newfoundland ship The Caribou, which had women and children on board.) The ships were heading to Placentia Bay but eneded up too far south. The Wilkes went ashore in a pretty safe place. It didn't sink and no one was hurt. The Truxtun and Pollux weren't so fortunate. The ships broke apart. Survivors of these two ships ended up in areas that the local fishermen always avoided in bad weather. The locals of Lawn and St. Lawrence did everything they could to save the men. There were 185 survivors and 203 dead. The American government would build a hospital in St. Lawrence to thank the people of Newfoundland.

You can read about this in Cassie Brown's book "Standing into Danger."

Now, here's Sarah's bio:

Sarah Abbott-Doyle aka Newfoundland (and Labrador)

-independent nation in 1907 but with close ties to England

-joined Canada in 1949 (so would exist as a separate nation in cannon Hetalia)

-there was the real possibility of joining the US instead so she should be on good terms with both brothers

-in modern days, she just hangs out in Matthew's house and worries that if Quebec separates and becomes its own nation, then all Matthew's hair will fall out (as he inherited his hair from France)

-St. John's, her capital, is oldest city in North America so she'd be oldest of the three siblings

-black hair, sea green eyes and very pale skin