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POV: Rory


We've been together for nearly two months now, and it's been the happiest two months of my life. The first few days we spent almost exclusively together, only separating for classes. Those turned out to be almost unbearable. I wanted to be with her at all times.

When we were together, we found ourselves in a whirlwind of passion. I couldn't keep my hands off her. At first I was tentative, unsure of myself sexually, but that soon gave way to my needs. And I needed her – to feel her all the time. She responded to me eagerly in a way I wasn't expecting, though maybe I should have been.

I'd gotten used to the shy Paris, and almost forgotten about the aggressive side she was entirely capable of. She was possessive in bed, but in a way I couldn't help but respond to. I enjoyed it when she took control.

Of course it wasn't all sex.

We watched movies together, or sat with elbows touching and read quietly at other times. I remember when I was originally dating Dean, and the time I'd made him dinner, dressed up like Donna Reed. I found myself doing that more and more, and not because I was pressured into it by Paris, but because I wanted to do it. Of course, I didn't wear the outfit, but you get the point.

We haven't told anybody yet. To the outside world, we're just Paris and Rory, roommates. I'm a little afraid of telling my mom. I'm not sure how she's going to react. A part of me thinks, hey, it's Lorelai, she's cool, but then another part says, but this is big, really big, and you don't know how she feels about homosexuality. I don't know which part to listen to.

Paris says she's not bothered about her parents. She doesn't care if they know or not, but she's not going to tell them. I wish I could be so flippant, but then I love my mom, and she loves me. That's what I'm afraid of losing.

So we haven't told anyone. Well, except Jess, but he figured it out himself. Speaking of Jess, he's fine. He got off pretty lightly, considering. I'm sure Ryan tried to use his father's contacts to get his way, but for reasons unknown to me, he evidently didn't. Jess is still at Luke's, at least for the time being, but it probably won't last. Then again, he seems different, so maybe it will.

I guess we'll see.

I think my mom is seeing Luke. She hasn't told me yet, but I keep finding his clothes around the house. It makes me feel a little better about not telling her about Paris, since we both have secrets.

These days, Paris often accompanies me on my weekend trips to Stars Hollow. Mom seems a little suspicious of my newfound close "friendship" with her, but other than the occasional look or pointed comment, she hasn't confronted me about it. I fear the time she will, because I don't know what to say that will convince her. I wish she wasn't so perceptive.

Right now we're at grandma and grandpa's house for Friday night dinner. Paris is sitting next to me. They seem to be thrilled with Paris, but I'm sure that'd change if they new the real relationship we shared, and that's a whole other dilemma, which I won't go into. I don't think I need to, do I? Thought not.

Mom's sitting across from Paris and I, but right now she is too preoccupied with her routinely verbal jousting with grandma to pay any extra attention to me. Thank god, because Paris has just taken my hand under the table. I try not to give anything away as I squeeze back. I see her smile out of the corner of my eye. I love her smile.

I can't help myself. I slip my foot free of my heel and move it over to brush against her stocking clad leg. She looks down at her plate to hide her growing smile. No one is paying any attention to us. She runs her thumb across the palm of my hand. It tickles wonderfully.

She squeezes my hand to get my attention. My foot continues to tease her leg. I feel her thumb again, tracing a pattern on my palm. I move my hair to the side to hide my blush from grandma, lowering my face to my plate to hide from mom. Paris is drawing a heart on my skin.

She's telling me she loves me.

She looks over at me out of the corner of her eye. I mouth back at her:

I love you too.

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